may 19

ok went to shrink, discussed the things i wanted to, basically me having dreams about “girl8” are just me thinking what if. there wasn’t much i could do at the time because at the time i wasn’t even THINKING about her.

heh. unfortunately when i picked up muh paxil at the bharmacy, i also picked up some ice cream, candy (starburst tropical) and cookies. well the cookies are my gift to the fam to make up for being a huge loser but i will eat some of the cookies too. and i will eat all of the candy and ice cream!

now i am stuffing my face with starbursts. NOOOOOO.

ok i put the starbursts away. hooray for me showing SELF CONTROL. more people need to control themselves better hehehe.

ok going to eat dinner and go for 3.2 mile pwalk.

for job, gonna go to a TEMP AGENCY. once i find a job i like, am good at, and they like me, I will bvst 4ss trying to make it permanent.

for this guy, i will go with him if he is willing to drive, and make amends for all the times i blew him off because i was obsessed about some stupid grills elsewhere. unfortunately in the past i sometimes put Hoes before Broes, because that was what a desperate Love Addict I was.

there is a guy on the AV Club, which I hate, but this commenter has the sweet handle of “Sick T1ts Brah”.  of course he is a middle class progressive being ironic, so I will be unironic about it. SICK T1TS BRAH.

it is also very masculine to use “T1TS” as an adjective, e.g., “T1TS T1TS BRAH”.

or, “that b1tch’s cvnt was t1ts”. hehehehehe.

heh. my shrink is a fairly attractive, intelligent WOMAN. i would discuss my hateful misogyny with her, but i don’t think i’m a hateful misogynist just because i say things like that!!!!

noice chebs mate.

like a b1tch sucking fatc0x.

heh. f00k. i should have gone to “military school” for high school. learned some damn DISCIPLINE. that is exactly what i lack. in spades. no DISCIPLINE whatsoever. how about you?

well i did just do a 3.6 mile powerwalk. it was very nice.

well here’s a sad thing. guys who work as cheap security guards because they’re too old or too losery to get jobs as Policemen. so they make 8 bucks an hour with no benefits while the policement make 30 bucks an hour with Cadillac Benefits.

heh. i would almost rather have a dream about girl7 than girl8, because I have a damn good REASON to have dreams about girl7. girl8 dreams are even more useless and frustrating. they are based in absolutely NOTHING.

may 20

whew. no dreams about grils last nite. thank GOD.

there was about 2 hours where i didn’t have enough energy to sit up but couldn’t quite fall asleep, from like 8 pm to 10 pm. normalfags would have used this time to do something productive, yet the last thing i wanted to do was pay to study or some sh1t. how about you?

really strong passion, passion for city, passion for human resources. 11$ an hour. offered housing in local univ dorm. great opportunity to live play and work in the cirty. real pro devel. unique work envt. new friends, netw opp. mentorship. 1000 internships. 13000 applicants. special internships for returning veterans.

the job news segment just came on with a big local company with 1000 internships. i tried to take some notes there.

it sounded like the key for getting one of these sweet $11 an hour jobs was PASSION, having a good attitude, etc. and i have heard this point made over and over again, you have to have a real PASSIONATE, ENERGETIC, POSITIVE ATTITUDE in the interview to get a job. be a real happy energetic person.

which can be tricky to fake, but it can definitely be faked successfully and convincingly!!! you can fake it too!!! you can do it!!!!

basically smile smile smile and just say the words, “I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS COMPANY AND I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT MARKETING” etc. plus big smile. that’s ALL they mean. then you too can make 11$ an hour! sweet!

heh. that is a lot more than the 0 dollars an hour i’m making now!

ok. it’s all about the WORDS you use, plus the body language and smiling. you don’t have to lie 100%, you can only lie 60% or so, for example: “I have a real authentic PASSION for Serving Customers over the Phone….however my passion begins to wane when Phone Service takes over 60% of my job time.” that way they know that you don’t like spending over 60% of your time on the phone, or 60% of your time running back and forth getting food for your custos. which is important if the job is for say restaurant waiter.

