june 15

ok by this time this blog should be hugely popular because i am publishing every day. 4 months is too much, 3 months is just right. ok. now pay me 38k a year and give me a true luvly gurl.

maybe get a social skills book intended for kids with autism.  because you might now have autism but your social skills are as bad as an autists.

ok i run out of paxil on friday and have to visit the doc to get a refill. i will try to get in to the doc on friday. and then really pump him for the drugs i want: namely, a tricyclic (old skool anti “depressant” which for some reason i think is more powerufl and effective than the modern stuff, but i could be wrong) and a benzo. maybe get the nonbenzo anxiety thing buspar as well. i mean you don’t have to get ALL the rx’s filled, but this is your one shot to get them.

try to get as many rx’s as possible when you are in there with the doc for 15 minutes.

yesterday i was trying to find the cheapest yet decent reputation online skool and found a program at oregon state univ where you could complete a BS of computer science as a POSTBACC thing, meaning you screwed up the first time and got the wrong degree the first time, like me, and you want to fix that and get the right bachelors degree, but without all the fluff. can be completed in 1 year if you’re super ambitious.

60 credits. all degrees should be like this. you should not have 60 additional credits of marxism on top of that.

60 credits times 460 dollars per credit, coming to about 27k for the 60 credit computer science degree.

this looked real good. i think a Postbac might be what i’m looking for. right up my alley. i just forget it exists.

but colleges should work FOR you with all the money you’re paying. ie I should go to the local university and make them do an online compsci postbac for me, and hopefully for a better price. I would pay maybe….14k for that degree. but 27k is way too much, i can’t afford that without taking out a stupid gayass loan and I’m not gonna do that!!!!!!

well the term POSTBAC is moreso geared towards premed, dental, health stuff. though i see no reason why it could not be applied to sciences or engin, i guess the bigboys don’t use the word like that yet.

also look up “SECOND DEGREE” or even “SECOND MAJOR.”

you gotta know these terms so you know what to search for, so you can find ANYTHING.

really what i want is a SECOND MAJOR. i don’t want a full degree. i already have a full useless degree. I just want to ideally add the minimum of useful courses to give the effect of having a useful degree like engin and compsci.

heh. when i talked to my old frand i went to middle class elite college with, he said he had a sh1tty job at a coffee place with a real d1ck manager / franchise owner, who was such a d1ck everybody quit. later my frand went to the bank and saw the guy working as a teller there. the kicker was, he was an ENGIN grad from that very same prestigious college that I daily regret i did not get an engin degree from. where ALL the engin grads make 80k a year right out of school. and here was this loser working at the bank.

also my frand has a gurlfran who is trying to get some decent high school related administrative jobs. i axed him where’d she get her masterz degree and he said she didn’t have one. that gave me hope, because she was interviewing for some not bad jobs. with just a bachelors degree.

so both these things made me feel better about muh self, hahaha.

how about u.


of course i have been thinking about doing the “health information technology” thing at the community college again.  would that be a better return on investment than a second major in compsci. would that make finding a job easier. that is really the main thing for me. it is f00king impossible to find a job for me. i would rather get a lower paying job easier, than a higher paying job harder, because for me, it would be a LOTTTTTTT infinitely harder.

erm a 60 credit second major/degree in compsci seems better than a 72 credit assoc degree in health info tech. BUT the latter might be cheaper because the credits would be like 100 dollars and not 460 dollars. YIKES.

but a compsci person prob makes more than an HIT person. right? or do they just become bank tellers. and pine about gurls they knew when they were 20 but never touched, until they are 40. hahahahaha. not that they touch them when they are 40. no no. i was referring to the pining. well perhaps that never ends, not at 40, not at 60, not until you die.

that’s why the good lord created tricyclics and benzos!

maybe ECT. I hear ECT is practically like erasing your memory. wouldn’t mind that!!!!