may 30

went for another 3.2 mile pwalk, total of 6.4 miles today. NOICE.

king of the hill. great show by a great mind mike judge. mike judge is one of the few Mainstream Entertainers whose Mind and Heart is in the right place and who I might trust to entertain My Children.

of course, My Children will not even have a TV in the house. no TV, no vidya, just homeschool, physical warrior training, music, languages, physical and mental games and playing. i won’t need to be superstrict and the kids with have a lot of fun doing things. learning and thinking and building things and making things.

people make fun of homeschool kids but I have never met a single homeschool kid that was a loser. even those kids who get homeschooled because their parents are superreligious jesus freaks. the kids learn a lot of religion but they also learn enough other stuff too, and always have a good work ethic and are never lazy losers.

i personally would advise not to have a superreligious homeschool because…..i went to a religious grade school and i didn’t like it????

what didn’t i like? the religion?

it was moreso the students! and a FEW teachers. there were like two or three really bad horrible teachers, but most teachers were good. the students kinda sucked though and by 6th grade I was well on the Beta/Omega Track. you don’t get that in homeschool. nor do you get the sh1tty teachers. you would have two great teachers for 12 years.

i dunno. i just think Homeschool is the greatest thing since sliced bread and would be a real simple way of Saving Our Country. Strong Familes, Strong Education within those Families, Strong Children, Strong country.

Ideally Three Generations would live together under one roof: Grandparents, Children, Grandchildren, Cousins, Nieces, Nephews.

“bbbbut what about the childs social skills?”

there would be like 30 people in that house the child could develop social skills with, plus it would be a great self esteem boost cuz they are all family and they all theoretically Luv each other, so no bullying.

assuming everybody has 3 kids. so, gramma grampa, their 3 kids, those kids 3 wives, and then 9 kids among them. 9 + 3 + 3 + 2, ok so not 30, more like 17.  still not bad.

the left has brainwashed you to have a negative opinion about this, and to imagine a bunch of jesus freak child molesting warren jeffs weirdos who are very strict and dour and mean and beat their kids and raep their kids and produce twisted freaks for kids.

i say, look on the bright side. it doesn’t HAVE to be that way at ALL. they just want you to think that so you send them to their skools to make more little brainwashed leftist drones.

think outside the box. hehehe.

now if you go to any skool, you learn somewhere along the line that homeskool is weird and twisted. but i claim homesckool is best skool for all of society and i am more than willing to try it on MY kids. if i meet a good mate and have my 3 to 5 kids, GOD WILLING.

and you don’t even need to be a right wing nutjob like me to do it! as long as you are at least Moderate or ideally Right Of Moderate, you can Implement a good homeschool with your Wief! who also doesn’t need to be a Raging Rightist. which is for the better, because good luck finding a rightist single gurl. most girls lean to the left when they are single anyway, and as they get older within a Happy Marriage to a Masculine Man such as yourself, they become more conservative.

so don’t worry about the political leanings of your wief. a masculine man guides his wief into the best woman she can be. just worry about being the best, most masculine man you can be. then you will have your CHOICE of good wiefz.

can we fight globalism and survive? i hope so. i don’t want to have to say, “its just the way of the future and foolish to oppose it, either accept it, or get swept away, which you deserve for being too ignorant to accept it.”

the fault in our stars. i bet i would have really liked that movie when i was 13 thru 21 or so, hehehe.

i might go to strip club next time muh frand suggests it. wanna say i last went last summer, maybe about a year ago. i would recommend to You to go to the strip club about once a year to get some Physical Contact with Attractive Women, if you aren’t getting this elsewhere, like with a cute gurlfrand or Dates.

but isn’t it Morally Decadent to Bang Several Women at once Harem-Style?

yeah, a little bit, but you can get away with a little bit of decadence for a little while with the periods of Nondecadence you have survived. it’s prob not a great lifestyle choice, but it certainly wouldn’t be bad to have a Wild Oats period ONCE in Your Life, amirite?!

like 2 to 5 years of Wild Oats. that would be enough for a LIFETIME. then you can settle down with a Wief and have 5 kids and homeschool them and be proud as they become huge winners producing 5 more little winners of their own.