but why are you applying for waiter if you don’t like serving more than 60% of the time? because it’s the only job out there, and the only job you can get, hehehehe. desperate times, desperate measures. not looking for a dream job. just looking for a job job, any job, to pay dem beelz.

but don’t tell THEM that! tell THEM that you want to be there for life and learn everything about the position! and maybe get a small promotion once every 10 years! to be a perfect employee and make other employees be perfect too!

ok gotta check the email. deep breath. ok. got to go to bathroom. do that, eat small breakfast, THEN check email.



may 19

well no dreams last night about girl8 or any gurls, thank god. though i think girl8 might be my least fav gurl to have dreams about. or girl7. they are both bad, hehehe. how about you?

ok. gotta find a temp agency. normalfags would just look up a local temp office phone number, call them, ask them how 2 get a job, then come in if they had to. i however hate phone calls, so that makes me special hahahahahaha.

this is super ridiculous, because used to be on the phone 6 hours a day at least! like 6 hours of active phone calls! good god!

well today i see my shrink so i am kinda happy about that. sometimes i dance around the big issues. today i would like to address my laziness, also dreams about girls, also this road trip wedding thing. well especially the latter two. two “issues”, one hour, do it to it.

ok would like to check email in the next 18 minutes. then go to bathroom, then make more coffee, eat small breakfast, see about going for powerwalk, shower, shrink, pick up paxil from rx hehehe.

whew. checked email. nothing from the guy. that’s fine. now how did i overcome the fear? I DIDN’T really, I just clicked on email, had a 2 second panic attack as it checked for new email, and….that’s it. i just faced the fear, like going before the firing squad. praying to god that you won’t poop your pants or puke or cry.

would it be different if i actually got the email? nope, I would have opened it and read it AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. then let it sink in, maybe read it again when I was less nervous.

i remember when i used to get up and get ready for WORK, the nervousness would start the second i woke up, because i knew where i was going. then even just getting ready was kinda stressful, because you didn’t want to drink too much coffee because then you might pee or poop or puke or have to go to the bathroom too much at Work; and it’s good to eat a little breakfast but it takes about an hour to have any appetite after you wake up, however this does not fit the timeline; and you absolutely have to get some poop out before you go, but it takes a few minutes to get that going; and you don’t want to poop AFTER taking the shower, which is itself exhausting, hehehe. i used to try to do TWO poops, one earlier, and another right before i left, just to see if there was anything left to get out. all the while drinking tons of water to try to get anything out. but then of course that makes you have to pee too much once you get to work.

i guess theoretically you could get your pooping and showering done at night time. and then eat a small breakfast at your desk once you get to work, like a nutbar or an apple or something. i would usu try to have an apple, a banana, and a bag o nuts at my desk.

anyway. i should be smart enough to figure out a better way of getting ready in the morning. some people do their morning poop AT work, I am insanely jealous of them that they can sneak away for that long.

ACTUALLY if you get to your job super early, this might be doable. so if you normally get to your job 30 minutes early, now get there 45 minutes early and spend 15 minutes pooping.

of course if you do “squat pooping” then you won’t NEED 15 minutes!

because i would like to show up 30 minutes early, every day, just to be seen by people as a go-getter, to read the email, the news of the day, the many little updates, watch what my neighbor was doing, try to train and educate myself for god knows what would come up in my day. get coffee, do a last minute poop or cigarette if i had to, etc. 30 minutes early, every day. you should do this too.

