find a fun city building or civilization building game that you can play, and that will take at least a month to get thru a full cycle. i used to play simcity as a kid, and a few years ago i played the game 8realms and it was fun. Looking for something like that. something where you can really grow over the long term. trying this game called the settlers, see how that goes. might get back into 8realms. but it is a great distraction, and something you can do every day.

this game “the settlers online” is pretty fun. played that SOLID for the past 2 hours or so. nice.

heh. try 4 hours or so. the game has kept me very pleasantly diverted. i will need to go to sleep so my production facilities can produce materials overnight and fill muh warehouses. and then tomm i will be ready to go to war. even if this game is only fun for a week, that is still Awesome.


holy sh1t. had an intense dream about “girl8”, the controversial girl who only got added retroactively, in part because of dreams like this! and this was possibly the strongest. here we were simply hanging out and listening to music and spending a few days together and it was my agenda to start things up with her for the first time. i began flirting with her and sending her signals and trying to get signals from her. she showed favorableness without being a huge wh0re. things looked very promising. i recall listening to music together and joking around. one thing i remember about the girl is that she had an infectious laugh. we smoked w33d together a couple times, and it should have been a lot lot more, but i was always too focused on other gurls, namely gurls 1, 2, 3, and 4, while gurl8 was not far away the whole time, I just never really thought of her that way until very recently… that is, many years later.

to be fair, she had been “dating” a friend of mine, and that is how i first met her. But he was on the outs with her and complained that she was weird and didn’t want to Put Out, and they ended their thing. He was a great guy and me and him were very close for a time and I am thankful for having known him, even though all these people are part of the time period I am tyring to Erase from my mind, My College Years. but I don’t need to erase HIM per se. Probably wouldn’t hurt to erase HER though.

in the dream, the guy was there too, and hanging out with him was my stated motive, but my ulterior motive was to get closer to her. yeah, kinda sneaky, but i meant him no harm, and in the dream they were Done Dating. But still hanging out apparently??? (Well, people DO do that quite a bit. I would never.)

So things looked very promising with dream girl8, though we had not started making out yet, but that looked probably after a few more good “Dates”, but then a weird guy entered the dream and screwed up the whole dynamic and I went home much earlier than planned. but at least girl8 was not interested in him.

either way, i don’t need to be thinking of girl8, or ANY of The Girls 1-8. and the dream with Optimism Towards Making Out was Very POignant. Cause I would Totes Date Her. But, for the record, using my “Dates” system, I don’t think we even had one “date”, where “date” is defined as you hanging out One On One with the person, you calling them up directly. I always hung out with her as part of a Group, and should have tried for some One On One Action. Obviously!!

and it’s CERTAINLY not a good idea to look her up on facebook. because she still looks GREAT even though she is pretty close to my age. and she doesn’t advertise her career. or appear to be married or a party wh0re. she could be a dyke. or asexual, given what my old friend had to say about her. most definitely CRAY CRAY in some way. but very beautiful and “charming”, hehehehe. no she was total lower middle class. you don’t meet working class prole gurls that are that “charming”, hahahaha. but she wasn’t an annoying careerist machiavellian cvnt middle middle class. i liked her, hehehe.


THEORETICALLY: I could “place a bet” by approaching Girl8 on Facebook, the only way I know how to get ahold of her directly. I could ask someone else for her email address or perhaps phone but I don’t want to reach out to them for that. SO, ALL IN THEORY, I could play a little strategy game by sending her a message on facebook, with my pseudonym and say something like:

“Hi  Girl8, this is MyRealName from EliteMiddleClassUniv. How R U. Hey I know this is gonna sound weird, but I had a dream about you, nothing creepy, more like you were in it, along with Our mutual old friend. So I was just wondering how you were doing and what you were up to. hopefully all is well. Do you still talk to Mutual Person, how are they doing. Just wanted to say I always thought you were pretty cool, and I should have made more of an effort to hang out with you back then. (Or maybe don’t say that. debating.) Anyway hope all is well with you, if you happen to ever be in the X Area it would be great to have dinner and catch up. take care, MyRealName.”

Short and sweet like that, and if she never responded, then


kind of like me “placing my bet” with girl7. sometimes you just need to do something ridiculous like send a girl a fb msg you haven’t seen in 8 years and were never superfriends with, to tell her you had a dream about her and you just realized you are in luv with her. heh. well, some stuff you obviously leave out of the message, to make it short and sweet. for example, still debating on whether you actually mention the dream. this girl is crazy and weird so she might appreciate the honesty. with regular girls i would say no, that would be too “CREEPY.”

AM I actually going to do this? Probably Not.

But SHOULD I? How much would I regret not doing it? I suppose if I continue to have dreams about her, then I will regret it moar. and of course if one day she finally Hits The Wall and stops Aging so Gracefully, then she will be Too Old and it will all be a Moot Point. If she looked like Old Garbage I would just have no more interest.