may 25

so the kinda big story of the day re violent crime in the US is the Killing Spree of “Elliot Rodger” which has the interesting element of him having a 141-page manifesto, being an Aspergers, having no social skills, being a virgin, being a kissless virgin at age 22, seething with rage and entitlement, finally snapped and killed women (and men!) and was very misanthropic, and had a manifesto detailed the Day Of Retribution, was butthurt about all the beautiful blond college gurls around him being sluts with all the normalfags but never him.

heh. i woulda liked the story better if he were not insanely rich.

my question is why didn’t he just use alcohol.

all women could obviously tell he was Creepy and Aspergery, and of course Aspergers have bad social skills and have trouble making male friends let alone seducing cute young gurls.

so I grant that, I accept that.

of course you and I have have similar feelz as this guy, when we were 22 year old kissless virgins way back in the day, surrounded by young wimmin spreading their legs and 4sses for everyone but us, because we had the worst social skills ever and didn’t know how to talk 2 grilz.

but still we knew that we shouldn’t KILL PEOPLE, that killing is morally even worse that what those gurls were doing, throwing themselves away on 9000 cox. you still don’t KILL them.

yes, for the record, raeping them is wrong too.

also, why didn’t he just raep wimmin? i guess because he didn’t want that, and he didn’t want a hooker, he wanted a cuddle true luv gurlfran to give him cuddling and true love sex.

which is understandable, we’ve all wanted that too.

SOOO…. he still could have used alcohol or benzos to loosen up and talk to wimmin. and then if there are drinking wimmin around, and you happen to be charming with your drunken self, sometimes you get lucky and get some Sex. hehe.  that’s sort of how it worked for me. and then I made the mistake of falling in luv with the Gril and thus was very butthurt for a long time when she dumped me and I wanted much much much of Dat Ass which I’d only had the smallest taste of.

Heh. I imagine this Rodger kid would have killed even more if he had experienced that! Finally pulled a real qt, got the smallest taste of what he wanted, then NEVER AGAIN.

Anywho, don’t kill people is the moral of the story.

but i would have preferred he was not as Elite and Rich, and was just an average Poor Slob Neckbeard.

Actually this kid was not a fat neckbeard, I guess he was good looking and a decent dresser. which Just Goes To Show, it’s Charisma and Confidence and Masculinity which are essential to Pulling Wimmin. Social Skills to some extent, that you are confident enough to be confident when talking to grills.

of course one of the dead kids fathers was crying about why so many gunz, but i disagree, if anything MORE GUNS would have PREVENTED something like this, and also the kid was in Therapy and had Masterz Degree Professionalz checking up on him, so they knew he wsa troubled, and there wsa nothing they could do to stop him. but however maybe if his roomate had a nice sidearm he could have shot the shooter before he even left the house.

anyway. these are just the .0000001% of crazies that are to be expected when you have such a large population. it was very likely he was way nuttier than just aspergers, probably some schizo or cluster B personality disorders. sociopath, narcissistic, psychopath, borderline, antisocial, etc.

anyway. i have a particular interest in people who snap and do spree killings: sandy hook, virginia tech, etc. i should make investigating them my career hehehe. how is the job openings looking there. hehehe.

anyway. if i can get action ANYONE can get action. now i certainly haven’t gotten a LOT of action, and I am certainly NOT satisfied with the small amount of action i have gotten. I have not gotten enough. hehehe. but i have gotten enough not to be a stark raving lunatic like this guy!

well, like i just said, even if i were a pure virgin, i would still be moral enough not to kill or be violent to people! and indeed right now I am a Born Again Virgin because I haven’t gotten Action in YEARS! like a LOT of years! and i have no desire to lash out violently against anyone! even huge cvmchvgging wh0res! even globalist bankster illuminati! even babykilling genocidal marxists! hehehe.

anyway. just because you are scared and nervous to talk to grills doesn’t make you a homocidal maniac sociopath asperger like this freak.

and nervousness in talking to grillz can be probably overcome with drinking alcohol. go to a party with a lot of alcohol, get your Buzz On, and find a drunk girl to talk to.

Of course, this gameplan gets harder as you get older and gurls get married and stop partying. and also as you become more and more of an alcoholic and you get be raging drunk and STILL be scared to talk to wimmin.

at that point i recommend benzos!

also, i know that when you’re young, it can be hard to find the Cool Parties With Gurls. I went to a decent number of Parties in my Youth, and a good 60% of those were Total Sausage Fests. If not 70%.

yeah i have no advice there. just that its a numbers game, so keep going to as many parties as possible. but don’t drink too much that your studies suffer, then you won’t be able to get a job, then you’ll be a total loser, hehehe.

also i’m thinking it might be the easiest to do a girl from behind doggystyle because then you won’t get nervous from staring her in the face, and you can just concentrate on pounding away at dat 4ss, and if she has a good 4ss, win win.

but you gotta talk to the grilz first. try alcohol or benzos.