may 29

another good way to get gurls is to join a band. but not just any band. by far the best type of band for getting gurls would be an Indie Rock band. Indie Pop Rock that is popular with 18-22 year old College Students.

and for the 18-22 year old Non College Students, you could be in a band that plays stuff like Nickelback and Kid Rock and Country.

Maybe even a Cover Band, as long as it’s not a bunch of 50 year old guys; and your band has younger people and plays currently popular songs, and is actually good, and makes money by playing concerts and weddings and parties and such.

BUT I would say to play drums in the band. because I would not want the band stealing my sweet guitar and keyboard riffs and melodies. it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to actually write original, creative, good songs, absolutely IMPOSSIBLE, so if I by the grace of GOD came up with a melody, I would want to keep it for myself.

but drums are inherently different, rhythmic not melodic, and more fun. you can let the guitar player or bass player or keyboard player actually write the music, and you just play the drums.

when you start out you won’t osund to good, but the more you play, the better you’ll get. and I guarantee that even when you suck, playing drums will still be hella FUN. drums are probably the FUNNEST instrument there is. i wish i had started playing drums when i was young and followed this very advice.

i started off with guitar essentially and always struggled with it. i eventually improved, but never got REALLY good, and NEVER got good with inventing original songs, which was very frustrating, because that’s exactly what I really wanted to do.

Quite telling that it was MUCH more fun playing other people’s songs than struggling to come up wiht my own! (on guitar, that is.)

If i were fooling around on drums while other people where playing guitar, bass, or keys, f00k, that was FUN AS F00k, even though I sucked at drums! but I am SURE that with regular practice, ie regular FUN!!! I would improve.

find a way to play drums regularly. unfort this is real hard and the best way to do it is to rent a rehearsal room. not sure how expensive that is but i know it is doable. plenty of middle working class young men do it with their rock bands.

and as a bonus, yu could probably LIVE in the rehersal room if times got tuff! like living in a storage unit, though, you’re not SUPPOSED to do it.

ok. you can get a small rehearsal space room for $125 a month and play drums in there.

that’s a lot of money but if you have a 3 or 4 or 5 person band, you can drastically cut down the price so it actually is affordable. and no one would stop you from going in there to play drums by yourself. just smokin doobs and playing drumz hehehe.

that is the major downside of playing drums is that it can be difficult and expensive to find space to play them in. i guess most schools might have rehearsal rooms too. play drums in the high school jazz band, f00k yeah. i shoulda done that. heh. played drums, bass, and piano and possib guitar in hs jazz band.

i guarantee you will be getting so many grills, that playing drums will be more fun than banging the grills. sh1t i don’t even bang grills and just THINKING about plays drumz is pretty darn fun!!!!!

whereas elliot rodger would never say that, he would just CRY and want to kill women, and not even be able to THINK about the pure fun of playing drumz.

ok. took a 3.2 mile powerwalk for the 2nd time today. very sunny and so got plenty of sun. was very thankful.

had fun listening to my new fav political speaker who i won’t name, but who is hard to stand up for if you are a loser, because successful leftists will say you are a neo-nazi loser basement dweller who only likes this sort of stuff so you can blame “reverse racism” and “affirmative action” for your own failures. so if you are a loser like me, you have to be very secretive about espousing this sort of stuff. but i honestly find it very enlightening, exciting, and truthful, inspiring, etc.

but then i thought to myself: do I think THIS GUY is a LOSER? do I view HIM as a loser or a winner? HELL NO, I have the greatest of respect for him, and was thinking of putting a picture of him on my wall and having him as a Role Model. He’s not a loser at all.

so that made me feel better.

well a lot of politicians are not very good role models; they eventually become sellouts and corrupted. of course this guy is not a politician yet. but he’d made a good one. but then he might sell out. hmmm.

anyway even corrupt bad politicians are usually WINNERS because they have money and good job and wife and children and are very alpha and charismatic. hehehe.

may 30

ok beautiful day. went to bed early last night. was watching cleveland show and he wants to turn out the light and go to sleep, saying “i gotta be at work in TWELVE HOURS.” which is supposed to be a joke about how fat, lazy, and how much he likes to sleep.

but i would try to do EXACTLY the same thing. I would start work at 12pm and absolutely try to have lights out by 11pm even! cuz i would get up at 9am and then go thru my long get ready process and get to work by 11:30am to prepare and make good impressions. to get 10 hours of sleep i would try to be asleep by 11. and of course i wouldn’t be getting home until like 9 pm. hehehe.