may 18

well have a reverent 911 day. hopefully one day Our Nation can figure out that the Marxists are the REAL terrorists! and the banksters, globalists, 1%, illuminati, lizards, plutocrats, oligarchs, leftists, etc. people selling YOUR jobs out because there’s no other way to compete with china. so we have to suck it up and be losers so future generations can be more winning.

now i do not hate the poor chinese b4stards working 24 hours a day for slave wages. i just think Our Leaders should try to do more to Fight The Globalist Race To The Bottom. Create and Protect American Jerbs. Is that so bad? even if the chinese work harder than amerifats. even the tryhard masters degree middle class careeraholic ones.

scared to check email because that guy prob responded. but i vowed that would be my task for the day.

gonna have to get serious about this job search.

honestly think hitting up the Temp Staffing Agency will be the best. cuz if the job they place me in sucks, I can prob leave it. if it doesn’t suck, I can suck up and try to get permanently hired. but it should allow me an Escape Route in case it was like my “Current” job, where it sucked so bad I thought about quitting….but couldn’t quit because i didn’t have another job lined up, which is the ONLY way you can quit, or else be Permanently Unemployable and Blacklisted.


ok i sacked up and checked the email, nothing yet. hehehe. ok he might make me wait a week like I did hehehe. also maybe i was misunderstanding him. maybe he wanted me to drive myself, which i am abs not willing or even able to do. i kind of use a communal car and can’t take it for 6-7 days.  plus those long road trips are terrible wear and tear and I would never do unless I had a sweet job and could easily afford to abuse a car like that.

also i am really worried that girl8 might be there, and I would HAVE to bang her, and just seeing her would Screw Me Up For A Long Time. but we determined the Odds at like 10% or less!

cuz honestly. things could get crazy. i could bang her, immediately “catch feelings” and want to pull a long dist rel, not really have the means to do it, she might string me along for awhile, etc, and it would be an emo clusterf00k! and by the time I was ready for another woman I would be like 40!!!!! all because she is good at having emo free S and I am not!

well i mean I could be, in fact I would be, with any gurl BUT the girls 1 thru 8!!!!! which she is!!!!

but there is only a 10% chance she would even BE there!

like i had a fantasy i was Cuddling with her and calling her “sweetie pie!”

but other b1tches, i could care less!!!!!!!!

talk about a ridiculous PEDESTAL!!!!!!!

all because i saw her once from 20 feet away and did not talk to her, in january 2013!!! then the dreams started, then i fell in luv! o god please halp me!!!! this is just STUPID!!!!!!!

ok ok ok ok let’s CONTROL OUR EMOTIONS. so i am scared that Girl8 will be The Last Gurl Ever. Not too long ago I was scared Girl7 would be the last gurl ever. and so on.

and what is True Luv but a Chemical Reaction responding to some very definitely things, namely, youth, beauty, and proximity. you spend enough time around ANY cute young gurl and you will fall in luv with her. that is how the good lord designed the human race to have families with fathers.

of course there can be dealbreakers, like if the gurl rejects you, or if she is Cray. or Filthy. a real cvm chugging j1zz sh1tter. cvm burper. cvm crapper.

but i am feeling weird because I don’t see ANY cute young gurls I could possibly fall in luv with, so instead i think about people from the Past, which is generally bad, esp re wimmin.

how about u?

ok ok ok.

ALSO, if any of these gurls show ANY interest in you, that can really help too. really elevate their status.

then you got a whole new b1tch to go crazy over and have dreams about for years. NO THANK YOU!

and honestly. the DREAM is all part of the chemical reaction, it’s nothing the gurl is even doing. the DREAM is what’s making you fall in luv with the gurl.  NOT the gurl herself!

but who cares about gurls when you got JOBZ son.

ok. one step at a time. will try the temp agency first. go in there with dress slacks and a one sheeter and act like a smart, optimistic normalfag with a great attitude.

Dear Girl8,

Sorry I did not make a move on you when I actually knew you. I was too distracted by stupid stuff. Please stop appearing in my dreams many years later thanks. hahaha yeah I know you have no control over that. anyway just wanted to let you know that maybe in an alternate universe we could have gotten married and had beautiful homeschooled babies. I hope I can forget about you and move on to other wimmin. I really really hope so. it sucks thinking about all these wimmin from my past. I would rather focus on my self, my career, etc, or on promising new wimmin, rather than dwell on old ones who i could not possibly Hook Up With. It would be great if i never had another dream about you ever again. Especially since we never really even talked or hung out or anything. I saw you once in early 2013 and then started having dreams about you and that f00king sucks. ok maybe i should have talked to you then. probably. oh well, my bad. if i ever see you again i will talk to you and try to Hook Up With You.

Sincerely, UF(M)LL