june 16

ok the order is gonna get real screwed up bc i have so many posts written in advance. just deal. please.

heh. what is wrong with my mind that i am so fixated on gurl8 AT ALL. there is a world of cute gurls around me right now. but it is prob because she is middle class, and she is tied to my own youth. yep. that “explains” it. but still it would be a nice thing to erase from the mind. get me mah ect. erase that sh1t.

it is great to have hobbies. i am going to start reading my politically incorrect racist stuff again simply because it was a legit hobby for me to keep my mind off stupid sh1t which i want to erase from my mind. so i will get back into the racist stuff not because i hate or want to genocide other races, but because it is a legit area of interest for me, and can help me refine my own arguments, because some of these writers and thinkers are pretty smart. and non hateful. nonviolent.

stories. workin on yer stories yet? funny stories are one of the best magic bullets there is. they show you are an interesting person, that you have a sense of humor, AND you can work an entire group of people and get them on your side, for fun, profit, and tail.

most of the fun stories i heard recently had to do with guys and girls at parties, or “hooking up”, or perhaps DUI type stuff, or fights, or general drama, big happenings.

which is why it’s good just to make out with ugly drunk girls…….just so you can get some story material. you don’t need to marry the gurl, indeed, i’d recommend you don’t.

i read something somewhere today that nietzsche only had sechs ONCE in his life, and it was with a hooker to deliberately give himself syphilis. Now I knew he eventually got syphilis, but I didn’t know about any of that other stuff. not sure if i believe it. but THAT’s an intense story!


so the decadent modern world has ruined modern women so that fewer of them are marriageable than ever before. so it is kind of amazing that i have fallen in true luv with a staggering 8 of them. such a high number!

so the way to adapt to it is to say, welp, so no women are marriageable, so we sow wild oats whole life long and never get married. heheheheh i wouldn’t be complaining so much if i could figure out how to do that. hehehe speaks to your level of betaness: never before in the history of the world has sex been easier to get…….yet here you are a kissless virgin and can’t get ANY. does not bode well, hehehehe.

well, hanging out with cute bangable young gurls is half the battle. then just get them tipsy and try to be funny, charming, not weird, not creepy. don’t drink so much so you are in total control. warning: it is probably technically RAEP if the gurl is drunk, because drunk girls cannot give true consent.

if you do not drink, make more of an effort to force yourself into situations where people are drinking and partying. for example i rarely get invited to the bar because i don’t drink, AND i have never expressed interest in going to the bar. but if I did then I would prob get invited to the bar more.

anyway. if so many gurls are unmarryable, then why are so many of them getting married?

because guys are desperate and don’t recognize their OWN value, and marry women they shouldn’t! when they should be continuing to develop their game and Sow Wild Oats!

or maybe they’re tired of wild oats and are desperate to Settle Down, even with someone who doesn’t deserve them!

although i can assure you i am not tired of wild oats, because I’ve hardly gotten any. like 1% at best.

so i am actually planning to go to the strip club. if i find a real good gurl i will ax her if she is available for 30 minutes for….around 300 bucks.  and i aint talking about a 30 minute dance.

because there’s really only one or two gurls on backpage that look doable.

but these are human beings being forced into a degrading job by the oppressive white man and capitalists…..

well, they could just be waitresses instead, and i’m not disputing that they’re human beings!

heh. all this is basically me trying to find the next girl8, or girl9 if you will, in my gurlless working class area, rather than trying to get a job in a middle class area where there are more wimmin. still not the type of wimmin you marry!

see how 80% of this writing is about gurls and wimmin and bla bla bla. i hypothesize that if i were to get some wild oats action, it would clear my mind to think about and do more important money-making things. instead of gurls gurls gurls all day!!!!!

it’s really counterproductive because gurls aren’t that important and even sechs with gurls is not that important; building a good life for yourself and your family IS.

but that does beg the question: in order to start your own family, ie, have children, you need to pick women to mate with, and you don’t want to pick a sh1tty mate because to have the best family, you need a good father and good mother, and also you don’t want to dump your precious seed in any old cvmbucket.

which is bretty ironic given the view of sperm as cheap and eggs as 900000000000 times more expensive.