NO I was not clocking in! so this was like 30 minutes of unpaid work a day. just to make a good impression.

well it wasn’t work work because i wasn’t taking ridic phone calls, which was what muh job was. taking phone calls. yikes. my dream job would not be 100% phone calls. i might even be able to take 60% phone calls, but 100% is RIDICULOUS. i can take phone calls pretty good!!!!! Just not more than 60% of my day! holy f00k!!!! i need a break from pure phone calls in muh job is what i’m saying!!!!!

and then ideally, would go to the planet Fatness right after work, walk on treadmill for 100 minutes, take a shower there, and then immediately go to bed to get muh 9 hours. no working on masterz degrees like a tryhard f4gg0t haha.

ok. i had girl8’s facebook page bookmarked so i went and deleted that bookmark. i dunno why i bookmarked it in the first place, because i had just figured out she might be girl8 and i didn’t want to forget? and now i just want to erase her from my memory. so OBVIOUSLY erasing the bookmark is a good start. good move me. how about you?


may 18

well have a reverent 911 day. hopefully one day Our Nation can figure out that the Marxists are the REAL terrorists! and the banksters, globalists, 1%, illuminati, lizards, plutocrats, oligarchs, leftists, etc. people selling YOUR jobs out because there’s no other way to compete with china. so we have to suck it up and be losers so future generations can be more winning.

now i do not hate the poor chinese b4stards working 24 hours a day for slave wages. i just think Our Leaders should try to do more to Fight The Globalist Race To The Bottom. Create and Protect American Jerbs. Is that so bad? even if the chinese work harder than amerifats. even the tryhard masters degree middle class careeraholic ones.

scared to check email because that guy prob responded. but i vowed that would be my task for the day.

gonna have to get serious about this job search.

honestly think hitting up the Temp Staffing Agency will be the best. cuz if the job they place me in sucks, I can prob leave it. if it doesn’t suck, I can suck up and try to get permanently hired. but it should allow me an Escape Route in case it was like my “Current” job, where it sucked so bad I thought about quitting….but couldn’t quit because i didn’t have another job lined up, which is the ONLY way you can quit, or else be Permanently Unemployable and Blacklisted.


ok i sacked up and checked the email, nothing yet. hehehe. ok he might make me wait a week like I did hehehe. also maybe i was misunderstanding him. maybe he wanted me to drive myself, which i am abs not willing or even able to do. i kind of use a communal car and can’t take it for 6-7 days.  plus those long road trips are terrible wear and tear and I would never do unless I had a sweet job and could easily afford to abuse a car like that.

also i am really worried that girl8 might be there, and I would HAVE to bang her, and just seeing her would Screw Me Up For A Long Time. but we determined the Odds at like 10% or less!

cuz honestly. things could get crazy. i could bang her, immediately “catch feelings” and want to pull a long dist rel, not really have the means to do it, she might string me along for awhile, etc, and it would be an emo clusterf00k! and by the time I was ready for another woman I would be like 40!!!!! all because she is good at having emo free S and I am not!

well i mean I could be, in fact I would be, with any gurl BUT the girls 1 thru 8!!!!! which she is!!!!

but there is only a 10% chance she would even BE there!

like i had a fantasy i was Cuddling with her and calling her “sweetie pie!”

but other b1tches, i could care less!!!!!!!!

talk about a ridiculous PEDESTAL!!!!!!!

all because i saw her once from 20 feet away and did not talk to her, in january 2013!!! then the dreams started, then i fell in luv! o god please halp me!!!! this is just STUPID!!!!!!!

ok ok ok ok let’s CONTROL OUR EMOTIONS. so i am scared that Girl8 will be The Last Gurl Ever. Not too long ago I was scared Girl7 would be the last gurl ever. and so on.

and what is True Luv but a Chemical Reaction responding to some very definitely things, namely, youth, beauty, and proximity. you spend enough time around ANY cute young gurl and you will fall in luv with her. that is how the good lord designed the human race to have families with fathers.

of course there can be dealbreakers, like if the gurl rejects you, or if she is Cray. or Filthy. a real cvm chugging j1zz sh1tter. cvm burper. cvm crapper.

but i am feeling weird because I don’t see ANY cute young gurls I could possibly fall in luv with, so instead i think about people from the Past, which is generally bad, esp re wimmin.

how about u?

ok ok ok.

