may 27

yeah i gotta cut down this lead time hehehe.

also Rodger had NO sense of humor. I have a sense of humor, a great one, I am hilarious, to toot my own horn.

the three words I would want mtuh frandz to describe me with are: NICE, SMART, and FUNNY. HILARIOUS.

he would get WAY more butthurt than I ever did. and felt WAY more entitled. and was WAY too angry at other people and not his loser SELF.

and was WAY too dramatic, like everything was a TRAUMATIZING event. seeing a cute gurl was a traumatizing even that he would go home and cry about. go to the shrink NOW. or get a menial service job, weirdo.

go work at walmart in like….fresno or something. you won’t be seeing nearly so many pretty white blond girls!

so by the time he was 20 he said he would have no problem torturing his enemies. though i often had fascination with violence and torture and sick twisted stuff, i never actually wanted to do it to someone. he was a sociopath, i am definitely not. how about you?

i couldn’t inflict violence even on the people i hated, because I realized they were still human beings who had a right to life. so just avoid them and let them live their lives.

also his best plan to get girls was to sit at a table alone and hope that a gurl would come up and talk to him, and then he would get butthurt when they didn’t. he had no concept of the Timeless Truth that Women Never Approach; MEN must do the approaching. and then he wanted to kill women because they didn’t approach him.

if he actually approached women, he probably would have gotten laid eventually. well maybe. he was a huge weirdo and women picked up on that.

he would have fared best with another autist, a cute autist gurl, but QT autists gurls are in VERY high demand among all the autists who have already figured this out. also 99% of autists are men, inflating the autist girls demand even MORE. so yeah, autist gurl is never really a viable option, forget i mentioned it, hahaha.

also, even if he didn’t want a hooker, he could have definitely gone to a STRIP CLUB to have a cute gurl TOUCH him and to see Boobs close up.

Pretty sure I went to a strip club right when I was 18.


i have had conversations with True Autists before, and thru these I can prob confirm I am not personally an autist. but I am close enough to it, that I can understand and be friendly to autists. but i don’t think i am actually a True Autist. i used to talk to this one kid regularly who developed a real fondness for me, and he was a true autist. they really can be extreme personalities. i would not want to hang out with the kid all the time.

so i think this rodger was a true autist, and his friend james was not. heh. james did not kill people and he was a kissless virgin. i want to read HIS manifesto!!!!

it was interesting how rodger wanted his mother to marry a rich man, because this would save his own life by being part of an “upper class” family. but his mother refused, she never wanted to get married again after her bad marriage to his father. now this was one of this autists better ideas, his mother getting married to a rich man prob WOULD have helped him. the kid wasn’t an IDIOT, he DID have SOME good ideas.

but he just went into Autist Fits Of Rage whenever he saw cute girls, espec cute girls with Cool Cocky Boys. I didn’t like it either, but I never made a SCENE like he did, embarrassing his only friend, the nonautist james who knew how to control himself for 15 minutes.

and then rodger called james his only friend a weakling because he didn’t want to FLAY b1tches alive and torture them to death. yep. violent autism ftw. can’t blame james for not inviting rodger out again after that one incident. surprised the autist did not want to kill james after that. or blow up into a huge thing, like he betrayed me, he is a traitor and deserves to die.

so rodger had a real god complex, thought he was very superior and shoudl decide who lives and who dies.

yet he felt inferior because women chose Alpha Douchebags over him.

really james’s analysis of him was spot on: that rodger really wanted sex, but felt he could never get sex, so then he wanted to take the sex away from the sexhavers. james was really a smart guy. i want to hear his side of the story.

if anything my audience is kids like james. pathetic virgins, but NOT maniacal, megalomaniacal, narcissistic, hysterical autists.

and i am not sure sechs or gurls would have helped rodger. say he had gotten a taste. he absolutely would have been dumped fast, much like i was, and THAT would have caused him to snap. because he had everything he ever wanted, and then his Paradise On Earth was viciously yanked away, and b1tches must die.

i never thought that, i was just angry for years and sad and took forever to get over it and drank myself into oblivion and wasted several solid years drinking, smoking weed, becoming a loser, in part because i couldn’t handle being dumped, and also because i couldn’t handle life itself.

i need to prove to both you and myself that just because we suck with wimmin, we are not woman-killing maniacs like they say in the stupid media. that every virgin who had a mean thought about women are going to run out and kill women. NOPE.

I would say only 1% of men do the creepy raepist things that are described by women in #YesAllWomen, and that 2% of Women do the evil things that Not All Men Men MRA’s complain about, rightfully, like divorce theft, c0q carousel, being crazy b1tches, etc.

And also I have to defend MRA’s from the RIDICULOUS LIES that are being told about them now in big newspapers like the NY post.