may 8

yeah buddy. oh yeah. hehehe. really reaching out today. sent message to old friend I am due to talk to before i start bad habits of not reaching out again, sharing some fun news he will like. buying wedding gifts for old friend where I cannot make it to the actual wedding, too much travel hehehe.

so the Reaching Out involves breaking out of Mein Kampfort zone (hehehehehe, stole this classic joke from RamZPaul) but in this case I am glad I did it. Still have to send them some more gifts to get to the dollar amount I said I would spend. nowadays kidz have fancy internet paypal style registries, not bad really, better than sending cash in the mail hehe.

ok reached my limit there, bought them all their gifts. heh. cheaper than flying out there, hotel room, etc, plus gifts. spent a little more than I initially said I would, just because I may never see the guy again, he was/is a great guy, and if I do see him again, maybe I can have some good Karma going in so he can gimme a better job, hehehehe. no he is not super duper successful, which is an anomaly for the skool we went to. although since i am even less successful, i am an even bigger anomaly!!! he is successful enough for normal people. upper working class with a possibly lower middle class wife who seems nice. so good for him. hope he doesn’t get an ivy league phd, hehehe. ivy league is for j3vv15h f4990ts.

first really beautiful superwarm day of the year, 75 degrees and sunny on may 8 2014. thank the lord. has been a real bad winter. broke out the shorts and t shirt for my 70 minute powerwalk and certainly will go back out there. nice.

how about u.

oh wow, just got email response from one of muh managers, was not expecting that! of course he said he could not tell me exactly when I would be rehired. not surprised there. but i WAS surprised to even GET a response at all! Because I’m just a Worthless Little Nonmanager Employee who doesn’t deserve a response! I haven’t worked hard or long enough to earn a response! I’m Not Worthy! I’m Inferior! hehehehe

f00king j0015h n1993r f4990t5.

85 degrees in early may? better go back outside again!

ok did that. not one but two bands i like have new albums that just came out. heh. i almost have no place in my life for new music, i do not get excited about new albums, even by people i like, it always sounds old and tired and boring and tryhard or no fun and not enjoyable and the old stuff was better etc, and healthy happy people are supposed to Get Better At Life as they get Older, Wiser and Smarter, rather than Dumber and Lamer and Sadder.  So many times I won’t even TRY. plus music is too much work, my mind is always elsewhere, worried about something, and the music can’t break through that, unless its something i already luv.

one of the new albums is great, first in many years but feels like they never left, top of their game. other album is ok, not as impressive, but not bad either, maybe better than their last.

ANYWAY I just like to listen to the classical & jazz station. I enjoy jazz more than anything. I will hear a song I’ve never heard and immediately, easily enjoy it. try to listen to it whenever driving at night. so good. wished i’d listened to more (any!) jazz as a yoot. but thank GOD i can still enjoy it now!

who would we be. watching king of the hill losers like us would probably be like bill dautreve, although he is a bigger winner because at least he has an easy stressless job, lives in his own house, has friends, has been married, hehehehehe. but in real life no one could make a living being an army barber. just get your recruits to shave other recruits heads for “free.” but of course this is TEEVEE, not real life.

and also bill is allowed to drink alcohol without becoming an alcoholic and it ruining his life, although it is implied he drinks more than the other guys.

heres a great lifehack protip: leave your ice cream sitting out for at least 5 minutes so it is a little bit softer when you go to eat it and not ridiculously brain freezing cold. 5 to 10 minutes. it even tastes a little better too!

meanwhile 80 years ago, 17 year old “boys” were actually MEN who went off to fight and DIE in WAR, in the prime of their lives, and would become MEN, who, if they survived the Worst Stress In The World, would start fathering children right away!

so what i’m saying is, we need another world war to forcibly draft all our 18 year old boys into war? well not necessarily. I always used to worry, when I was like 12 years old, that a War would start, and I’d get Drafted into War, and that idea terrified me, because I never even wanted to join the military. heh. isn’t that funny. not only is there never any chance of a draft, but joining the military would have been GREAT for me, and now here I am well past draft age.

I think I was scared of Boot Camp and Full Metal Jacket style Drill Instructors, and having to Poop in front of other men, and forced to eat gross vegetables, and get up at 4 am every morning, and screamed at all day and called maggot etc, only to be sent off to ungodly world war 1 style war and be like the guy in the metallica “one” vidya, hehehehe.

go to your stem professors OFFICE HOURS. All Professors. As many Weeks As Possible. Kiss their A and S their D like they were your MANAGER.