ALSO, if any of these gurls show ANY interest in you, that can really help too. really elevate their status.

then you got a whole new b1tch to go crazy over and have dreams about for years. NO THANK YOU!

and honestly. the DREAM is all part of the chemical reaction, it’s nothing the gurl is even doing. the DREAM is what’s making you fall in luv with the gurl.  NOT the gurl herself!

but who cares about gurls when you got JOBZ son.

ok. one step at a time. will try the temp agency first. go in there with dress slacks and a one sheeter and act like a smart, optimistic normalfag with a great attitude.

Dear Girl8,

Sorry I did not make a move on you when I actually knew you. I was too distracted by stupid stuff. Please stop appearing in my dreams many years later thanks. hahaha yeah I know you have no control over that. anyway just wanted to let you know that maybe in an alternate universe we could have gotten married and had beautiful homeschooled babies. I hope I can forget about you and move on to other wimmin. I really really hope so. it sucks thinking about all these wimmin from my past. I would rather focus on my self, my career, etc, or on promising new wimmin, rather than dwell on old ones who i could not possibly Hook Up With. It would be great if i never had another dream about you ever again. Especially since we never really even talked or hung out or anything. I saw you once in early 2013 and then started having dreams about you and that f00king sucks. ok maybe i should have talked to you then. probably. oh well, my bad. if i ever see you again i will talk to you and try to Hook Up With You.

Sincerely, UF(M)LL



may 18

ok since i want to HELP losers, i figured, why not publish a copy of my ONE SHEETER which came in handy and Increased Confidence for my April 2014 interview.

remember the idea of a One Sheeter is to have as many Top Interview Questions as possible, and your answers to them. You shrink it down to size 8 font and fit the whole thing on One Sheet of Paper, which you bring into the interview, and also try to memorize beforehand.

April xx 2014. Interview One Sheeter

Tell Us About Yourself

After graduating with a degree in useless, I wanted to strengthen my communication and problem-solving skills. I have over 5 years of experience in [type of prev job] operations, administrative assisting, technical support, and client support.

What is your greatest strength

conscientiousness, do a thorough job, detail-oriented, follow-through, efficiency, multitasking, clear communication, client service, thinking creatively to solve unique problems quickly, working well under pressure

your greatest weakness.

my writing skills have always been excellent, but have struggled with intensive phone contact. At [recent phone oriented job] I improved these skills drastically to where I was able to spend the vast majority of my time on the phone, and communicating smoothly and effectively.  I am naturally introverted and it takes extra effort to move beyond my comfort zone, but after overcoming the initial discomfort, it proves to be effort well rewarded.

why should we hire you

I would love to be part of a company that is such a vital player in the [this company’s industry] industries since the time of [bla bla bla you did your homework on when the company started]. My enthusiasm for the company’s mission combined with my detail-oriented technical skills, along with my excellent client service mentality, make me the ideal candidate for this position.

why do you want to work here

I would love to be part of the company’s mission in the [research company’s industry/sector] industries. The strength of these industries is a good barometer of an entire nation’s standard of living.

why do you want to leave your current employer

I am not unhappy with my current employer, but I would prefer a position that is permanent full time rather than seasonal full time. A mandatory minimum of eight weeks if not more per year impacts my own standard of living. would also like to see the results of my leadership and productivity in a smaller company.

why did you leave [underjob you were at for 5 years]

I loved the [that employer], my coworkers, and serving [customers], but I had exhausted all opportunities for growth, and job was intended by managers as more of a stepping stone. Was a great opportunity while I was more focused on my studies in business and IT [or math, stem, engin, something that shows yer smart], but as I grew to desire more challenges, responsibility, and compensation professionally, it was time to move on.

where do you see yourself in 5 years

I would like to find a permanent home here and to grow along with this company. I would like to prove myself with my diligent work performances, learn as many aspects of as many positions at the company, rise to overcome challenges as they arise, and prove myself worth of a supervisory position in the long-term.

