may 27

plus he remembered tiny details from years ago. i can barely remember sh1t that happened when i was in grade school. yeah i was in luv with some gril who didn’t want me, and i wrote an epic story about it, but i am not still mad at her or anything.

also how was his rel with his sister? he appeared to get along with her but he never really said anything about her at all. why didn’t he want to kill her for being a wh0re?

also he was delusion in thinking he could make billions of dollars.

also he should have felt greater shame for dropping out of skool. i had a bit of a dropping experience once, and i felt great shame about it for YEARS afterwards. this guy dropped classes every single semester because he couldn’t handle seeing girls with boys. and then spent 1000$ on lottery tickets and dreamed about driving up to “college in a lamborghini, then all the girls would want me.”

so yeah, he was not as smart as I originally thought!!!!

so yeah this guy is not a cautionary tale of what can become of you when you are bad with gurls. being bad with gurls was NOT his major malfunction, being a psycho was.  in our worst of days we can never become this bad. there was a lot more going on than him being a lazy loser. i’m not even sure how lazy he was anyway. he liked going out to the store to buy expensive clothes.

also i would feelt great guilt writing about all this money i was spending that i hadn’t made, sucking on his parents teats.

i may or may not still do that to some extent myself, but you wouldn’t know, because i refuse to write about it!!!!

there are some things I just will not write about myself!

well, maybe when I write my autobiography i will. this manifesto has got me thinking about writing a memoir. but not going on a killing spree, hahahaha.

for example, when i was his age and had feeeeeeelings of crippling depression, i would often sit in muh room and drink alone and just get moar crippling depressed. i would have older friends buy ridiculous amounts of booze for me that i could stockpile and do that, like buy 2 2 liters bottles of cheap vodka or whiskey. “handles” or “magnums”, you know,the BIG plastic bottles.

he seriously thought he was going to win the LOTTERY and became depressed after losing it???? yeah sounds like real manic bipolar delusion type stuff to me. i know i don’t have THAT!

he pushed ALL his friends away. every last one. when it was down to one he pushed that one away and then felt like it was that guy )james) betraying HIM.

and then he felt sorry for himself for having no friends.

he could have easily made a bigger effort to hang out with the nerdy asians he started a quasi-friendship with in santa barbara, but they weren’t cool enough for him, so he let them slip away, and then complained about it.

or begging his mother to buy him a new laptop after he spilled wine on the old one. i would never beg muh fam to buy me anything, well after the age of 5 or so, hehehe. and yet they were STILL too generous to me. and the fact that he writes about it without seeing anything WRONG with it….. yes, could say that lots of times when reading this. like you think it’s ok to shoot girls wiht a super soaker filled wiht BOILING OIL, hehehehehe, that was kinda funny.

you could make a great meme/macro out of this, just taking lines out of this manifesto and putting em over a picture of an entitled kissless virgin, hehehe.

why was he so convinced he was such a “MAGNIFICENT, EXTRAORDINARY, SUPERIOR GENTLEMAN”??? then why didn’t gurls like him. because they were f00ked up, he said.

well, i agree, gurls ARE f00ked up, i don’t really like them, but what they are mainly attracted to is masculine charisma, personality, even over looks and money, although looks and money and status can help, charisma is THE most important thing. rodger did not understand that at all. of course when i was his age i didn’t understand it either!

anyway, there was just something OFF about him that is not off with me, will never be off with me, and will probably never be off with you.

they way he lied to his family about registering for classes, when he dropped them RIGHT AFTER

yep. after you get 110 pages deep, he sounds like the world’s most autistic virgin. some autism can be good, some can be real bad. and this is a great example of the world’s worst autism. read it. know it. recognize it.

autism that is geared towards gurls, virginity, sex, entitlement, gurlfrans, etc. and violence and retribution of course.

though “DAY OF RETRIBUTION” is a pretty cool name. but also pretty autistic too. it would be funny if it didn’t actually happen.

yep. so he had a general fantasy of a bueaitufl b lond gurfran. whereas i had a fantasy of very specific, actual, real gurls i had met personally and fallen in luv with over a period of time: gurls 1 thru 8. and i never wanted to kill them. although i was very disappointed when they dumped or rejected me, where applicable. other times they just moved away before i could Sack Up. heh. those are the only ones i remember fondly. but i still don’t want to hurt or kill the ones I DON’T remember fondly!!!!!