may 29

i was watching something quite feminine on tv and then made a point to try to watch something masculine so i turn on fox news and it’s a bunch of women talking about women. hehehehe.

men: you really SHOULD NOTTTTTT watch tv. in fact it’s better to err on the side of caution and not even watch the “good” shows. i mean breaking bad is kewl and all, or american dad, but I would still be alive if I had never watched them. well i guess they have provided me with valuable entertainment and laffs. but still. it would be just as beneficial to go out and exercise.

went for nice 3.2 mile pwalk. avoided doing so yesterday because it was pouring rain all day.

underlines need of getting a nice 5 mile powerwalk just as an everyday “prescription” for Good Health mind and body.

because the pwalk today felt especially good, and i would like to go for a second 3.2 miler rather than just one more 1.6 er.

heh. in the process listening to interesting stuff.

“PROBLEMATIC” or “ISSUES” is more examples of Weak PoopyPants Millennial Talk (credit Heartiste). avoid people who use these words seriously unless you are having fun trolling them.

but if they are making your working life or social life difficult because they say you have problematic attitudes, get out. no good can come of this.

hhe. i don’t think most women are feminist extremists. but most women ARE creatures of conformity and thus they can start participating in this stupid #YesAllWomen “conversation” just because So Many women are Conforming to it. the good news is that women also have short memories, and this trend will be over pretty quickly.

anyway. when you have unpopular or dissident or controversial political or social opinions, yeah that can be rough if you are currently a loser and not a winner, cuz it looks liek you’re blaming the world for your own failures. so i don’t talk about those things with actual people unless I’m sure they agree with me.

but i do wonder: if i were a winner, would I be a leftist? an idealist utopianist if you will???? it’s hard for me to say, because i’m not a winner, and i can’t really Project myself into the shoes of a winner to answer that stupid what if question, hehehehe.

for example, a leftist friend of mine said a very provocative political statement on facebook, something like fear is so weak, and it is pathetic that so many amerifats are living in ignorant small minded FEAR which makes them racist and clinging to guns and religion and borders and “property rights” and all that. and that the really strong thing to do was to Love One Another, and stop being made so weak by fear. Grow A Pair, Man Up, Have some BALLS, and Open Your Heart to The Other.

i was actually a bit offended by that but I knew better than to publicly respond to it. because he is a winner surrounded by people that share and validate that kind of leftist opinion, whereas I am a huge loser and thus a hater and thus cannot say well maybe it’s not based in FEAR, and indeed perhaps fear is justified where there is a REAL threat, and people aren’t evil or ignorant or weak to want to defend themselves against threats. or you’d be stupid NOT to be afraid of Mobs Of Parasites approaching your front door. NOT to have CONCERN over what our country / state / city / area will Be like when we get old and our children grow up!!!!!

there are plenty of people who would like to “share” your property, or maybe even “share” your wife!

have some balls by being strong enough to love Aliens enough to let them bang your wife and children!

but he is a good guy, just naive, i hoped he would have become less naive by now, but it looks like he never will, and in the end, that’s not even a huge deal, because he’s a good guy, and I know better than to argue with him about this sort of stuff! it’s just interesting to see.

because i used to be a huge leftist idealist too when i was young and did not fully understand how f00ked up the world was. and then I was fed brainwashing and lies as to WHY the world was so f00ked up – basically because of rich white men, christians, racists, bigots, capitalists, europeans, imperialists, amerikkka, etc….  and then when i got in the real world, i saw that these were lies, and i have been shifting to the right ever since. but he has not, and still parrots that marxist claptrap. and runs with social scenes that parrot that, has a wief that shares same opinions, etc.

but you can’t fault someone for choosing to hang out with people with similar interests! i try to do the same.

but nonetheless i can be friends with leftists. well, the ones that i first met when i was a young leftist.

you see how this “GRANDFATHERING” can be a signif force. I stay in luv with the gurls i luved when I was young; i stay friendly with people i was firnds with when i was young, no matter how much i have changed; however in some ways, I am still the Nice, Funny, Smart person I was when I first met them, I have just developed my political views in different direction…

at any rate i refuse to have political arguments with my old leftist friends and prefer just to keep my damn big mouth SHUT. and would recommend you do the same. Keeping friends is more important than getting the last political word.

like when i decided to “come out of the closet” as a Racist to some old Leftist friends. that went over like a lead balloon, so I quickly decided to just Keep My Mouth Shut about that. I can still have my opinions, just don’t discuss them with CERTAIN PEOPLE. It’s not really as Cognitive Dissonant as a Homosexual fearfully living in the Closet. you just don’t talk about certain things with certain people. and maybe even try to subtly teach them a lesson here and there.

so yeah. don’t be so STUBBORN than you lose your friends and family. unless they are jackasses who abuse and demean you. but if they are basically decent people, don’t push them out of your life! because you have to have the last word on guns and immigration!