may 17

yeah i am way ahead.

ok say i meet some successful people around my age. or you do. here’s a great lie to tell: just pretend you are your own MANAGER. be like yeah, I work at bla bla bla, not too glamorous, but I’M A MANAGER AND IT PAYS WELL. even if you aren’t a manager. well, you’re certainly old enough to be, and certainly your managers are around your age. so pretend you are a manager and try to get laid by intellectual masters degree career wimmin. You are in it for a One Night Stand, they don’t need to know you’re not A Manager.

Cuz i might go with this one guy to this wedding, and there I would try to Hook Up on One NIght Stands with Career Women around my age who certainly have successful careers, masterz degrees, etc, and they have NO BUSINESS knowing about my Truthful Loser Job Status.

and also I am DEFINITELY going to another wedding later in the year and will have to talk about My Career with the people there, so, got to have my lies ready.



The only POSSIBLE reason they might even be entitled to Know The Truth, is if you were Monogamously Dating Them and you were in True Love with them. And when has THAT ever happened? Never!

I have a secret fantasy that Girl8 may be at this thing (probably not, but still a….10% chance?) and then I would Bang Her. Of course I’d have to talk about my job, so I’d say I was the manager. well I am already on the edge of falling in luv with her, so that would ultimately be a clusterf00k if I banged her. then I would fall in luv, but never be able to Monog Date her, and be f00ked up for the NEXT 5 years or so. No thanks!

but it would be a great character builder, i would still totes do it. couldn’t pass that up, sorry. i mean if she were bending over begging me to stick it in, well COME ON! of COURSE I would!

so, she knows both the guys, but i would be quite surprised to see her there. 25% chance at the very highest. not the type of thing you bet on!

ANYWAY. if you ever get invited to a wedding, which might be the best chance to get action at this time in life, ie, past the early twenties party phase, then lie to women about your job and try to get some one night stand action.

of course, i would have gotten invited to a lot MORE weddings if I were a normalfag and made more of an effort to stay in touch with people I knew when we were all younger. So I get invited to way fewer weddings than the avg normalfag in other words, because once people get to wedding age, I have let the friendship go untended, so I don’t get invited, because I haven’t talked the person in years.

how about you?

besides, only normalfags who can get a good job and a good mate get married anyway, and it is real hard to fit in with that scene of winners. but that is what you should ASPIRE to.

i haven’t talked to these guys in YEARS, but I still got invited, because I was pretty good friends with them at the time, when we were young, and made a big impression on them then I guess. good for me, hahahahaha.

heh. we losers are kinda like bobby hill on king of the hill. just a lazy beta fat slob who can’t do anything, sucks at everything, is lazy and dumb. only we are smarter than him. but not much more motivated.

for the record i did get in my last third of the pwalk, got muh 4.8 miles in today. hooray 4 me. i am actually sort of looking forward to winter because i am now determined to go to planet fatness and walk on the treadmill for 5 miles at a time. good thing there is that the place is supposedly warm, so there’s no question of what to WEAR: shorts and a t shirt. when you go pwalking outdoors, you have to check the temperature, how many layers, how windy, etc.

also on the treadmill you can have a bottle of water that you can drink, whereas otherwise you got to carry the water, which i don’t like to do.

i would just watch the tv, or better yet, listen to my normal mp3s of music and politix, hehehe. because tv is poison that rots your mind.

yeah i would say buy a wicking shirt, because it may make you feeeeeel self conscious to be wearing a cotton shirt obviously soaked with sweat hehehe just because you’re fat gross and hairy, with a fat, sweaty, hairy gut. hahahaha.

go to the docker and tell him point blank you need prozac for yer derpression, buspar for your anxiety, xanax for you super anxiety attacks, and ritalin for your no energy and yer no attention. done.

and while youre at it, medical marihuana for your anxiety, derpression, and no energy.