may 27

dont worry almost done here. this may in fact be the last one!!!

on page 112 there is the first mention of his shrink (psychiatrist), which i had been waiting for forever.

p 113 he buys his first gun. ok. honestly the narrative was starting to get a little boring and redundant and repetitive, now something interesting is actually ahppening.

may 28

WHY didn’t gurls like you and want to give you love and sex, while they gave it to Brutish Degenerate Boisterous Jocks?

Becuase you have no social skills, you don’t know how to talk to gurls, or people in general, and have no idea how to approach or talk to wimmin. you are an AUTIST WEIRDO who acts real weird socially when you talk to people.

so this guy may be an autist, but he’s really not that smart. he focuses on stupid details and ignores large details.

why didn’t he just tell this all to his shrink before he started planning his Day of Retribution?

he must have seen a shrink when he was little to get diagnosed with aspergers, how come he never mentions that. what other important details is he leaving out?

so now i want to see what the shrinks say in response to all this.

p 120 finally staring to get interesting. it is summer 2013 and he is finally seeing some “social skills counsellors” on the rec of his psych. young handsome men in their mid twenties. did they have masterz degrees? that would be a pretty neat job.

OR, what the hell was he reading when he went to the bookstore all the time? its hard to believe he could get his mind off gurls for long enough to read anything. and why didn’t he read anything on How To Pick Up Gurls?

the only books he specifically mentions are “the secret” and…something else like the secret.

or he only discovered less than a year before his rampage. why didn’t that set him off on a long pursuit of manosphere-related wisdom?

for me, it all started with roissy and branched out wildly from there. i think our killer would have enjoyed reading roissy, and, most importantly, could have gotten some good ideas on how to Get Women from Roissy, and maybe not killed women.

Certainly Rodger would be interested in the story of Sodini, but it’s like he’d never heard of him.

so i have to wonder how exhaustive his reading and research is, if he’s missing big obvious stuff like these.

not saying roissy encourages mass murder, of course he doesn’t. i will never say a bad thing about roissy, he’s a living legend and deserves MORE praise imho. and his extremely compelling political points are obscured by the pvssy-hungry pua/game troglodytes, hehehe.

in FACT, i am SURE roissy has written posts on the rodger case, and you should go and read them.

i mean “chateau heartiste”. but he will always be roissy to me!

also plenty of good comments on the rodger case.

also, gurls don’t really like anger. they like big manly men, but not so much angry men. at least in the beginning phases. once they are fully in luv with you, then you can get angry and such.

but when you come at girls in anger like rodger did, their first reaction is ew creeper.

can’t really blame them!

BUT, young men who have tonnes of frustration do often act angry right off the bat when dealing with women. they are angry just to SEE women. and when they are immediately angry when talking to women, of course it turns the women off.

Social Skills With Women 101.

but, many beta/omega males do not even have this bare minimum, obviously!


or at least hide your anger and be charming, hahaha.

and rodger was so stubborn and autistic that he disregarded/refused the advice of his counsellors. who wisely told him to move out of that town.

and he actually had a social skills counsellor who was a Pretty Blond Gurl! he said he liked it, but felt pathetic later for having to have a “hired friend.” well that was because he couldn’t keep real friends, because he had horrible social skills, and WHAT EXACTLY did these counsellors tell him on how to improve his social skills? he never mentions that.

and you think somebody who read so many books would TALK about the books and just be smarter.

he had to NOT be telling the counsellors about his desires to kill people, or else they would have Involuntarily COmmitted him

the psych put him on this antipsychotic drug but looks like he refused to take it.

he struggled to contain his anger when meeting his old female friend maddy later in life. to be a fly on the wall. how come he didn’t explode in awkward anger then, but did at other times?

none of us thinks that our mother should have bought us a f00king bmw earlier unless we are horrible f00king people like this guy. and i can guarantee you that neither you nor i are that horrible and entitled

heh. will be nice if someone writes a book talking to the shirnks and parents and friends.

did they write a book on sodini? how about virg tech? i gotta read some of these “True crime” books on muh fave massacres, hehehe. some journalist had to have on sandy hook.

did sandy hook kid write a manifesto?

so he had ilke youth counsellors who attended college and were only one year older than him. maybe you DON’T need a masters degree for this job. heh. that would actually be a fun job for me. what is the official job title so i can look it up.

near the end his sister gets a Degenerate Boifran and starts bangin. oooooo. i was wondering if this would happen. yes it did. and he was none too happy.

heh when i go to my shrink i actually try to talk about the things that are bothering me.

ok i finished it, it was more like 137 pages cuz the last few pages were blank. boy am i glad i am not a crazy schizo bipolar autist like him.  well it will be nice to see what the other people say in the months to come. interesting story bro.


ps yes his writing eventually got very tedious and did not show that he was so smart.

also, maybe i should watch his videos to get a better sense of How he was as a person. maybe he was more charming, less autistic, in person. though I doubt it!

also, autists CAN get laid, can even SLAY pvssy, if they are masculine and not afraid to talk to gurls and not overly angry. like just go up and say things most guys are too sissy to say. but I would wager a guess that this is not the typical autist experience, and that most autists are sociall awkward, if not socially anxious, and also angry.

heh. go read the heartiste article and comments. real interesting theories there. and they aren’t afraid to get politically incorrect hehehe.

maybe he WAS secretly gay closet case. didn’t really get that impression though, he was just effeminate and wanted Loving Sex.