may 18

ok since i want to HELP losers, i figured, why not publish a copy of my ONE SHEETER which came in handy and Increased Confidence for my April 2014 interview.

remember the idea of a One Sheeter is to have as many Top Interview Questions as possible, and your answers to them. You shrink it down to size 8 font and fit the whole thing on One Sheet of Paper, which you bring into the interview, and also try to memorize beforehand.

April xx 2014. Interview One Sheeter

Tell Us About Yourself

After graduating with a degree in useless, I wanted to strengthen my communication and problem-solving skills. I have over 5 years of experience in [type of prev job] operations, administrative assisting, technical support, and client support.

What is your greatest strength

conscientiousness, do a thorough job, detail-oriented, follow-through, efficiency, multitasking, clear communication, client service, thinking creatively to solve unique problems quickly, working well under pressure

your greatest weakness.

my writing skills have always been excellent, but have struggled with intensive phone contact. At [recent phone oriented job] I improved these skills drastically to where I was able to spend the vast majority of my time on the phone, and communicating smoothly and effectively.  I am naturally introverted and it takes extra effort to move beyond my comfort zone, but after overcoming the initial discomfort, it proves to be effort well rewarded.

why should we hire you

I would love to be part of a company that is such a vital player in the [this company’s industry] industries since the time of [bla bla bla you did your homework on when the company started]. My enthusiasm for the company’s mission combined with my detail-oriented technical skills, along with my excellent client service mentality, make me the ideal candidate for this position.

why do you want to work here

I would love to be part of the company’s mission in the [research company’s industry/sector] industries. The strength of these industries is a good barometer of an entire nation’s standard of living.

why do you want to leave your current employer

I am not unhappy with my current employer, but I would prefer a position that is permanent full time rather than seasonal full time. A mandatory minimum of eight weeks if not more per year impacts my own standard of living. would also like to see the results of my leadership and productivity in a smaller company.

why did you leave [underjob you were at for 5 years]

I loved the [that employer], my coworkers, and serving [customers], but I had exhausted all opportunities for growth, and job was intended by managers as more of a stepping stone. Was a great opportunity while I was more focused on my studies in business and IT [or math, stem, engin, something that shows yer smart], but as I grew to desire more challenges, responsibility, and compensation professionally, it was time to move on.

where do you see yourself in 5 years

I would like to find a permanent home here and to grow along with this company. I would like to prove myself with my diligent work performances, learn as many aspects of as many positions at the company, rise to overcome challenges as they arise, and prove myself worth of a supervisory position in the long-term.

how do you handle stress on the job

it is all about attitude and behaving in line with that attitude, namely, staying calm, focusing on a series of tasks, prioritizing them, and doing the more important or urgent tasks first. This involves multitasking to an extent, although I also advocate “serial tasking”. Deep Knowledge of your product and good communication with your clients can also prevent stressful situations before they arise. I like to take copious notes and set numerous reminders for myself so as to stay organized and on point with my workflow. If people become emotional, you must not take it personally, stay calm, listen to and comprehend the issue fully, defuse the emotions, focus, and solve the problem.

what do you know about our company

I know you have been in the private sector since [year], and before that have been part of what [somebody important] termed [poetic term for the industry]. I know you are [cert board] certified in over 100 different [certified things] including [example 1 & 2], and various types of [example 3]. You have a [6 million dollar piece of equipment that impresses prominently in the company marketing video] that is integral to [what that machine does], and a robust [department with a fancy name]. You have [x] buildings on a [y] acre campus and have been a vital fixture in the [local neighborhood] area for over [z] years.

what makes you the best candidate for this position

I believe with my balance of creativity and efficiency I can maximize productivity in this position and give the company the best return on its investment in me. I have a big-picture and long-term orientation, and enjoy seeing small details in the context of a larger whole. I have an understand of macro and micro business principles. I am a very strong communicator and exceptionally reliable, and my references would be happy to attest. When i put my name on something, I want to make sure it is the best reflection of myself and my company as possible. When I make mistakes I learn from them so I don’t make the same mistake twice, and when I ask for help I make a clear note of the lesson learned so I don’t have to ask the same question twice.

why did you apply for this specific position

I am interested in [fancy name for what the job does] processes as they support our national [main industry sector of the company] industries, developing a useful skill, and demonstrating leadership potential within such a reputable company.

any questions for us

Would you be willing to tell me of any large-scale projects over the next 90 days? How would you describe your company culture? What are your three largest clients? by what specific metrics would my performance be measured? could you describe the employee review and or coaching process and timeline? should I contact you regarding your decision on this position and when? would it be possible to observe or shadow someone in a similar position, right now?

It has been a pleasure discussing this position with you. I feel I am a good fit for the position and have many skills to add to this organization. I wish you the best of luck in your candidate search.

I shrunk that down to size 8 font and .2 inch margins and that was one sheet. could probably fit some more stuff on there, such as:



What was going through your mind at 19 years old that made you say, I want to major in [useless.]

What was THIS company all about? [if you unfortunately worked at a place briefly that had kinda a left-wing ideology, but don’t want to leave it off your resume because you did ok, didn’t ragequit, worked there full time, and it looks better than an x month gap on the res.]

WHAT SETS YOU APART from all the other people competing for this job?

then you don’t even really answer the question directly, because that’s impossible to do, anybody with 80 IQ could do this job just fine, but you just regurgitate something you said earlier about leveraging synergy [credit: RamZPaul] and being a results-oriented team member looking to be a revenue generator and to eventually demonstrate leadership potential, to streamline workflow, and skate to where the puck is going to be, providing peerless client support and relationship nourishment to help the company grow its client base and revenue, while minimizing expenses.

THERE YA GO. That one sheeter almost got me a job, I guarantee you it can get you a job too. Only reason it didn’t was because I got cold feet about actually wanting the job. but if I had called them a few more times, I prob could have got it.