may 17

so i was thinking, all women should leave the workforce, leave their careers, and become stay at home homeschooling momz. teaching their kids a college level education by the time they are 18.

to combat bullying, you teach your kidz martial arts, so they can stand up to bullies. you teach your kids not to TAKE that sort of nonsense. to say f00k YOU to the bully, and then be able to beat up the bully. then your kid is alpha and will have to Beat Off The Girls With A Stick.

but, you say, homeschooled, the kids won’t have any social opportunities.

FALSE. you get the kid a part time job when they are 16, ideally at a restaurant, mcd’s, walmart, something HORRIBLE and Service Oriented, so they learn social skills.

after a year of that, get them a job in manual labor or construction, so they know how to do that.

year of that, a job in….i dunno. something technical. because now they are 18 and have the education of a Bachelors of Engineering because you’ve been homeschooling them hardcore in math and science, STEM, martial arts, phys ed, survival, business, etc.

or to meet similar age peers they can join the youth group at church, or a youth sports team, or start a band, etc. you don’t need to go to SKOOL to meet other KIDZ. HUGE Fallacy there.

BBBBBut with only one income, we’d have to live in a crime filled unsafe neighborhood with diversity!

FALSE, get a cheap apartment in the safest part of town.

Should you live in city or country? I guess city allows for good networking, making powerful friends, etc. but it is more unsafe and filled with degenerates.  whereas country is peaceful and safe and quiet, but no friends.

uhh because you are not tied down with a mortgage, maybe move from a place in the city to a place in the country, rotating every year. city, country, city, country.

or find a good decent safe city. i am kinda biased because I lived most of my life around a real crappy city with nothing to offer, so naturally I would prefer the country. but I guess good cities allow you to network with successfuls. however they are also full of middle class progressives. but you can still be friends with them too, esp if they are successful and can help you and your kids become successful. just play along with their silly beliefs, and have your own solid beliefs.

I hear PORTLAND is a pretty good place for the young person trying to meet a wife and start a family.

so yeah i am thinking about ways to SURVIVE OFF A SINGLE INCOME when a DOUBLE INCOME is the norm nowadays.

Think that stops some people from having large Broods of Children??????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


So go ahead. shoot first, ask questions later. have a large brood of kidz on a single income and then figure out what you will do later. cross that bridge when you get there. hehehehe.

heh. yeah. this anti bullying stuff AMAZES me. NEVER had stuff like that when I was young. now I never had big problems with being bullied, i just got mildly teased. still the solution was the same then as it is now: grow a pair and stand up to the bully, tell them F00K YOU 4SSHOLE. that’s IT. f00k you 4sshole.

then when they get mad and attack, you’re prepared for that, and quickly put them in a submission hold or something.

now the bully would have no idea how to fight, because he’s a dumb b4stard who can’t control himself, he would legit be trying to KILL you with brute force, curbstomping your head, etc. so be careful of that. meanwhile you’re not trying to kill him or even hurt him too much, but rather publicly humiliate them but putting them in a sleeper or submission hold. besides that way you can’t get in too much legal trouble, than if you crushed the bullies skull and gave him permanent brain damage and got sued. you’re trying to show physical dominance without getting sued.

but wouldn’t the bully then try to seriously Kill you later as revenge? maybe, but also possibility is that the bully’s entourage will side with you, making you the new alpha male. and then you would use that power wisely.

knowing how to defend yourself physically is very empowering. this is why learning martial arts or wrestling from a young age is so important. but so few kids do it. i sure didn’t! i still have no idea!

and while i was not seriously bullied, I still took too much sh1t than I should have, because I was scared to stand up for myself. Nope. You don’t need to take ANY sh1t. Not a single second. immediately stand your ground and say f00k you 4sshole, you can’t talk to me like that without consequences.

maybe i was equally scared of getting in trouble at school? for standing up for myself???? well i’m officially advising you: go ahead, get in trouble at school, what’s important is that you stand up for yourself. just don’t hurt the bully so bad that you could get sued or go to jail. but if you get suspended for putting the bully in a say uncle wrestling submission hold, well then F00K. go ahead and get suspended. you should be getting homeschooled anyway.