may 13

note to self and others, check out the singer “townes van zandt”. i have certainly heard his name for many years but never listened to him. some rym page

got me thinking. that he would appear to my singer songwriter side. for me that consists of: leonard cohen, tom waits, neil young, nick cave, dylan is ok but I don’t love him, etc. nick drake, jackson c. frank, jason molina. i can respect elliott smith. but really listening to new music isn’t worth the huge effort it takes to listen to albums. but townes is described as a melancholy mournful sad b4stard songwriter, so I can dig that, he’s been around since the late 60s, was huge on alcohol and heroin, wrote about lost love and losing at life, etc.

not bad.

ok i guess he is currently being popularized by the Smartguy TV show “True Detective.” within the past couple months. i honestly did not know!

looking up music from a certain country during a certain time period. uhhh i am looking for the slovakian jethro tull.

i am looking for the hungarian dead can dance circa 1987, hehehe. the finnish phil collins. the estonian ac/dc circa 1978.

70s prog rock from behind the iron curtain.

maybe i found the polish tom waits? i do love poland, won’t say much more about that. poland might be my all time favourite country. i am secretly a huge polish nationalist. real hardon. i would move to poland in a snap if there were a job for me. too bad i don’t speak polish hehehe. i would totes learn though.

anyway. may 14. real lazy today. rained so did not go for powerwalk. was all raedy to go, then it started pouring. started some laundry to feel productive. i can manage laundry. (but not more than 1 Load Per Day!) resaerched music a little, not productive work. claimed a new sector in settlers finally. pathetic hehehe. looked at some pr0n which I do once every 3 days or so.


heh. my old underjob was around a TONNE of prime of youth girls, and weighed more towards the younger half than the older half to boot! ie, 18 to 20 ish. At that age, just about every gurl is bangable. I used to see countless 8’s every day, on the reg!!

now I don’t have that any more, and I very irregularly and rarely see attractive young wimmin, the best I can do is a good looking older woman, but that doesn’t compare!

dunno. it’s just WEIRD. how one year you can be SURROUNDED by beautiful young women, then the next, NONE. not a ONE. heh. I would prefer a more constant average throughout the days of mah life.

heh. there was a break in the rain so i finally took a 1.6 mile powerwalk.

how about u.

though i wish i could have listened to a wider variety of music when i was young and it made the biggest imprint on me, and then i could have listened to more jazz or tom waits or whatever, i do recall that it was simply harder to get music back then. some of the stuff that made the biggest impact early in my youth was PRE internet. I actually listened to TAPES for a few years before upgrading to a CD player. and I still used TAPES well afterwards too, like to record CDs I had borrowed etc.  I even recorded songs off the RADIO.

NOW, there was prob a good jazz station at that time; and sometimes the public radio and NPR stations might have a good “alternative” music program, but I was not that smart.

i try to think of the CD’s they had at the library. that was the other viable option. go to the library and borrow CD’s and hope they weren’t too skipped. Again there was prob a good selection of jazz and classical and perhaps a bit of “mainstream alternative” but I simply was too young and ignorant to notice it. you know. maybe something like the pixies or the cure or new order or….there HAD to be a tom waits album in there, the name just didn’t mean anything to me.

ANYWAY, the point is, you had to save up $15 at least to buy a CD, which is a decent amount of money to me as an adult, and was 900000000x times moreso as a teen. you couldn’t buy a ton of CDs, cost prohibitive, so once you had something, you were stuck with it, so you listened to it over and over to try to get your money’s worth, and hope it grew on you.

heh. all those wasted hours listening to dumb music just to get my money’s worth!

yet one of the most memorable albums was metallica “master of puppets” that someone made a copied tape for me, that was FREE, and had the acoustic guitar intro to “battery” cut off. I listened to that until the tape was destroyed!

anyway, I wish i had done more tape trading, mix tapes, npr listening, and library cd borrowing.