may 9 2014

yeah buddies. prob a good time to start the ole job search. i guess the good news is that with my New One Sheeterz ™ I can ace interviews even when I’m nervous as hell, which I always will be. how about u. anyway.

another good thing to squeeze on the one sheeter is: DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM JOB.

The more questions you can squeeze on there the better. make your answers shorter, to squeeze more questions and answers. you can always ramble longer answers at the interview.

f00king settlers game. huge “time burglar” hehehehe. i hate. no i don’t hate, i really don’t hate that much, just get ANNOYED and IRRITATED by a lot. how about u?

heh time to go for 3.2 mile, 65 minute powerwalk in the middle of the day and blatantly say to the world, “I’M UNEMPLOYED! AND UNEMPLOYABLE!!!!” hehehehe.

well i did that, took a shower, this is the perfect time to take a nap like a lazy unemployable loser.

heh. man. the commenters on the av club, and of course the writers, even MORESO the writers because this is their JOB, are horrible. yet i could not stop reading for an hour

on how much they hate the right and how much they love the left. like college f4gg0ts who never grew up. they can’t all be gainfully employed phds, can they?

sat may 10

well this is unexpected, i got an email from a guy from the part of my life/memory i want to erase, trying to persuade me to go to this wedding with him, really selling me on the financial and transportation aspects, which had been kinda the dealbreakers in the first place. also, if i start muh job by that time, there would be no way to take a full week off like he is planning. but if i am laid off at that time, i am inclined to think, why not join him?

it is also signif that this guy is great, classic, i never had any beef or truck with this guy, i do not wish to forget HIM in other words! he is a classic, inspiring guy, and also i am secretly happy he did not become superrich or supersuccessful and he resists getting a Masterz Degree, let alone a PhD or Law degree! how do i know he resists? because he hasn’t gotten one yet! and i sympathize with grad skool resistors and kinda grumble about grad skool “Sellouts”, hehehe.

but yeah i am actually considering this. i mean this guy is great and one of my many regrets is not spending more time with him and less time with others. i wish he were more successful because he is a great guy and deserves to make 300k a year and have his choice of 18 yo qts!

great guy who i really identified with because he, like me, would fall madly in luv with grills and get his hart broken, like myself, a real romantic niceguy. but unlike the fedora niceguy, he had enough social skills to make moves on the grills, he would just ultimately get taken advantage of because he was too nice. to the grills. i didn’t mind him being a niceguy to me! Men appreciate niceness from other Men! anyway i am pretty sure he eventually got his due in terms of sowing wild oats, he’s sowed way moar wild oats than me. but he is not married yet. he could be engaged, I actually dunno. But yeah if a guy were ever the marrying type it would be him. not necess a bad thing! he would be a great hubband and especially father! he just needed to stop being taken advantage of. and i think in the many years of meantime, he did manage to learn that lesson. good for him. i have NOTHING but good things to say about the guy. NOTHING. not one single god damn thing.

ok was thinking going to a Temp Agency might be the BEST OF ALL WORLDS. They find you a job, and if it turns out to be ridic stressful or unbearable or gay, you don’t have to stick with it because it’s a TEMP job and they will find you another. if you really LIKE it, then you can kiss the manager’s A until he comes to like you and then makes the job permanent just for you.

this actually sounds like the best idea for moi. because if the job sucks, then you know it’s only temporary. and then you get experience working in all kinds of places. maybe.

yep. figure out yer priorities in life. like i just want to sow wild oats and bang 18 yos. that might be my main priority. over getting a career, over getting married. yeah definitely. those other things are so much work and so risky and so high commitment. meanwhile wild oats is a can’t lose strategy. CANT LOSE.

so take a look at the SUPPLY CHAIN for wild oats. you need:

Masculinity / Attitude

Good Body

Some Money, A Job, any old job will do.

and that’s about it. which means priorities should be: getting in good shape, and perfecting your alpha attitude. job is lowest on that list. you could get away with lying about it.

isn’t that kind of neat how, in this scheme, banging 18 yo qts has high importance, and having a Great Career has a low importance? isn’t it great how you can bang 18 yo qts and work at fooking WALMART? you gotta focus on having a ripped body though. and the 18 yo gurls will prob be super low prole, never wife quality. well that’s not necess true. In the Final Analysis, Masculine Charisma is more important than Career/Job re pulling wimmin.