may 7

watched a movie with the actress “emily mortimer” who reminded me greatly of a gurl i was in true luv with….the notorious girl3. And I would STILL like to at least bang a gurl who looks like that. and it really wouldn’t open up old wounds re girl3. it just means i have a Physical Type:

skinny, delicate, plain looking brunettes with big brown eyes, pointy chins, long legs.

I guess girl7 almost looks like that, and girl8 almost looks like girl7, so….

however, it is certainly not my only type. Girl6 was a fatter shorter girl, stouter, rotunder, porkier hahahaha hahaha. girl4 was skinny with nice legs but with light eyes, not sure about her chin hahaha. girl2 was shorter and fatter, so in some ways, girls2 and 6 are analogues of that archetype.

instances of that object, if you will, hahahahaha. to use programmer jargon.

so i was thinking, where are the jobs? no use getting a useful degree if there are no jobs in it. like you could get a ROCKET SCIENCE degree but if there’s a small number of rocket science jobs, and none being created, it won’t help you much, esp if you’re just an average rocketsci student.

i’m talking all about SUPPLY AND DEMAND: how many jobs, rate of growth of jobs.

Using that to determine the level of “usefulness”, that gives a new perspective: healthcare jobs. Service Oriented Jobs: customer service, customer service manager.

Then I thought again about the MBA because now that I play the settlers, i’ve discovering i like managing resources, hehehe. but seriously i loved playing simcity as a f00king TWELVE year old, son. so this could be a viable Career Path.

And what is ANY JOB but a BUSINESS? Business covers all sectors, all jobs, which makes it good for an undecided schmuck like myself.

For a long time I was highly anti-MBA as being a useless, dumb, bad ROI degree. not a smart degree to get, will not improve your employability prospects, a huge scam in an entire scam industry. read some articles saying that that there were too many mba’s, not enough jobs.

now i am reconsidering, esp since you need a masters degree to get a job you just needed a bachelors degree a generation ago, JUST LIKE bachelors degree jobs can really be done by high school graduates….but since College became such a big scam but a successful one, The Rich are milking it as much as they can, as long as Employers keep believing in it, thus forcing Customers/Employees to believe in it. Large element of Belief/Trust/Faith there….. BUT IT’S BAD FAITH! SO MISPLACED!!!!!!! It shouldn’t be! it’s a scam!

anyway. so i was thinking, get a VERY science/math/tech/STEM oriented MBA and then try to get job as “business analyst.” this is EXACTLY what this one guy I’m sorta jelly of did. the degree was an “MSA” aka Master Of Science Of Administration. Heh. I would more like to think of it as an MSBA, hahahahaha. what a f00king crock. No, you don’t REALLY NEED a masters degree to do those good middle class jobs. but f4gg0t employers demand that you do, and the f4gg0t college owners laugh all the way to the bank with their fiatbux, hehehehe.


today i learned that the berlin wall was not the dividing line between east and west germany. i never knew that. I thought the berlin wall divided all of germany. then recently i noticed that berlin itself was pretty far east in germany, which would then make east germany really small.

in FACT, berlin was located wholly within east germany, with the east/west germany dividing line more near the middle of germany. HOWEVER, the berlin wall divided the CITY into a “free” and a communiss half. so it had to be real weird for west berliners to be completely surrounded by communiss on all sides. how did they keep that half of the city from being taken over by communiss?

it is fun to learn innerresting facts such as that.

heh. a lot of the gurls i went to elite college with, who didn’t immediately go to prestigious law school or phd school, took several years off, then got SOCIAL WORK masters degrees, but from ivy league schools. wtf. now, social work is about the worst masters (or bach) degree you can get, unless of course you get it from an IVY. but my question is, if you can get into an IVY, why do SOCIAL WORK, when you could do STEM and actually make some money. although, with any ivy league degree, they won’t have truouble finding Jobs. HUSBANDS, on the other hand….heh well some of them are married already of course. and the rest are lebbians, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

ANYWAY. got to stop looking at facebook of course.  stupid and pointless. well at least i didnt get too mad bro. so these women can be successful career social workers. they will still be depending on their hubbands who are successful in stem or business.

but it does not matter anyway, it is not my life, i should be focused on making myself more successful. obviously.

how about u.