may 22

you may say this blog is boring and narcissistic. so what. how about you?

i still argue there are good points buried in there. so why have the narcissistic stuff AT ALL?

because it’s a necessary evil?

because it makes it more fun for me. when you are a crazy loser there is some value in just typing boring narcissistic words into a blank sheet with no productive value. writing just to write. that’s why.

of course, physical exercise is much better!!!! but i do try to powerwalk 5 miles a day. maybe I should bump it up to 6??? so I’m not writing as much Dross, AND getting in shape faster?

not a BAD idea….

ok so wild oats might not be as good as True Love, but Wild Oats is WAY better than Settling Out Of Desperation and Loneliness; AND Wild Oats is WAY better than nothing at all, ie, totes celibacy or wh4cking off to pr0n.

In conclusion, Wild Oats is pretty damn good. nothing to sneeze at, and, if one is unable to procure True Love at the moment, Wild Oats will suffice a lot better than you Love Addicts think it might!!!!

Another Definition of True Love: you want them so desperately you are willing to change something about yourself to get or keep them. like when they say you can’t change people, only the person can change themselves? well, you would be willing to let them change you. anything from quitting smoking to losing weight to getting a better job to Going Back To Skool To Get Your Masterz Degree, hehehehe.

“wahh wahhh why wouldn’t she accept me, why wouldn’t she go out with me, i was willing to CHANGE for her, waaaahhh waahhhhh” like a little beta b1tch!!!!!

this is a stupid song that I order you to dance like a retard spazz to, to make you haaaaappy. i have had the song stuck in my head for YEARS but never knew what it was called. it is called venga boys “we like to party.” so now you know.

protip: do superwell in high school so you can get a huge scholarship to a local state university, and then go there, instead of to harvard (unless you are an alpha male prepared to do what it takes to be the best at harvard.) otherwise just go to the state school for next to nothing because you got a huge scholarship for being 10 times better than their average applicant.

yet another regret of mine, hehehe. and now i’m a big nobody loser who can’t get a job and can’t pull wimmin hot enough to get me off, waaaaahhhh waaaaahhhhh.

may 23

heh had muh one year anniversary of this blog bwa ha ha good for me.  not necess something to be proud of! so i think at that time, may 2013, i was still Suffering from being Rejected by Girl7 in Fall 2012, for sure. “suffering” hahaha what a joke. what a CROCK. no but it was still relatively fresh in muh mind. and i am def thankful that by now, it is ancient history.

now i don’t really care about “bishes” except for the occaisional troubling dream (although sometimes get those up to twice a week! that’s a bad week though); main problem is have no energy or motivation to do anything whatsoever.

although i am really good about powerwalking.

and i was able to handle muh ridic stressful job without freaking out or quitting.

heh. losers like us need to learn how to Toot Our Own Horns More.

what else. got a new job. almost got a new job after that. came up with the great idea of the interview one sheeter.

learned how to answer all interview questions by listening to youtube videos of mock interviews.

got some sweet silver, got some bitcoin. bitcoin is going to the moon right now, big spike in may 2014. heh. but lost most of the bitcoin gambling. gave it a fair shake though. still dabble every now and then. certainly did not even reach 20% of my yearly loss limit though!

hhehehe. here’s a good one:

secret of every great personality

“do something every day that you do not like to do” hehehe. in the sense of test yourself, push yourself, conquer fear, push the boundaries of your Kampfort Zone, so that ultimately, you are not scared of anything, and will never be held back by fear, and are not afraid to work hard to get the Jobs and Wimmin you really WANT; and to not be a coward sniveling beta scared to act; but to be a strong masculine man.

warning: i can’t remember, I may have found that picture on a racist web site, hehehe. guys probably a nazi.

ok got another good picture for next post. got to start using pictures moar!

did a 3.2 mile pwalk. nice. finished prep for fam birthday. good. still got one more step re me committing to this guy and our Road Trip. told him id get back to him today, would like to do that. have been avoiding email since….two days ago. it will be bulging. a real bulger.

protip: talking in short hemingwayesque sentences, or even ridic sentence fragments, abbreviated, like the character holt on “the cleveland show”, is extremely masculine, and has been real helpful to me in controlling my own emotions. keeps from getting wild. keeps from saying “i” too much like narciss wussy sissy boy.