may 29

BBBBBBBUT ok so you like to think about politics because you’re SMART. you want a SMRT GRILL. but most grils who think/talk about politics ie talk smartish, are almost always leftists. isn’t that funny? where do you find the Smart Rightist Gurls?

heh. I don’t really know. marry that gurl if you find her! it might almost be easier to hook up with a leftist gurl, and then convert her to the right with your alpha charisma. which you would absolutely need to cause such a change in her thinking.

but at the end of the day, it might be best to marry a gurl who does not get into such things as politics or Intellectual Conversations. that is an INHERENTLY MASCULINE thing.

The Left is Politics For Women.

So yeah i am not too concerned with finding a wife who shares my political interests.

or any interests for that matter. but that used to be a BIG concern of mine when i was young.

like ohhhhh that cute young gurl likes stupid music, she’s out, why can’t i find a cute young gurl who likes….tom waits or something.

yeah well guess what, there are gurls who like tom waits, and they’re just as annoying as the ones who like Mainstream Modern Commercial Country music. probably MORESO.

we would complain that girls weren’t COOL. where are all the COOL girls. probably getting brainwashed at middle class marxist university. and that is VERY UNCOOL.

also, you could argue it’s not the domain of girls to be COOL. try to find an UNCOOL gurl. girls are meant to be Caring Nurturers who take care of Home and Hearth and provide Love and Kindness to their Husband and Children.

not wannabe alpha males competing with men in the workplace.

this USED to be common sense!

but if you go out and publicly say things like this, you will lose your friends, your job, all respect, all credibility, people will say you’re a loser, and they’ll try to make you unemployable so you actually become a loser. and then you’re just talking loser talk, ha ha ha.

i thought about becoming a lawyer because that’s a good career for people interested in Politics and you can make a lot of money……. but I decided the ROI of law skool was not worth it.  it is super expensive, law students are douchebag workaholics, i’m too lazy to be #1 in law skool, don’t want to take 200k in loans, really not a lot of growth in law jobs, full JD’s working as paralegals, etc.


plus you meet the worst kind of wimmin in lawyerdom, hehehe. nothing worse than a woman lawyer.

so sad. they would have turned out all right if they had just gotten married to a nice man young and had some children. so simple.

get MARRIED to a lawyer and he can teach you all about law if you’re so interested in law!

no, they are interested in the career and the status. kind of like I am, see earlier post abotu my GAY interest in Status Itself.

heh. well i am DONE being interested in status, I have come as far as I can go there, and it hasn’t benefited me at all, other than to be able to describe it well.

like RamZPaul says, don’t make Gurls or Getting A Gurl your main mission in life. ANYTHING but that. in fact, that will guarantee you will always be horrible with gurls, if GURLS are your main interest. Sure your hormones cause you to be horny, that’s fine, but be truly interested and motivated by something, anything else. sports, writing, STEM, math, military, sales, comic books, cooking, politics, music, movies, art, science, robots, computers, games, anything. but women, or how to Pull Women for that matter, so PUA is not a great interest.

what about the more at a distance male female relations like Heartiste does, and which I do too?

I guess that’s a little better. but it would be a lot better if you had already established your masculinity before that, or if it weren’t a cover for you “secretly” wanting and not being able to get a gurl.

like i am pretty sure heartiste is more than able to get a gurl, he has a fairly decent job, he is a winner in other words.

but we are losers, hehehe. who don’t have a good job or good mates. or any mates. or any job. let alone a GOOD one!

if you’re at all fat, any exercise at all is better than any non excercise. theoretically it would be ok to skip skool or work to exercise. nope, i wouldn’t officially recommend that.

but if you are underemployed, i might say that exercising is more productive than hopeless discouraging job search.

and exercise is DEF better than: TV, video games, movies, napping, being a lazy loser.

if you ever start feeling like a lazy loser, time to go for a Five Mile Powerwalk. Now.

Get a $10 a month Planet Fatness membership JUST so you can Powerwalk on their treadmill.

get a Manual Labor job like a Mexican. that is why their Souls are less Troubled than White Losers. Manual Labor is Good For Your SOUL. just don’t let it become a path to becoming a loser. like take precautions to protect your back and lungs and eyes by wearing any and all protective gear. and if your boss fires you for not killing yourself enough, f00k him. find another such job where you can lift only healthy amounts. and you will be surrounded by alcoholics and drugs addicts. do not get too close to them or pick up those horrible habits. that is probably where the REAL soul destroying associated with these jobs actually happens.