june 17

well got back from the shrink. also got an email saying would be getting “offer details” by the end of the week.

with the huge management shakeup, and the horrible planning / readiness for q1, namely, why hire at least 2 or 3 times the people you’re going to actually need, ie why hire a sh1tload of people only to lay most of them off almost immediately; why can’t you anticipate your business needs better than that, don’t you have mbas;

but they like to push a smaller number of people until they break, rather than spreading the work out;

in other words i wouldn’t be surprised to get a pay cut. now my pay was pretty good, but when i saw how stressful the job was, i said THIS AIN’T ENOUGH MONEY. I would take a pay cut for a reduction in stress, but right now, they should be paying me MORE.

which is of course, still way less than muh college peers and x-lovers are making with their harvard masterz degrees, hahahahahahahahahaha.

well, we’ll see. i will know the job better thus be less stress. also, work during summer and fall is different and inhernetly less stressful. also i have my plan to exercise moar and thus relieve more stress. and also possibly get some new meds from the doc to help.

heh. ideally get a new job by january 2015. that’s when sh1t gets REAL stressful at the job.

worst case scenario, power thru q1 2015 and if i do not snap, then really get serious about getting new job after muh layoff then. plus have more experience to add value for employerf4gs.

but they could possibly keep me by giving me a big pay raise come april 2015.

yeah it sucks not being a valuable employee, but a very replaceable employee, but it’s too much damn work to become valuable. years and years of grueling work that could very well not pay off. you gotta really believe in it religiously.

but i might just go to trade skool and become an electrician once i find a renewable source of Wild Oats, hahahaha.

i am such a sechsual libidinous ID of a person that the sechsual needs come before anything else. first philosophy. ontology.  its a little decadent sure, but i will be less decadent once i get the decadence out of my system. which i have not yet done.

get it out of your system. give it the ol college try. get deep in the action.

i met a guy who had no healthy insurance, as many of us over 25’s don’t, and he needed some serious dental work, so he went to nicaragua of all places to get it done. i should have asked him more about that, but i assume he wouldn’t have had it done there if he could get it done cheaper in the US.  now he is a far out guy who is really off the grid and travels a lot for months at a time backpacking and couch surfing and camping and hostels and communes and all that.  kind of nice actually, i would still like to get my backpacking thru europe phase out of my system, hehehe. really all i am missing is the balls. you would really “only” need like 1500 bucks to fly to london or paris. then you could use your social skills to get jobs for travel and shelter money. work on a farm, get free food and shelter for the night, make a few bucks to get a “eurail” pass or something, stay with anarchists for free.

i like that kind of help each other out attitude but wish there was something on the right for it and not just leftist marxist anarchists. that would be my life mission hehehe. setting up a rightist community like that. prob largely based on extended families owning well-fortified compounds that produced income for themselves by supplying a useful trade like welding, electrician, plumbing. 30 family members living in a big house, homeschooling, prepping, have room to take in trusted friends.

a rightist commune basically. i have already mentioned this. or i will. not sure when that gets published.

of course theres the argument that you can never HAVE a rightist commune, because communes are INHERENTLY leftist, because collectivism is leftist and individualism is rightist.

well i say rightists are smart enough to come up with a working solution. all it is is building your own community.

also let me throw the idea out there about Ridesharing and Transportation Network Companies like Lyft or Uber. this is like a cheaper version of a taxi where people with cars volunteer to drive people without cars and get paid all thru The App. Supposedly they say it is 30% cheaper than a taxi. I saw a guy get an Uber Car on my recent trip and they arrived in like 15 minutes from when he first requested it. i was amazed. no surprised that Andreesen Horowitz is backing this.

i would recommend becoming a driver. i guess you can make up to $20 an hour, which is PROBABLY more than you’re making now. plus all your fares will be nonviolent hipsters and gunless leftists, rather than raging violent crackheads. probably some cute early 20s gurls in there!!!

BUT i think you can’t have a DUI. jeez o petes.