may 2

yeah buddy. was feeling superbad about jobs and being a loser so i went for a second powerwalk to get to 4.8 miles for the day. nice.

probably the best thing i can do is, contact my “current” job mgr and ask them for an “ETA” on my rehire.

my other aces in the hole are, going to a staffing agency, and lying mah ballz off. just lying and being more full of sh1t than ever before, in order to tell them exactly what they want to hear.

maybe going to the docker and demanding a sh1tload of prozac and a sh1tload of buspar so i can function throughout the day and not freak out and quit the job.

bring a one sheeter to the docker and know exactly which drugs you want. you will want to pick off the $4 rx list because of course you don’t have good health care. but you can get prozac and buspar off there. sh1t i am pretty sure str8 up XANAX can be got in a generic that is not horribly expensive.

but don’t expect your docker to know all this, or to know the name of the drug, or to write it for a generic, that’s why you bring in a one sheeter and tell him EXACTLY what you want!

you should be able to get a visit for less than $100. I know I can get a visit for like $80. so save up $80 or put it on your credit card. make sure the office takes credit cards. not all of them do!

and then lie your balls off to show you are not just GOOD, but PERFECT, and take tons of meds to keep you from K’ing yourself because of your job. the end. hehehehe.

now once you get the job, do eveyrthing you can to get ahead. suck up, show how smart you are, etc. sometimes a company actually will promote you because they can see you are smarter than everyone else, and then you become assistant manager in under a year.  extreme example, but still.

at my job there is a clique of “cool kids” which I should be kissing their A’s harder, and bringing in coffee for them. that is how you suck up, you come in with like 10 tim hortons coffees. even though there is a coffee machine there you can make folgers with. I always drink a ton of folgers and never buy tim hortons. this will be my downfall if i don’t correct course (another great buzzword.)

i wonder how can they stack all these trays of coffee cups in their car and drive without spilling all the stuff. that honestly is my main concern.

plus i am noticing more d1ckheads than i did at first. like, do all these people really NEED to be such 4ssholes? I did the job without being such a huge 4sshole.

if paxil and prozac are both similar ssri’s, it is possible that one would have a drastically different effect over the other? because muh paxil does nothing, and i would hope prozac would make a drastic difference. like cure muh laziness and make me a hard worker and make me motivated to get a useful masterz degree and enter the middle class and get a nice lower middle class career job and a lower middle class wief who doesn’t gain 9000000000 pounds the instant she hits 30.

i argue you can have several children each with a different woman and be a good father to each of the children. that way if one woman sucks, you can minimize your involvement with her, but still work with her to be a parent to that child, and then have a better woman for your next wife. wives are like CARS. they get sh1tty after a few years, then you gotta get a new one.

who cares. just worry about banging cute 18 yo’s first, and sowing your wild oats.

and also finding a ft job that you can stay at for a few years. damn. f00k.

sh1t who cares if you don’t get promoted. just a place you can not quit or not get laid off for two good years. DAMN.

i’ve actually met people who were bigger losers than me. sort of. one guy had a valid excuse, because he never finished his bach degree, and also he had huge health problems.

and this one guy who got laid off and then remained laid off for like 4 years, hehehe.

and all the guys in prison are bigger losers than me! but I have never actually MET them hehehe. I am thinking of people I’ve actually met in person.

i know plenty of people who never finished their degree, but they are still gainfully employed and getting pvssy. well, it’s not great pvssy, hehehehe.

anyone who finished their degree and became a loser? Nope, only me. Everyone else got masterz degreez and good middle class masterz degree jobz and wives.

so, obvious answer is, get a masterz degree. take out loanz and just do it, and odds are i will prob get a decent job afterwards.  so just do it already. i can assure you i would know well enough to not get a useless masterz degree. I would get something heavily STEM oriented.

i would also do everything i could to Kiss A with my professors, hang out with them before and after class, and pump them for names of contacts at companies who could get me a job. ideally i would get a masters degree job even before officially completing the masterz degree. at the very latest, then the second after graduating. no later. the entire PURPOSE of getting a masterz degree is to get a GOOD JOB.

sh1t the entire purpose of getting a bach degree should be to get a good job!

well I’m sorry LORD, I done f00ked it up. please give me the strength and the COURAGE to unf00k it.