may 31

darn. well four months ahead is more than enough, and also i will be taking a little adventure here and will be blogging 99% less during that time and actually doing something interesting.

i officially recommend fitocracy as a way to keep track of your physical exercise and keep you on track. it can be for the littlest things, for example, i use it for my powerwalking, which is the only real “exercise” i do.

but i try to do it 5 to 6.4 miles most days.

if you get chafing, dry, irritated skin in your Crotch and Pooper Area, try dabbing a bit of Vaseline in there using a kleenex or TP. i hope this is safe. anyway the dryness prob comes from Wiping too Vigorously, which itself is not good for the skin.

i figure the best way to do it is a bidet. i heard in some middle eastern cultures they use a cup of water. i tried that and failed to see the best way to do it. a gentle, blasting stream like a bidet would work nicely but talk about first world privilege!

or maybe use a mix of Wet Wipes and then Super Soft TP. I dunno. I dunno how to wipe my 4ss and I’m over 30 years old hehehehehehehe.

june 1

yeah buddy. had an interesting dream where i was hanging out with 18 year old hookers. but they did not act or look like hookers. they looked and acted like beautiful 18 year old normal gurls. giving me the full blown gurlfran experience of being nice and flirty with me before moving on to The Physical Stuff. if hookers like this really existed, they would cost like 9000 a night. so, infeasible.

unfeasible? imfeasible? implausible?

i wasn’t even thinking about how this was just a job for them, how they did this with diff guys eery night, because they were so convincing and fun!

ok leave for adventure tom afternoon. got to get all muh ducks in a row. ideally would buy a “new” blue or gray suit jacket at the thrift store for….under 20d. really should get a new tie as well. got to get a haircut. ummm. fold all the stuff and squeeze it into one bag. mentally prepare what to wear each day. grab some cash and thank the LORD i have it.

next time you have to talk to yer docker and pay like $100 out of pocket for a 5 minute office visit and 90 minute wait in the waiting room and risking getting fired for taking a day off work to do so, ask him for the BIG GUNS like tricyclics and benzos. BIG GUNS. no more f’ing aroung. want to see some RETURN on this investment! because one day you might lose your job and not be able to see the docker. and what if you had something SERIOUS like cancer, instead of something insultingly trifling like laziness and stress. f0000k.

got to make some extra cigarets just in case. like 2 packsworth. hit the road with 40 or 50 cigarets.

got most of packing done, rolled enough cigarets for whole time. used the “rolling” method of packing which i just learned today with an internet search. this is where you roll t-shirts, underwear, socks, pants, and really anything you want into a tight ball/roll and stuff it in the duffel bag, making layers. rather than folding everything like laundry and stacking it neatly in the bag. dress shirts you would still fold like normal. it was pretty neat but not sure if it really fits moar. this bag is packed tight however.

while packing i cleaned out a decent amount of garbage from muh room, in the spirit of the “spring cleaning” very first post of this blog. i have been meaning to do spring cleaning ever since spring started but did not get the motivation to do anythign until today.

i have a TON of papers. i would say if you have a TON of papers like me, try to organize them into manila folders according to theme. when you get a decent stack of papers in one folder, stick that folder in a Metal File Cabinet, CLEARLY MARKED WITH A LITTLE TAB sticking up that says what they are, and roughly what dates they represent.

Then you can organize all folders according to….probably alphabetically according to subject: X Bank, Y Bank, Z Credit Card, Calculus Class, DiffEq Class, Personal Writing 2006, etc. can always play around with that. BioMedical Engineering Degree Plan for xyz univ, etc.

maybe throw out skool stuff after 10 years, hehehe.

throw out anything that reminds you of something you want to erase from your mind, or which you could find online. don’t be afraid to throw out Photos!

also have a Charity bag of stuff that is in good enough condition to be given to charity. like crappy ties that I never wear, hehehe.

some papers which were important about a year ago are no longer important. INTO THE TRASH IT GOES.

heh. i found a Rubber which had an expiration date of 2007. note for virgins: when you get new Rubbers, they are set to expire like four years in the future. or at least they were like 10 years ago. maybe they make longer lasting rubbers in 2014. hahahahaha.

anyway no i have not organized my papers that nicely. i have a badly organized file cabinet AND a lot of unorganized papers in the room. but it is how i would ideally do it.