may 1

moar compelled than usu to write.

weird dreams last night man!

I was in my old childhood house again. it was a great house. i was in my old bedroom, which was a converted attic and the best bedroom ever.

the theme was that I was having a kind of “going away party” and many of my old friends from college and some from high school were showing up and giving me an emotional farewell. i wasn’t sure where I was going. or maybe it was that THEY were all going away forever. one person gave me the friendly advice that I should really seriously consider getting a Masters Degree, when they had a masters degree in something useless like Spiritual Studies or something, whereas I was considering Business or STEM ONLY, but didn’t want to do the work or pay the money. but i took his advice in the friendly spirit it was given.

there were a few guys from high school. strangely enough, I don’t think some of my closest, long term friends even made an appearance.

and then weirdest of all, there was a gurl from middle school who showed up, and now she was all matured an in her Early Twenties and looking REAL cute. as she came to say goodbye and approached me and it was all sad and dramatic, and then we started making out furiously, and it turned out we were both in Luv with each other. I think it developed even into passionate, true love, let’s get married type Sex! that was real fun!

and then last minute drastic rearranging of plans, so we could spend our lives together, and too bad we didn’t do this EARLIER.

anyway things were looking cautiously optimistic there, and then we wandered out into the world, and it was an apocalyptic wasteland, where we were quickly separated and predated upon by the weird forces that were killing humanity. so that sucked.

But then I thought of the Actual Girl. From MIDDLE school. She was cute, nice, not Slutty, not a “bad girl”, and also not one of the super popular girls. should i try to find her on facebook now? prob not. but I should have tried to court her in middle school hehehe.

and then there was another interesting dream. i was getting in with a new group of friends including one esp cute gurl, who I was interested in, and who was giving signals to me as well. I was helping them move to a new house, with the implication that me and the cute gurl would HOOK UP when the move was done. but I kept dropping stuff and was saddled with all the super cumbersome stuff, etc etc etc, really got screwed there. so the dream ended with me dropping a bunch of stuff in the middle of the street, getting frustrated, and waiting for them to show up to help me, but they were taking too long and not appreciating the difficulty i was having.

the huge spike in dreaming maybe came from a discussion the night before that was pretty intense, 3 men thinking about the future of themselves and of the world. we agreed that 80% of humanity was huge idiots, idiocracy idiots too dumbed down to have any understanding of the world. one guy was considering a possible career upgrade. the other guy had just upgraded his career and is in a very good place and I am kinda jealous of. he talked about his Career Ambitions to Work Hard, Advance Fast, Do what it takes to Rise Quickly to the Executive Level and make 100k + a year. Proving himself at work, possib getting a masters degree, etc. and he is a very intelligent guy; well all 3 of us are very intelligent, moreso than the 80% of sheeple idiots, hehehe.

the first guy talked about how he hated school and was also really lazy. he could have gotten into a good college but didn’t want to do the work. i completely related. of course guy2 was sort of pushing guy1 to finish his bachelors degree so as to get a better job, as he has already proven himself currently in a managerial position, but moving up wouldn’t be bad either, and a lot of jobs demand the Sheet Of Paper.

Just like a lot of jobs demand the Sheet of Paper that is a Masters Degree.

And Guy2 said he could have gotten into a good college too, and said his big regret was missing the deadline to apply for the Good College I actually went to, and Sh4t the bed at! I’m not sure if he was trying to get me to talk about my experience, of course, I didn’t really want to, becuase certainly MY biggest regret is going to that college and not making anything of myself!

So he went to a “lesser” college, one where I wish I had gone instead, and he did VERY well for himself, and is well on his way to making those six figures.

and then we started discussing big picture things like government and economy and taxation and debt and political stuff. all very good topics. now, guy2 is much more left leaning than me, and started talking about how evil libertarians and conservatives are. I smiled and Hid My Rightist Nationalist Views.

Because you almost can’t get away with having Rightist Nationalist Views if you are Huge Loser like Me!

and then there was talk on Econ 3 stuff like NAFTA and Free Trade and Globalization and Trade Balances and GDP and Government Spending and Taxation Policies. not the type of stuff you can talk to the Sheeple about, or Wimmin, hehehe. Certainly you can speak like this at an Elite College, but all those kids are Leftists, hehehe.

anyhow I didn’t entirely agree with the guy but he made some good points and made me think about the ridic Masterz Degree, or at the very least, that we are both interested in The Global Economy.

Now he is on board with it, and I am VERY skeptical of it, and wonder if there’s anyway we can Opt Out of the Global Economy, and still Protect American Jobs. I guess the idea is that we go through hard times in the short term so we can get better in the long term as an even moar global player.

of course, “short term” is the remainder of our lives!!!

so he thinks Education is the Key, and that if Fedgov dipped into Defense Spending by even 1% it could Erase All Student Debt. I agree that Education is A Scam and Too Damn Expensive. However I am more leery of Globalization and World Economy, and would like a more Protectionist and Nationalist approach. how far would our standard of living decrease then? a little or a lot?

plus i am jelly that he made better decisions than me and is reaping what he sowed, and has a good alpha level career job, can pull gurls, etc.  slightly jelly, he is a good guy.

but yeah all 3 of us have alpha level intelligence and deserve good jobs and good gurls, but our lives all took very different paths, with me being the biggest loser hehehe. well, you become a loser when you’re LAZY, eh. but the other guy, who admits his huge laziness, is still a bigger winner than me! but he’s a good guy too, I like and respect both guys.

anyway it was a memorable and fun discussion and might have prompted all the intense dreaming later.