may 3

thankfully i had the girl7 dream before the o god im going to get killed dream, so that one kinda wiped out the former, and i’m not gonna be thinking about girl7 all day today, thank GOD!

but yeah all this talk about banging girls and rotating gurls and all girls are replaceable and you should never commit and gurls are dumb and stupid and just f00k meat that should be replaced as soon as it turns 22; don’t let that make u think that i wasn’t truly in TRUE LUV with girls 1 thru 7. (and maybe 8). esp gurl 7. it was true luv, muhfvkka. belee dat sheet.

ANYWAY. girl 7 is the past, they are all the past. and i have moved on. how about u.

heh. you become a loser when you care more about gurls than careerz.

because i wasn’t TUFF enough. i needed to toughen up when i was young. i guess I toughened up a bit w my current stressful job, but it did not fire me up about other areas of muh life, in fact, just the opposite. just wanted to come home and sleep. but at least i was working ft w ok pay which made me not a loser. i mean i was making MORE than $12 an hour for petes sake!

sigh. i actually kinda LIKED my computers classes, well in contrast to my math classes. though i have more respect for math. it was just hard as f00k and so much work. maybe i could get back to skool if i just focused on computers classes first and math classes second. i will be the LAST person to diss math, but it is so damn hard.

plus it kinda sucked with all the kids in the class many years younger than me, doing the right thing, looking at me like i was an old loser. however i would have had an easier time if i formed a study homework group with the young ethnic kids, made a gambling game out of doing our maths hw.

heh. i can come up with EXCUSES for ANYTHING. how about u?

when i came home the other night i saw a huge disgusting CENTIPEDE sitting on the floor of my room. I killed it with a shoe and then the even tuffer part was gathering it in a paper towel and throwing it in the garbage. but that was a good character building experience.

is being a omega kissless virgin an american thing? are beta boys more likely to find skanky gurls to bang in other western first world countries like UK, germany, scand, switz, france, spain, netherlands? are poland, hungary, or estonia considered first world coutnries? in my mind they are!

my mind ties it to urban sprawl vs old school style cities and neighborhoods. in US you have suburbs and exurbs and need to drive to get to school, work, store, mcfat foodz, bar, dance club, skanks houses, etc. in switzerland you just walk out your front door and there’s bars, broads, people watching venues, work and skool all within a mile of your front door, so also you walk or bike all the time and don’t turn into a fat amerislob. and then you never get arrested for DUI and never become unemployable. and you know 10 sluts within walking distance if you’re desperate for a quick bang. or you just head over to the red light district and pick yer prossie.

but those countries are even more marxist than the US and will collapse faster and everyone under 40 is unemployed. heh. well at least they are not fat virgins, hehehe.

i am thankful i am not fat fat, morbidly obese. just slightly overweight. nothing extreme like many amerifats, thankfully.

how to be a winner. a loser trying to tell you how to be a winner, how quaint.

maybe i should become a muslim. clearly muslims are pretty winning. i mean the men are courageous and alpha at least. they stand up for what they believe in, they work hard as f00k, they’re not afraid to do what it takes to win, they very often have great careers with their stem degrees, and they are not sidetracked by gurls or drugs or alcohol. plus they are much more devoted to their god and religion. and they are the HARDEST WORKERS in the WORLD. the LEAST LAZY people in the world. f00k yeah. become a muslim, hehehehe. muslims are kicking other religions 4ss, well especially christians. and atheists. muslims are SERIOUS and they could very well become the #2 most powerful group in the world, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.

well, you don’t need to BECOME a muslim per se, but become more LIKE a muslim, and emulate their hardcore traits that they use to win in life.

you think muslim men don’t bnag grils? they have prostitutes that they go to ALL THE TIME. maybe.

i can live with being “stuck” in a not so great job for the rest of my life. but I cannot live with being “Stuck” with a not so great wife the rest of my life, where you look at them and shake your head and say, “I could have done better, I’m not really in True Luv with this one the way I was with Girls 1 thru 8. Except this one wanted ME and I was too weak and lonely and desperate to reject her. But I probably should have rejected her.”

so don’t get stuck in that position. Actually you could probably push the woman away by being the worlds most effeminate beta. that should word, unless the gurl is really f00kt up, whcih she could be.

heh. this is why you draw up CONTRACTS before you get married. so you know exactly what you’re getting into, and what the penalties of such and such are, and how to get out of it without getting screwed, etc.