may 24

if you have to come up with a fake name for a story or an online account, try “Beerbower” for a last name. hehe. one of my employable talents is coming up with ridiculous fake names on an irregular basis. actually i’m 100% sure that is somebody’s actual last name. If Mr. Beerbower reads this, then congrats you have a great last name.

for a good example of the beta male how not 2 get gurls supplicating beta orbiter, see the mordecai / margaret dynamic on “regular show.” which btw is a funny good show, and this dynamic plays into it perfectly. but you don’t want to do that in real life!

ok did 3.2 mile powerwalk, logged on fitocracy. fun fun.

took shower. nice.

ok. so it is safe to say you are stubborn amirite? VERY STUBBORN you are. And of course so am I. Ridiculously ungodly stubborn.

But stubborn in a way that is harmful to the self, like refusing to do things that would be helpful to you.

Now, imagine if you were THAT stubborn for something that DOES help you, like never giving up on skool and career, and having that kind of stubborn perseverance, never giving up, working obsessively hard, until you reached your goals of work success and wimmin success.

wouldn’t it be nice if you could just change that stubborness from a bad thing into a good thing?

thought about that on muh powerwalk. how I was so stubborn in the sense that I stubbornly refuse to DO anything, and need to be PUSHED to do anything. Kind of like this road trip thing with the old friend. I needed him to push me. otherwise I was prepared not to make any effort to go to the wedding.

and then I remember something I heard yesterday:

Sometimes we waste a lot of time waiting for our Higher Power to give us a sign, when our higher power wants US to MAKE THE FIRST MOVE.

well, i won’t tell you the source of that because it’s ridiculous, ok it was christian match dot com, but that doesn’t take away from the importance of the point made.

so i am so stubborn I am definitely always waiting on Muh Higher Power to Make The First Move, rather than me doing it myself.

in fact, I have been happy to follow a New Life Policy of Looking For and Listening To Signs.

But that’s possibly only because I have been receiving a lot of signs lately: my current job, that job interview, this old friend.

and I more or less acted on those signs and made the next move. I got the current job; I did the interview and did it pretty well; I accepted the old friend’s offer.

how about u.

then i was thinking that now i will prob get invited to this old friends wedding, and there is a decent (60%) chance Girl2 will be there. And how would I handle that.

the bad thing about any of the True Love Girls is that that True Love can ALWAYS be rekindled, that was during my Youth when my Love Machine still worked, during that window of time. Which is why I prefer to NEVER even SEE those wimmin ever again, just ERASE them from my memory completely.

So I would have to prepare mentally, to feel bad for a few days after seeing her. Obviously I would still want to bang her, even though she is married now, but then again she is the type to possibly cheat on her husband, and I prob would let her do that thru bouncing on muh d1ck. so i would bang her HARD and say thank GOD I’m not married to THAT like that other chump is right now, while I’m banging his WIFE HARD up the 4SS! and filming it! for the husband and children and friends and family and coworkers and clients!

and of course I would lie thru my teeth about my prestigious career and such. she does not deserve the truth!!!!

heheh obviously we would have had a good relship heheheh.

but see I would WANT to bang her MANY times. one time would not be enough. I would need to bang her at least a couple hundred times! however long it took until i was SICK of banging her!

anyway. won’t keep me from going to his wedding if he invites me! and that prob won’t be for another year or two, hehe. and he might not even invite her. or she might be living real far away now. i don’t even know. i don’t keep in touch with b1tches. erased from memory.

if you are bored or anxious, try playing 20 questions with akinator the web genius. i forgot how fun this guy was.

OR, try playing 20 questions or 40 questions with a Real Person like a Friend!

may 25

oh sh1t. this “elliot rodger” misogynist shooting/killing spree goes straight to the top of the list of Anti-Woman Violence, right up there with Sodini, but this guy was way younger. this is right in my wheelhouse. will continue to do research maaaan. and mostly commentary.