may 26

remember how to deal with bullies?

say “f00k you, f4gg0t”, then when they come at you, be prepared to physically martial arts them down to the ground, then use a sleeper hold on them, not beating them up, but disabling them.

you can modify that to something like “go f00k yourself, cvnt”.

i might say to blatantly display the sidearm you are Openly Carrying to dissuade people from physically attacking you, but I don’t want you to get railroaded in court, get a gun felony, and then be prevented from ever carrying ever again.

i am staunchly pro-gun and believe more (legal) guns in the hands of responsible decent adults will lead to a decrease in gun violence, usually carried out by maniacs and criminals using illegal guns.

if a wimmin refuses to take your last name in marriage, she’s basically saying “i AM going to divorce you in under 10 years, take over half your wealth, use your kids against you, etc, and I want to be celebrated by you for it.”

so don’t marry her, hehehe.

again, to pick up cute young gurls, try going to a RAVE or an Electronic Music Festival / COncert / Dance Party. the gurls will all be on ecstasy and looking to Party. Take advantage of the situation. Not the gurl, hahahahahaha.

how 2 get action from gurls:

if needed, take benzos to make you not nervous when approaching gurls.

say Sup Gurl, Ima Buy You a Drank. then buy them a drink and dance with them. then say sup gurl, imma take you out to dinner.

then take her out to dinner and pay for it, and if she doesn’t at least bl0w you, MOVE ON to another gril.

and maybe she will even call you up later and beg to be banged. that is acceptable too.


simple right?

heh. i am no more misogynist than daniel tosh, who btw leftist progressive professionals think is so offensive and ignorant and the worst thing since nickelback and walmart and country music. daniel tosh is right up there for his women-hating and fat-shaming and being a big homophobic racist sexist bully. i think he’s pretty funny tho. not as funny as he thinks he is, and certainly too much of a DEGENERATE, like with his vomiting and bestiality vidyas, but at least he doesn’t apologize.

well its finally warm enough to open the windows and the neighborhood seems noisier than in years past. in particular some little kids who scream all day and dogs who bark all day.

it is at least 3 little kids under the age of 3 who just go outside and scream scream scream scream scream.

but i am not complaining, the nice weather is way better than the horrible winter!

i have got to get a career in a warmer place. texas, florida, arizona, i wouldn’t mind super hot.

why does godzilla have balls in front of his open mouth.

for example, as i sit here now, there are 3 little girls screaming all at the same time. they are about 100 feet away but they sound like they’re no more than 20 feet away!

if i were their father I would tell them to stop screaming or else…..

NOW, I used to be staunchly pro-spanking, then someone I respected said that spanking was not the ideal punishment. now i got spanked a couple of times and it never bothered me. and it’s not like you are savagely abusing your child or give them 50 lashes, I would just give them like 3 light spanks to get them to shut the hell up or stop acting like a brat and to show them who’s boss.

the expert i respect is not some left wing pvssy marxist who wants to raise empowered genderless antiracist kids, he is a rightist.

how do you discipline your kids without spanking?

well easy, i guess you just make them sit inside, away from their screaming friends, and give them a true “time out” meaning NO toys, no phones or vidya games or candy or snacks or anything.

or make them do some chores. some WORK around the house.

damn. you think the people that live even CLOSER to these screaming kids would tell their parents to control their damn kids.

#YesAllWomen Shows That Misogyny Is Everyone’s Problem

so there is this #YesAllWomen hashtag that started in response to elliott rodger killing those women and men, to point out how common “everyday misogyny” is and how we live in a patriarchal raep culture and the misogyny average guys have is the same as rodger had, just a diff in degree not in kind, bla bla bla.

Not All Men: A Brief History of Every Dude’s Favorite Argument

proof that time magazine is leftist as f00k. good job.

holy f00k. i wasted like 45 minutes reading a bunch of feminist anti-man bullcrap. to think they want you to become a feminist to be a “decent person”! hehe and that men are not entitled to sex just for believing that women do nto deserve to be raeped, hehehehe.

heh. i didn’t even know “not all men” was a “thing,” but I do remember “not all women” from several years ago. as in, not all women are like that, is what a woman-loving mangina says when he wants to point out that not all women are evil succubus wh0res!

heh. because it doesn’t matter that you’re not personally a raepist, it matters that we live in a raep culture. stop trying to make everything about YOU and what YOU are or aren’t! It doesn’t matter!

heh. this is what College turns normal women into. communist freaks, and horrible potential mothers.

hard to believe so many people read stuff like this on a daily basis and agree with it. yikes. glad that’s not me! or hopefully you!