may 26

crikey dat mainstream media and this insidious #Yesallwomen thing. good thing that will blow over in a week! I had to read some right-wing stuff to cleanse my mind of all that marxist claptrap. oy vey. leftists i do not like.

also thankful that i do not associate with anyone that actually TALKS like that, has “conversations” about that sort of stuff. of course i am polite enough not to actually TALK about political stuff. i will just agree with everything people say.

heh. doormat style agreeability is not a good way to get pvssy though. show them what a huge rightist you are and how much you disagree with their feminism, just be sure to smirk copiously and not be a fedora niceguy. just be like awwwww the widdle gurl thinks she is capable of intewigent powitical thought.

don’t do the “not all men” thing becuase that makes you look defensive and weak and beta and virginal. like you’re getting offended! don’t get so butthurt about something a FEMINIST says! You should be making them butthurt! offending THEM!

instead, try a raep joke.

do good in high school, and then you can go to community college FOR FREE.

go there FOR FREE and take the first TWO YEARS of a STEM degree. math and elec engin double major if you’re having trouble deciding. or chemical engin. and then just show up every class and don’t skip and sit right in front of the instructor and suck up and you will get all a’s EASILY, then you can go to local university and finish the stem degree FOR FREE because you got all A’s at CC.

you now have a valuable bachelors degree in chemical engineering that cost you NOTHING. FOR FREE. and jobs will look for you, you won’t look for jobs. High Paying Jobs too!

good god, why didn’t i do that. i should have done that.

you might even be able to smoke w33d while you do your stem homework. just don’t drink. unless you’re at a party w cute gurls and need some liquid courage to talk to them. smoke weed, listen to music, and do hours of your calculus, physics, chemistry, DEQ’s, plastics, therm, programming homework.

and then once you have a good job you can get all the pvssy you’re entitled to, hahahahahahahahaha.

no, but it will be a lot easier to pull grills once you have some money.

and, much more importantly, you will be set for life. you will be able to live comfortable, have some security, retire when you’re old, live in a safe neighborhood, and HAVE CHILDREN, be able to move anywhere you want and get a job, etc.

heh. i have never groped a woman in a bar, or shoved my crotch up against a 12 year old gurl, or raeped a woman, or molested a women, or beat a woman, or abused a woman, etc etc.

see now i’m falling into the “NOT ALL MEN” trap. it doesn’t MATTER that I haven’t done any of that, just that there is an epidemic of men who do, and instead of Mansplaining to women how I am not like that, I should be OUT THERE, being an activist against all that raep.  really doing more. speaking OUT, standing UP, whenever I hear a misogynistic remark or god forbid see one of my male monster friends groping a wimmin.

ANYWAY. obviously i am too butthurt here. I need to be smirking and laughing it off. and be thankful i don’t have to deal with deranged feminists every day. now that is a privilege i enjoy!

however i must rebut, many times a feminist WILL blatantly accuse a specific man of being a creep or not getting laid etc, and the man is then in the right to defend himself against lies and slander, by saying, WRONG, I do NOT do that! and in that case it very much DOES matter because the feminist is accusing a specific man! rather than All Of Patriarchy.

heh. not in Hank Hill’s America. that’s where I gotta go. and i don’t even live in a Leftist area, THANK GOD. my hood is pretty moderate, if not right of moderate. sure they’re dumb twangy country music neocons but that is so much better than rabid leftists. soooooooo much.

heh. here is the full 141 page manifesto of elliot rodger. he is not too bad of a writer. smart kid hehehe.

well i agree that women are crazy and ridiculous and not fun, but I certainly don’t want to hurt them for it! whereas he clearly did.

but it doesn’t matter, because i obviously have the same kind of misogyny he did. come on. what a crock. stupid feminists. stupid journalists. what a crock.

not all women are crazy annoying feminist journalists, hehehe. not all women write stupid #YesAllWomen tweets. hehehehe.