may 13

well its weird that now i’m lookin at the beginning of summer, but by the time this is published, it will be the end of summer. still be NICE and blazing hot and sunny and summery until mid september, but….around mid august I start dreading Impending Winter. with good reason, it’s right there. but now in mid may the world is full of promise hehehe.

so when the world is getting hopeless, you can read material from a more Hopeful time, hehehehe. this is a SIGN from my higher power, hehehehe.

bitstrips is great cuz you can do stuff like this:

bitstrips hate women anonymous

heh. ideally that barrow would be filled with gold or silver rather than fiat, but the point still stands.

i might leak some more of those as time passes hehehe. always blocking out even the CARTOON of my face. because it really does kinda look like me.

buy the cheapest drum set you can find and just have fun playing around on it. being a horrible drummer is about 900000000000 times more fun than being a horrible guitar player. guitar might be the worst most boring instrument to try to learn. start with drums. and for “music making” instruments, then start with keyboard/piano. that’s a lot more fun than guitar, and will also teach you how to play guitar better.


heh. the av club is guaranteed to annoy u. most annoying, stupid, gay magazine ever. i only read it for some music articles, some Film articles, the comments, and to get annoyed. stuff like Fat Acceptance for Wimmin. good god. heh. where is the fat acceptance for men. fat men don’t get laid either, hehehehe.

but the REAL point is that it’s NOT HEALTHY to be FAT, FAT is a sign of poor health, and this NEVER gets mentioned in ANY of these fat acceptance articles. we encourage people to lose weight because thin is healthier than fat.

fat acceptance anon

and is lena dunham really average sized? I would say she’s a Little Chubby, or a Little Overweight. Not Massively Fat, but if that’s what AVERAGE is “supposed” to be to these marxists, then average people are too fat and need to lose weight.

I am entitled to say it because I am a little fat and trying to lose the weight. because I know Fat is Unhealthy, and Fit/Trim/Thin is Healthier and Sexier and Winninger. very simple. very sad how these simple truths have been obscured by…..Middle Class Journalists. hehehe.

see, you say “Marxist” and everyone writes you off. you say “Leftist” or “Liberal” and everyone writes you off as a “Right Wing Fox News Nutjob in Fantasy World.” So maybe let’s try more Code Words, to Subvert the Marxist Media.

god damn. fat acceptance. what a bunch of f00king weakling losers. you are free to eat yourself into morbid obesity but don’t expect me to call you HOT or SEXY for it. Have fun having a heart attack in your 40s, you FAT SLOBS.

Besides I hang out with some Heavier People and I accept them just fine!

how about u? heh you are prob a little on the overweight side as well. Chubby Like Me.

but I am determined to lose the Chubs Thru Powerwalking 5 miles a day.

but yeah. just read ONE article + comments on av club and TELL ME there’s no Left Slant. Good God!

ummm which is better, to be a huge middle class marxist, or to be a warmongering, big govt, globalizing NEOCON? i honestly don’t know yet.

if you go for a walk or something when it’s hot and u get all sweaty and thus your shirt gets soaked with sweat, try rinsing the shirt out in a Big Laundry Washtub Sink if you have one, then wring it out and let it dry there for the next time you need it. this is better than putting on a shirt with dried sweat on it, or having a sweaty shirt in your room, and also way more convenient than doing laundry all the time to wash the shirt.

if you are not White Privileged to have such a sink, just use your regular bathroom sink and let the shirt dry…somewhere. anywhere. also it does not have to be COMPLETELY dry if you’re just going to go back out in the hot sun. it can be a little damp with water.

nice protip uh?

if your wief complains, firmly remind her who the man in the house is.

well, the best way to play settlers is to not get creative, do what the tutorial sayz, get all your stuff in the green, and then LET IT SIT FOR 12 HOURS, which is tuff because it’s a fun game and you want to play it all the time. but you really do just need to tweak it so it’s on a good course, and then wait for your people and your resources to build up slowly. of course you can’t tilt it towards X because that doesn’t keep the building licenses you need to follow the tutorial closely.

so now i am waiting in line to play POKER for the first time in WEEKS, at the micro stakes .01/.02 table.

if you find an album you really like, study the producer. i don’t like to talk too much about music, but take the metallica “master of puppets” album for a good and safe example. that album had a great Production which was done by Flemming Rasmussen. IT STANDS TO REASON that Mr Rasmussen would bring that good sound to albums by other groups he has produced.

You get the idea. Or even a famous producer like Steve Albini. I like his style too. very natural and live.