may 12

well muh new Running Shoes LOOK great, feel great, tested them out on an official walk, yep thats bretty good mang. I did a good thing. and thank GOD for the privilege of being able to buy a new pair of “running” shoes, when back in the “good old days”, people couldn’t afford shoes PERIOD, and had to tie newspapers and cardboard boxes to their feet!

meanwhile I have dress shoes and running shoes and sandals and slippers and hiking shoes and I am looking to get a pair of army boots. good god.

still looking for my laziness expert since dr mel levine md was completely DISGRACED. but did that discredit his Work on laziness? I can’t even remember what he SAID abotu laziness. he was coming at it from a Neurological Education way, saying that the key to fixing laziness was….improving writing or something. or communication especially writing, to target a very specific set of skills, hehehehehe.

so it was never what i was looking for in the first place. I would have liked something linking laziness more to depression and motivation.

heh. I don’t know if I’m “depressed”, although I have been taking an SSRI for years, But I certainly unequivocally have no motivation whatsoever! (except for banging young gurls of course.)

so yer lazy because you have no motivation, you have no motivation because yer lazy. hehehehe.

lot of rain today so to get a good walk i would have to put on my poncho and Suffer The Japes of all the Gapers, Gawpers, and Japers. first world problems hehehe.

tues may 13

i watch the Job Halp segment on the local news erry day. today they said:

make sure you body language is good. my translation: project confidence with your body lang, mirror the interviewers where you can, look them straight in the eye, smile.

“don’t inflate your resume, like you saved the world at your last job. give them specifics.” I call BS, give them specifics of how you saved the world and are a superhuman.

“don’t say that i’m a workaholic is your biggest weakness. companies want a hard worker and an overachiever, move the needle BLA BLA BLA”. agreed. if anything, say your biggest weakness was that, in the past, you weren’t ENOUGH of a workaholic. but you noticed the problem, and fixed it by working harder, becoming more perfect, improving your performance, and being Always On. Move the Needle.

now, none of us were stupid enough to say imma workaholic to whats yer biggest weakness, but this Recruiter gave it an interesting spin, to say that it’s good to say you ARE a workaholic, because Employers Want Workaholics. So emphasize that. you work furiously and perfectly and very quickly and efficiently.

Also, doing things slowly but surely is bad. you want to do them FAST and sure. FAST AND Careful. There is no tradeoff between speed and quality. you need both high speed AND high quality if you want to be employable.

eh. still gotta write this guy an email. still gotta decide if I should go with him! well simple. if I’m still laid off I will. If I’m not, I won’t. either way I’ll write a great nice email, he’s a great guy and I have the greatest of respect for him.

beautiful day when I expected rain, AND awesome new pair of Running Shoes to try out. hmmm…..

maybe it’s wrongheaded to buy running shoes with the intention of using them for walking. for example, you don’t use running shoes for Basketball, you use Basketball shoes hehehehe. and they have Walking shoes and Hiking Shoes and Outdoor shoes and Cross Training Shoes, and at some point, I Call BS.

the sh1t will wear out in a few months anyway and you will have to buy another pair sooner than you would like anyway.

give “bitstrips” a try on facebook, that sh1t has given me a few days of solid fun, making hilarious comics of myself saying ridiculous things.

went for 3.2 mile powerwalk, it was 80 degrees, humid, and sunny. beautiful day but got REAL sweaty due to all that. it was def time to Break Out The Muscle Shirt to let mah hairy chest breathe.

how do you know if a person is The One? you just know. You know before you even bang them. they drive you crazy and you dream about having a monog rel with them. you don’t get cold feet about the idea of committing to them, heck you secretly WANT it.

heh. this is why you need a job, so you don’t end up watching “bethenny” where they are spinning “The Wheel Of Relationship Torture” and getting opinions from little-known female and male “comedians.”

one item was “wandering eye” then “wont commit” and now the best one…..”LAZY.” which also incorporates “passive” and “laid back” and “chill” and “type b” and “relaxed.” funny how they didn’t immed start talking about Career. it’s moreso vidya games, hanging out with male friends, etc.  and they never talked about career, they just rambled a bit, boring really, then spun the wheel and got “homebody.” maybe there is a separate thing for “no job” or “dead end job.”

heh. i love the warm weather but the tradeoff is that its perfect centipede weather. about a week ago I killed and removed a centipede and was very proud of myself, but my god.