june 18

wow. u are gonna get an intense extreme post on july 24. just sayin. prepare yourself. my anti-racist haters are gonna have a FIELD DAY.

ok. now that i’ve determined gurls are a bigger priority than job, no matter how counterintuitive that seems, might as well go whole hog. besides, job is the endgame anyway. success with wimmin will build the confidence NECESSARY for success in job. a PREREQUISITE. at least it is for me, right now.

if someone were holding a gun to my head saying they’d kill me and my family if i didn’t get a better job, yes of course, then the job would take first priority.

but i am going to give you a ONE SHEETER, a CHEAT SHEET of what to say and do to get gurls. PERIOD. when the going gets tuff, the TUFF GET GOING.

cocky funny. there is a point to whatever pua said cocky funny. cocky without funny does not work, makes you a d2ck. funny without cocky makes you a sexual nonstarter beta friendzone.

you don’t even need to be cocky 90% of the time. you could be cocky only 10% the time as long as it is memorable and she remembers your big cocky moment.







the reporters standard set of questions. the 5 w’s. use them religiously. these are really the keys to EVERY conversation. leading questions to get your person to feel COMFORTABLE, and talking.

getting them talking is more important than you even listening.

in fact, not really listening may add to your cockiness! win win!

I am an old school man who still believes in buying the girl drinks and dinner, perhaps as much as for the first three dates. if I’d pay a hooker $300 for sex, then I might as well pay a nonhooker $400 for sex, huh??

some mgtow’s and kissless virgins are TOTALLY AGAINST paying for the gurl at ALL. NO MAAM. I respectfully disagree. I say, give it a chance. it may or may not work, depending on how big a b1tch the wimmin is.

who are your best friends?

who are your parents?

what do you do for a living?

what college did you go to?

what is the most degenerate thing you did in you college slut phase?

what is the worst thing you’ve ever done to another human being?

what is your definition of fun?

what are you doing tomorrow?

what are you doing next week?

what are you doing next month?

what are you doing next year?

when did you graduate?

when did you start your career?

when did you move here?

where are you from?

where are your parents from?

where have you traveled?

where do you want to travel?

where do you live?

how do you feel about abortion?

how do you feel about gay marriage?


how did that work out for you?

how was your day?

how do you feeeeeeeeeeel about your career?

how do you feeeeeeeeeeel about your family?

how do you feeeeeeeeeeel about your friends?

(notice a pattern?)

how did you to here from there?

how did you get your current job?

how did you decide on moving to this town?

how did you become the person you are today?

why do you think people do xyz?

why did you make the decision to get your mba in human resources.

why did you want to getr divorced from your hubband.

etc etc.

this is basic normalfag nonautist social skills 101, which sound ridiculous on paper, but these are exactly the fundamentals you can forget when faced with an attractive wimmin, and need to be reminded of.

also, get some xanax to pop before a hot date so you’re not nervous and more confident. of COURSE that makes a big difference.

yes. go to the docker and get a benzo rx for the sole purpose of using them only with wimmin. it’s worth it if it helps you lose your kissless virginity and develop confidence with wimmin, and then confidence with the almighty career.

think about it. say $100 for the doc office visit. annnd $30 for the xanax. then $300 on the woman. you get to lose your kissless virginity with a real nonhooker wimmin for a mere $430!!!!!

yes that IS a sizeable sum, but I bet a lot of kv’s would think it’s worth it!

and as you get better at it, build more confidence, i daresay you could start getting bangs for under $50 per!!!! or less!!!

use xanax to convincingly fake confidence, and use the five w’s to form open-ended, leading, probing questions, then let her talk, pretend to listen, and drop in some cockiness and some funnyness now and then.

i keep forgetting some guys are autists like elliot rodger and don’t even know how to make MALE friends.

well, just be nice to them, i can assure you, guys like niceness. elliott rodger’s male friends dumped him because he was never nice to them and was never really interested in them; he was too self-centered to be invested in the Male Relationship whatsoever.

basically, buy your male friends drinks and dinner or do something nice for them every once in a while.

send them something thru amazon if you’re both busy.

send them a fooking .01 cent book. maybe even something mildly red pill.

holy sh1t it is raining and storming very severely right now. but it means nothing to me if i cannot experience it with a beautiful blond gurlfran like all the popular boys, a pleasure i will never know! waah wah wah!!!! yes that is an elliot rodger reference.