may 30

gurls and wimmin cannot be the focus of your life. sure you get horny, that’s ok. but they cannot be your main mission like they were for elliot rodger. and in a way i shared that similarity with him, in that nothing would make me happier than having a nice pretty gurlfran like girls 1 thru 8 to give me luvsechs and monogamous cuddlez.

but like RamZPaul said, you gotta have a different mission than gurls. he uses the example of george washington, who himself was probably a 22 year old virgin just the same as rodger, yet washington was defending fort necessity in the french & indian war and showing great courage and military prowess at 22 years old, while 22 year old rodger would cry for an hour when a girl ignored him saying “hi” to her.

for some reason i am comfortable to say I enjoy and admire and agree with RamZPaul as a Political Role Model. maybe because i just started getting into him recently and Stalkers can’t use him to help deduce my identity?

but yeah, he is basically a conservative nationalist. but NOT an ethnonationalist. but he IS largely a race realist. and,  very importantly, he is f00king hilarious and has a classic sense of humor. and he very closely parallels my own views. and is a personal winner with i assume a decent job and well-adjusted healthy kids. not sure about any wife. he never talks about a wife. maybe he has a b1tch x wife who initiated divorce against him.

but that is kinda my mission, to be a guy like that. a documentarian or vlogger. i don’t want to Blog, I wanna Vlog, hehehe. make documentaries, have a talk radio show, have a talk tv show, people talking and conversating with me. but that would totally rekt muh anonimity, so that’s why i blog.

have a fun late night talk show that is classy, funny, fun, and very informative and intellectually stimulating. it would be Impossible to do on Mainstream Media, of course. so i would have to do it on the internet, and try not to sell out when i get popular hehehe. of course ramzpaul is pretty popular and he is a long way from being able to quit his day job.

i would be ok with being a pro musician too. or filmmaker.

unfort, vlogger, talk show host, musician, filmmaker, are all real hard to make a living in. not really any jobs there. it is easier to make a living being a Salesman. or doing what i am currently doing. assuming those 4ssholes hire me back!!!

of course political vloggers could also ostensibly become politicians and that’s a good living. still, only marginally more jobs in that department though. and a lot of like local politicians are part time volunteer type jobs. they can get sweet city gummint health care though, even if they don’t get paid per se. yes i sometimes watch local city council meetings on local govt tv. and all these people have bretty good jobs BEFORE they become city coucillors.

in other words, its hard to go fromm total loser, to politician. you kinda gotta be a winner, like a successful lawyer or manager, before you become a politician.

another good way to lift your mood is to watch the Butters episodes of south park. Butters might be my favorite character on the show. Butters, Cartman, and Randy Marsh, if they narrowed it down to those three the show would be better. but i luv butters sweet innocent nature.


ok did stuff in yard. nice day. def need to do 6.4 mile powerwalking today. sunny. get some sun. vit d. found a torrent of a book actually want to read. fyi it is “churchill hitler and the unnecessary war” by pat buchanan, not “how to get 18yo qt’s to like u.” although i guess “how not to be a lazy loser” would be good too hehehe.

just waiting for program to convert file into something smaller so i can put it on music player. also the thing is two 7 hour tracks. that will not do.

beavis and butthead. i was around beavis and buttheads age right when that show was getting popular. well maybe a little younger. i knew it was not to be taken seriously, but i did not understand the depth of mike judge’s parody/satire. i just liked the crude adolescent humor. still do. anyway point is they are huge f00king LOSERS and certainly would grow up to be huge loser adults like their fathers who they meet in the desert of the “beavis & butthead do america” movie which i am watching on tv right now.

i remember seeing that movie at the theatre and was a little disappointed, but at this time over 15 years later, it is hilarious. gets better with time.

ok. took pwalk. 3.2 miles. beautiful day. got sun. def getting tan on the face. hope i don’t get skin c. that would be horrible. not sure i would have the will to fight against The Big C!!!

will do a second 3.2 later.

whoa. got an exciting trip starting in 3 days. haven’t done anything this exciting since going to vegas in december 2012. i thank GOD for the privilege, realizing that most people on this earth NEVER have the privilege to go to vegas EVER, or to go anyplace exciting EVER.

ok. try to fit everything into a small bag. need dress clothes for wedding: pants, shirt, shoes, tie, maybe coat. then need clothes for 7 to 8 days. casual shoes. uh if i could wash the clothes halfway thru, then i could cut the amount of clothes in half. phone charger. uhhhhhh.

anyway i thank GOD for this opportunity and will try not to screw it up. do NOT say anything political because i WILL see some left-leaners. just keep my big mouth shut, and be nice, friendly, smart, and funny. probably don’t even need to be SMART. just be friendly and funny. don’t say anything too offensive. make amends for my past behavior and apologize. remember a camera to take pictures of neat stuff. don’t have a cam on my nonsmart phone.