june 18

going backwards now. anyway rather than resurrect my political blog it is prob better to have the occasional political post on this blog.

we all know i am a little racist, i’ve said that many times. Now I do study the racist scene and read racist stuff. Racialism, racial nationalism, I’m trying not to drop names here. ok i read some stuff that is kinda white nationalism.

not that i really identify as a white nationalist, i just think it’s really interesting. i am prob more of a straight up nationalist like RamZPaul. I would be happy with a 90% white country, hehehehe.

i am also too soft on race mixing to be a true white nationalist. to be perfectly honest, i have a slight fetish for JEWISH women.

yet i also consider myself more jew-wise than the average.

well one of my favorite voices in the “movement” is a very young man, early to mid twenties, and he is a shining star in my opinion. BUT today I learned that as of May 2014 he is taking a sabbatical from “the movement” due to a request from his spiritual advisor in the Orthodox Church.

I also found some other websites that criticized him for having a relationship with a Jewish Gurl while at college. A cute, smart, right-wing, anti-communist, small-govt jewish girl with really great bewbs.

And I thought to myself, heck I would bang that jewish girl all DAY, i can’t blame him! add to the mix that she is also a right-wing anti-communist and you might have the perfect woman! I’d MARRY that gurl and have mud babies with her and be a huge race traitor and hang on the day of the rope and get kicked out of the white homeland!

a total DEGENERATE in other words!

well, I’m not sure that it was a Sexual Relationship, and I DON’T like how she dances around the issue. I think she was just friends with him. He already had A gurlfriend. did he actually cheat on her with this jewish girl? I would ask her point blank, did you ever have any kind of sechs with this guy?

Now I certainly wouldn’t care even as a guy somewhat supportive of white nationalism, because i think the girl is cute as f00k and i would totally do godawful degenerate things to every inch of her jewish body.

but the thing about some white nationalists is that they are VERY divisive amongst themselves, always accusing their allies of being traitors and miscegenators and federal plants and JIDF and moles and plants. i would not last a minute in the movement without being kicked out for my degenerate race mixing ways.

so i just wanted to say, i still really like this young man, i hope he comes back to speak about Nationalism and finds a way to square it with his Faith, and that he is not being manipulated by his Priest, and I totes understand if he banged this jewish gurl, because I totes would, all day! right now!

while i like her being anti-communist, and we can certainly argue there is a huge venn diagram overlap with jews and communism, i don’t like that she seems a bit disingenuous, not saying the exact nature of her relationship with this guy, and also having a zionist double standard where it’s a-ok to have a jewish state, and absolutely unacceptable to have a white state.

so maybe that’s what led to the end of their relationship. she said she was getting uncomfortable with how extreme he was getting.

once again, i am not a true white nationalist because i would happily, eagerly bang girls of various races. jews would be at the top of that list, possibly because they look the most white with their pale white skin. also they are very into that pseudointellectual middle class college banter that is such effective foreplay, and have some middle class cool factor about them, in that they know about current events and artsy movies and artsy music and don’t get sh1tty tattoos and luv nickelback, hahahaha.

but i am white and I’ve come to love my race and become very pro-white and on the lookout for anti-white action, and it’s no secret that jews are behind a lot of that. and whites as well!

and i’ve come to appreciate my own white women more, that now I would take the idea of actually having mixed CHILDREN much more seriously! Sure I might love banging jewish girls, but having a mixed jewish white BABY is an ENTIRELY different situation.

well, what would the child be? Jewish or white? or Mixed? I’m personally glad I’m not mixed, that would be a huge source of confusion! I like being white, I wouldn’t want to be mixed!

And I know I would prob try to push the kid to Be White, and the jewish mother would prob try to push him to be jewish.

HOWEVER, I can’t say I would absolutely never have a mixed jewish baby. like if a cute as hell, young, perky-breasted, rightist, anti-communist jewish girl swept me off my feet and became Girl9, hehehe, and I were in luv with her, then hell YEAH I probably WOULD want to have mixed babies, same way as I want to have white babies with white Girl7 or white Girl8. True Luv == Babies.

i do respect how the jews have a strong sense of racial identity, and stand up for their own, and have amassed truly ridiculous power. i would like to see my fellow whites do the same. and i can’t help but have a bit of resentment towards the jews for amassing much of that power at other people’s expense.

well the cat’s out of the bag now innit. HORSE IS OUT OF THE BARN. you can now identify me 100% as….the author of my old blog. but since my old blog is pretty much dead, and this one’s alive and kicking, who cares. also i am not appealing so much to the white nationalist community any more. i appeal to kissless virgins of all races, of all political persuasions, because politics is really not the main focus of this blog like it was the old blog. i just got to let it out 10% of the time, becuase it still is important to me.

but not as important as Becoming a Winner with Wimmin and Work.

if anything, this blog excludes on basis of Sex rather than basis of Race or Political Affiliation. IE, NO GURLS ALLOWED. MEN ONLY.