how do you handle stress on the job

it is all about attitude and behaving in line with that attitude, namely, staying calm, focusing on a series of tasks, prioritizing them, and doing the more important or urgent tasks first. This involves multitasking to an extent, although I also advocate “serial tasking”. Deep Knowledge of your product and good communication with your clients can also prevent stressful situations before they arise. I like to take copious notes and set numerous reminders for myself so as to stay organized and on point with my workflow. If people become emotional, you must not take it personally, stay calm, listen to and comprehend the issue fully, defuse the emotions, focus, and solve the problem.

what do you know about our company

I know you have been in the private sector since [year], and before that have been part of what [somebody important] termed [poetic term for the industry]. I know you are [cert board] certified in over 100 different [certified things] including [example 1 & 2], and various types of [example 3]. You have a [6 million dollar piece of equipment that impresses prominently in the company marketing video] that is integral to [what that machine does], and a robust [department with a fancy name]. You have [x] buildings on a [y] acre campus and have been a vital fixture in the [local neighborhood] area for over [z] years.

what makes you the best candidate for this position

I believe with my balance of creativity and efficiency I can maximize productivity in this position and give the company the best return on its investment in me. I have a big-picture and long-term orientation, and enjoy seeing small details in the context of a larger whole. I have an understand of macro and micro business principles. I am a very strong communicator and exceptionally reliable, and my references would be happy to attest. When i put my name on something, I want to make sure it is the best reflection of myself and my company as possible. When I make mistakes I learn from them so I don’t make the same mistake twice, and when I ask for help I make a clear note of the lesson learned so I don’t have to ask the same question twice.

why did you apply for this specific position

I am interested in [fancy name for what the job does] processes as they support our national [main industry sector of the company] industries, developing a useful skill, and demonstrating leadership potential within such a reputable company.

any questions for us

Would you be willing to tell me of any large-scale projects over the next 90 days? How would you describe your company culture? What are your three largest clients? by what specific metrics would my performance be measured? could you describe the employee review and or coaching process and timeline? should I contact you regarding your decision on this position and when? would it be possible to observe or shadow someone in a similar position, right now?

It has been a pleasure discussing this position with you. I feel I am a good fit for the position and have many skills to add to this organization. I wish you the best of luck in your candidate search.

I shrunk that down to size 8 font and .2 inch margins and that was one sheet. could probably fit some more stuff on there, such as:



What was going through your mind at 19 years old that made you say, I want to major in [useless.]

What was THIS company all about? [if you unfortunately worked at a place briefly that had kinda a left-wing ideology, but don’t want to leave it off your resume because you did ok, didn’t ragequit, worked there full time, and it looks better than an x month gap on the res.]

WHAT SETS YOU APART from all the other people competing for this job?

then you don’t even really answer the question directly, because that’s impossible to do, anybody with 80 IQ could do this job just fine, but you just regurgitate something you said earlier about leveraging synergy [credit: RamZPaul] and being a results-oriented team member looking to be a revenue generator and to eventually demonstrate leadership potential, to streamline workflow, and skate to where the puck is going to be, providing peerless client support and relationship nourishment to help the company grow its client base and revenue, while minimizing expenses.

THERE YA GO. That one sheeter almost got me a job, I guarantee you it can get you a job too. Only reason it didn’t was because I got cold feet about actually wanting the job. but if I had called them a few more times, I prob could have got it.


may 17

this is a cheap post, feel free to skip hehehe. wanted to share a pastebin like record of all muh search queries:

Search Terms for all days ending 2014-05-17 (Summarized)

All Time

Search Views
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may 17

do they have chatrooms any more. i would suggest hanging out in a chat room of successfuls where they talk about how how they became successful, hehehe. especially regarding work and skool. kollige and kareer.

and social skillz and wimmin. how to make friends and influence people and network with people of influence and get them to do influential things for you like give you jobs and introduce you to wimmin and money and clients ie money sources. revenue generators. income streamz.

