may 29

yeah buddy. done with the official manifesto posts but I’m sure i will continue to refer to it here and there as I write this, my own “manifesto” hehehe. but see my manifesto is to share with you my mistakes and failures and occasional wins, to help us both become better winners.

heh. get a stem degree in 10 years by taking ONE CLASS per semester, hehehe. and throw yourself on the mercy of every professor until you find one that really helps you.

be like, come on Prof, I really hate skool but I’m also real smart, that’s why i’m doing a stem degree. I just need to know that I’m gonna get a good job at the end of it, because i’m kinda entitled to it, because I’m paying 100 grand for this f00king degree. I’m just a normalfag who wants to work and do right and have some kids one day, Prof, can’t you help me out? I will buy you a drank and a steak. write me a letter of rec, introduce me to your EmployerFranz.

tangent there. heh. anyway roissy is still white hot, i just read him for the first time in months looking for his inevitable elliot rodger posts, and he is still hot. finger on the pulse. he observes the language of entitled, swpl millennials and their use of pathetic “poopytalk” phrases like “HERE’S WHY THAT’S A PROBLEM.”

basically, professional middle class journalist wimmin prob with tuffgrrl arm tattoos pointing out Covert Patriarchy and how there is Oppression Everywhere, embedded so deep, that is killing wimmin, minorities, poors, etc, and thus our society needs Marxist Social Justice REvolution. and it’s all marxist masterz degree horsesh1t.

i agree with heartiste!

anyway he or one of his commenters said something that stuck with me: re elliot rodger obsessing over Social Status:

to obsess over social status is a very WOMANLY, FEMININE thing.

And while I am not Crazy Insane like Rodger, I am prob even more obsessed with STATUS than he is. how it attracts women, how it relates to Skools and Careers, the Social Class of neighborhoods and people, the status of everything and everyone and everywhere, comparing the relative status of Colleges and COmpanies and Fields and Neighborhoods and cities and bla bla bla.

whereas rodger was more like luxury luxury extravagant opulence bmw gucci mansions. very FIRST LEVEL thinking.

but he was going to loser ass community colleges and never saw how low status that was!

note: I am very pro-CC as it allows you to do half your stem degree on the cheap; or indeed to get wholly certified in something useful on the cheap, provided you pick the right thing and work it right.

but yeah, WOMEN are obsessed with status, MEN just go out there and win and achieve high status without really thinking about the status of it all.

whereas i look at the status first and go from there. ass backwards.

which fits in well with my beta male, rather feminine ways.

not that all betas are feminine, and not that the ideal man should not have a bit of beta in him, because beta provider makes for good fathers, good families, good children, and no one can deny that The Nuclear Family is the Bedrock of a Strong Civilization.

anyway. i guess be a masculine beta. an ideal mix of alpha and beta. alpha enough to pull quality females, beta enough to be a good father to your children.

anyway tldr. i am absolutely obsessed with status.  prob because i am thinking like a woman, who are also obsessed with status, but who don’t articulate it as clearly as I do, but whose Vaj Tingles instinctively to certain kinds of status.

granted, some wimmin will tingle more for an aggressive, charismatic i-banker, while others will tingle more for an aggressive, charismatic Social Justice Activist. but you see the common denominator.

and how does that relate to status?

the status comes as a RESULT to the agressive, charismatic, alpha male behaviors.

but using status as the Carrot to force you to develop those alpha behaviors might be putting the cart before the horse.

frankly worrying abotu status hasn’t GOTTEN me anyway, hasn’t encouraged me to GET higher status. it just Bums Me Out that I will never pull a Young QT because my status is so low and I will never improve it!

WOuldn’t it be better just to leave all that thinking behind?

of course!

which is why Men should not even think about status, and let high status come to them naturally from them besting others in the plethora of competitions in life.

what i am doing essentially is saying, status attracts women, i want women, therefore, i must have high status, therefore I must go to these skools and get this kind of career and work this hard. boy this sucks what a sh1t sandwich, i’d rather be a lazy loser than work this hard!

which again is ass backwards.

light bulb moment. hehehe. aha. eureka. archimedes.

men should be obsessed with manly things, and they often are; which is why autism is itself a veyr masculine state and some autists do very well with women, provided they aren’t creepy or awkward, which unfort comes with autism alot (why that is, is another question.)

i am sorta obsessed with women, but i don’t flip out when i see women in public like rodger did. i saw some attractive wimmin yesterday and simply thought, hmm, i wouldn’t mind banging her, but i didn’t get all upset and butthurt about it!

so i am not obsessed with random women, but rather with the specific women i have fallen in True Luv with, and I am also obsessed with the Mechanism that causes Women to be attracted to and select certain men.

which indeed involves status, but, more importantly, is fundamentally based on MASCULINITY and CHARISMA: ALPHANESS.

so I am making the same mistake that rodger did, thinking status is the be all end all. except I thought about it much more intelligently, hehehe.

and it’s not like I was WRONG!!! women are obsessed with status, and my status radar was more finely atttuned that women’s!

but MEN don’t NEED to worry or even think about status! leave that to the women!  obsessing about status so much will onlyhold you back, like it has with me! you got to be more Task Oriented, hehehehe.

so go out and do a task and stop thinking about gaining more statuts. F00K status, it’s for kissless virgins and women.