sun may 11

happy mothers day, give thanks for your mothers.

so my boy dr charles murray phd has written a new book called “the curmudgeons guide to life” or something, a guide for Millennials trying to make it after College, andor in the Workplace.

he is a traditional conservative antimarxist intelligent guy who I have respect for and hope is not a neocon or false conservative. I like when he says, “Internships are like affirmative action for the upper class; you should get a real job instead so you know how to work with customers of all sorts, and how to deal with 4sshole bosses and customers and stress.”


He also says not to suck up at work. Not sure if I agree with that. While I agree that you should be assertive and not let yourself get walked on, you should do everything you can to curry favor with your superiors. then they are all the more unsuspecting when you stick the proverbial knife in to get ahead.

He also advises to marry younger, and to marry a religious girl. NICE. I was just saying the same thing. now he candy coats it so he can get a tv interview on marxist media, and calls it a “startup marriage” rather than a “merger marriage,” meaning you’re both taking exciting risks with each other before you’ve established your careers, rather than waiting until you’re 35 and more stable and then you are more picky and can never find someone to “merge” with. when by then you could have been married for 10 years, have some kids, and be grateful you Shared those Formative Years with someone. now this doesn’t mean marry a sh1tty woman just because she’s young! rather, if you find a decent young woman, don’t be afraid of marrying her because YOU’RE young!

Of course, if you’re not young anymore, it’s a bit of a moot point.

(and of course you marry a religious gurl, because she is more likely to have a low number and to try to be moral.)

I have decided that if I have not had any children by age 50 or 60, I will just pop out 3 children with the most convenient young woman, even if she is of questionable quality or attractiveness. and hope for the best.

Have a new system of Rating things: a NINE point scale which goes Low, Medium, High.

Then each of those is broken down into three: Low, Medium, and High.

So you can go from Low Low at the bottom, to High High at the top.

This can easily be converted into a percentage by making each level 1.1 or 11 points. so 1/9 to 9/9. or 11/99 to 99/99. see?

And I figured a good rule of thumb is to always aim for Low High. which is thus 7/9, or 77/99, or about 77%.


That applies for Wimminz Attractiveness as well as performance in Skool and Career.

During the Prime of Youth, ALL women are in the High tertile. trile. tripile. No woman can go lower than a Low High, in other words. that is a benefit of being Woman. they can use that power to snag a powerful alpha. But the woman has to be YOUNG. 18 to 22 or 23.

So I was using my handy new scale to rate Movies and Women. Give it a try. and then compare it to other systems, like for example the “1 thru 10” scale of rating Wimminz Looks, or a 1 to 5 star rating system for movies. My New High Low method can be easily translated to those other scores, making THEM more accurate and meaningful. Give It A Try!

Like Girl 7 for example. I had originally rated her at a 7 or an 8. my new system would rate her as a 77% thru 88%. In other words, about 82%, or a DEFINITE 8. This system, for better and worse, might seem to make wimmin more attractive than you originally thought, hehehehe. she wasn’t an 8.2! Was She???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

a powerful feature is that 99 is practically 100, making the percentage conversions very accurate and easy.

AND, High Medium and Low are VERY intuitive levels of measurement. VERY. that you can make a confident and reliable decision. and this is a multiple of THREE. there is some kind of significance there. Three is just right, any more is too much, any less is too little.

heh. so try to have three wives. three concubines. three children. three jobs.


I think with Women, I won’t “Settle” for lower than Medium High (two steps above High Medium!), but for just about everything else, I would settle for Low High. hehehe. or with jobs, I would LOVE to get High LOW, for Gods sakes.  that would produce Low High Happiness for moi, hahahahahahaha.

How about u?

Also. At every interview, tell them your five year plan is to stay with the company, learn everything about it, and demonstrate management potential. even if its a sh1tty job you blatantly plan to use as a stepping stone. think they will hire you if you say that?

unless the job blatantly IS a stepping stone. like my sweet chill previous job was. I knew because the Boss’s Boss SAID verbatim “this is a stepping stone job.”

basically, part time jobs are stepping stones. full time jobs are not. DUH. SOUNDS OBVIOUS, but they did not spell this out clearly for me in college or high school. so i’m spelling it out clearly for you now.  YOU’RE WELCOME.