maybe a message board. imho 4chan has the best message boards, but i haven’t read in months, and they didn’t have anything career oriented back then. they should. cuz jobz are the only thing that matters.


more important than skool, more important than wimmin, more important than friends and family. prob more important than yer higher power. WORK is the most important thing in LIFE.

hehehehehehehehehe. obviously i do not believe that. if i did, maybe i would be more of a winner!

wimmin do not impress me. i doubt i could ever fall in crazy life changing luv with a wimmin ever again, unless she were YOUNG, real cute, AND had a real good personality. if anything my standards have gotten HIGHER as I get older and more desperate, hehehehe. how about u?

not sure if i AM more desperate, though I prob should be, just because it has been SO LONG.

When I was young, I would get Lonely when going through long dry spells (i.e., always!), but even though I’m still on a huge dry spell, I don’t feeeeel nearly as Lonely any more. Pretty comfortable being alone. just have no energy, drive, or motivation, hehehehehe. but i don’t get super lonely thinking about grills at least. well i felt bretty bad after girl7 rejected me hehehe and that took at least a year to get over! and i still have dreams about grills 1 thru 8 about twice a week and that sucks.

how about u?

ummm. anyway.

what was the one thing where i diverged from the path of being a winner; the FORK IN THE ROAD where I officially started becoming a loser?

ummm it was between ages 18 to late 20. let’s say a few months after I turned 19. then i stopped giving a f00k about skool and declared a useless major. when I should have started skool with a f00king useful STEM degree. yup. let’s just say 19. at that time I started smoking w33d regularly and my grades in skool dropped, and my interest. officially began just trying to skate by with minimum effort, in a useless degree, smoking w33d regularly. yep, it was 19 or 20 that i officially became a loser.

well i have made some positive steps since then. i quit drinking and have not “relapsed.” i smoke like one puff of w33d once every two years. i took like 70 skool credits that were less useless than what i took in college. i got a better job. so there, mfer.

heh. don’t “disqualify the positive” and over magnify the negative.

i have gotten better at talking to customers. i am quite a bit down from my peak weight. i am sort of trying to fix my loserness by taking meds, talking to a shrink once every 3 weeks, regularly powerwalking, writing this blog, trying to heed signs from muh higher power, trying to overcome my loserness.

so it doesn’t matter than my career sucks and i can’t pull a decent wimmin, hehehehehe.

no, it really doesn’t, in the face of those improvements i have made.

how about u.

but weird. just a few days ago i was feeling pretty bad, like I was really near “my Bottom.” Rock Bottom. heh. I would have to be doing a lot of drugs/alcohol to reach rock bottom.

well, maybe i’m at what rock bottom would be without drugs/alc!

ummmm maybe, maybe not. i would have to be homeless and have cancer to be at rock bottom! and have no friends! and not even have a job to be laid off from! and fatter!

but yeah. i was thinking. could you get it up to a woman you weren’t really attracted to? like say when gay guys get married and have children. you have to get it hard to penetrate a wimmin and dump a l04d.

I actually worry than an ugly woman would force herself on me, and then i would get hard just from being touched by any woman, even an ugly one.

well, the good news is that i could not possibly get hard consistently. maybe the first time i would get excited by the novelty of it, but not consistently enough to get sucked/trapped in a rel with an unattractive wimmin. hehehehe. yeah i am a huge lookist, i admit it, i don’t mind it. would rather be a lookist than a nonlookist.

basically, could you Get An Erection simply from being Touched by Another Human, kind of like when you sit on your hand to make your hand fall asleep so then when you beat the meat, it feels like another person doing it? (“THE STRANGER”)

again, like i say, maybe the first couple times, but ABSOLUTELY not something you could do with any regularly, for the long term. so, couldn’t possibly trap you into a long term rel.  WIN.



may 17

so i was thinking, all women should leave the workforce, leave their careers, and become stay at home homeschooling momz. teaching their kids a college level education by the time they are 18.

to combat bullying, you teach your kidz martial arts, so they can stand up to bullies. you teach your kids not to TAKE that sort of nonsense. to say f00k YOU to the bully, and then be able to beat up the bully. then your kid is alpha and will have to Beat Off The Girls With A Stick.

but, you say, homeschooled, the kids won’t have any social opportunities.

FALSE. you get the kid a part time job when they are 16, ideally at a restaurant, mcd’s, walmart, something HORRIBLE and Service Oriented, so they learn social skills.

after a year of that, get them a job in manual labor or construction, so they know how to do that.

year of that, a job in….i dunno. something technical. because now they are 18 and have the education of a Bachelors of Engineering because you’ve been homeschooling them hardcore in math and science, STEM, martial arts, phys ed, survival, business, etc.

or to meet similar age peers they can join the youth group at church, or a youth sports team, or start a band, etc. you don’t need to go to SKOOL to meet other KIDZ. HUGE Fallacy there.

BBBBBut with only one income, we’d have to live in a crime filled unsafe neighborhood with diversity!

FALSE, get a cheap apartment in the safest part of town.

Should you live in city or country? I guess city allows for good networking, making powerful friends, etc. but it is more unsafe and filled with degenerates.  whereas country is peaceful and safe and quiet, but no friends.

uhh because you are not tied down with a mortgage, maybe move from a place in the city to a place in the country, rotating every year. city, country, city, country.

or find a good decent safe city. i am kinda biased because I lived most of my life around a real crappy city with nothing to offer, so naturally I would prefer the country. but I guess good cities allow you to network with successfuls. however they are also full of middle class progressives. but you can still be friends with them too, esp if they are successful and can help you and your kids become successful. just play along with their silly beliefs, and have your own solid beliefs.

I hear PORTLAND is a pretty good place for the young person trying to meet a wife and start a family.

so yeah i am thinking about ways to SURVIVE OFF A SINGLE INCOME when a DOUBLE INCOME is the norm nowadays.

Think that stops some people from having large Broods of Children??????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


So go ahead. shoot first, ask questions later. have a large brood of kidz on a single income and then figure out what you will do later. cross that bridge when you get there. hehehehe.

heh. yeah. this anti bullying stuff AMAZES me. NEVER had stuff like that when I was young. now I never had big problems with being bullied, i just got mildly teased. still the solution was the same then as it is now: grow a pair and stand up to the bully, tell them F00K YOU 4SSHOLE. that’s IT. f00k you 4sshole.

then when they get mad and attack, you’re prepared for that, and quickly put them in a submission hold or something.

now the bully would have no idea how to fight, because he’s a dumb b4stard who can’t control himself, he would legit be trying to KILL you with brute force, curbstomping your head, etc. so be careful of that. meanwhile you’re not trying to kill him or even hurt him too much, but rather publicly humiliate them but putting them in a sleeper or submission hold. besides that way you can’t get in too much legal trouble, than if you crushed the bullies skull and gave him permanent brain damage and got sued. you’re trying to show physical dominance without getting sued.

but wouldn’t the bully then try to seriously Kill you later as revenge? maybe, but also possibility is that the bully’s entourage will side with you, making you the new alpha male. and then you would use that power wisely.

knowing how to defend yourself physically is very empowering. this is why learning martial arts or wrestling from a young age is so important. but so few kids do it. i sure didn’t! i still have no idea!

and while i was not seriously bullied, I still took too much sh1t than I should have, because I was scared to stand up for myself. Nope. You don’t need to take ANY sh1t. Not a single second. immediately stand your ground and say f00k you 4sshole, you can’t talk to me like that without consequences.

maybe i was equally scared of getting in trouble at school? for standing up for myself???? well i’m officially advising you: go ahead, get in trouble at school, what’s important is that you stand up for yourself. just don’t hurt the bully so bad that you could get sued or go to jail. but if you get suspended for putting the bully in a say uncle wrestling submission hold, well then F00K. go ahead and get suspended. you should be getting homeschooled anyway.