june 18


here’s a great magic bullet which never occured to me:


I guarantee you, there is a public pool within 5 miles of where you live.

I can think of 2 or 3 pools WHICH I NEVER GO TO because I FORGET THEY’RE EVEN THERE.

also i am a bit averse to going alone by myself. but that is stupid. i used to go to movies by myself all the time until i figured out movies sucked. and the pool on a hot day is WAY better than a stupid MOVIE!

so you have to pay to get in. so what. then you only go once every two weeks or something.

if you ever go to the bar ever, then you have no excuse. you could be using that money to go to the pool, trying to buy sechs from wimmin, buying silver, buying bitcoin, buying guns (hehehe), buying a gym membership.

THE BAR is the biggest Money Sucker of ALL TIME.

even worse than Restaurant Food.

I am so happy I will never buy drinks at a bar ever again.

or, sneak your own booze into the bar like I used to!

also, think about getting big medical surgeries in MEXICO. or NICARAGUA. go to a good US-trained doctor of course in the big city. you will save 50% from the 4ssraeping medical costs in the US. which is inflated because of stupid health companies run by international globalist banksters. so make globalism work for you by getting your treatment in mexico.

note: I am generally VERY anti-globalization. VERY.

whenever i feel regrets for not trying to get the good career of doctor or nurse etc, i think of what a disgraceful, disgusting, degenerate scam the whole medical industry is. it’s seriously right up there with mortgages and student loans. i just haven’t thought about it because i’ve been BLESSED with good health so far. i have a feeling that is gonna start going downhill though, because i am getting older.

how about u?

heh. it is weird to think, i would never really have gotten all hyped up on girl8 if girl7 had just said yes and agreed to go out with me. hehehe. girl8 would have never become a thing, and i would have lived happily ever after with girl7. she was powerful enough to do that. that’s the diff between luv and like, son. hehehehe.

it’s also possible i have NEVER known true luv, and these 8 instances of “true luv” are really just “like.”

well they are something way above the average of just wanting to bang a grill.

june 19

oy vey. ball is in the court of employer, waiting for them to call me back. things are gonna change around here, unless they screw me and DONT give me job back. that would actually be a blessing in disguise, cuz then i would go to the temp agency and get a diff job.

waiting for bharmacy to call back, i am running out of paxil and do not want the Abrupt Discontinuation Symptoms, although not too worried about it. but if i do go to the doc, i have my list. my one sheeter. will request tricyclic or a superstrong antilaziness drug; a benzo; and buspar; and anything i f00king WANT. I’ll request 9000 drugs. oxycontin. ketamine. f00k. adderrall. medicinal marihuana.  anything and everything. that’s what the doctor is FOR. ask for generics. if the rx turns out to be too expensive, just don’t fill it. but you will have the rx if you really need it.

who, what, when, how, why, which, where. tell me about that. how about you.

sometimes you can fall in luv with a young girl just because she is real cute and in proximity. that’s what happened with me and girl6. she was of very poor character and it would have turned out horrible if we had ever Hooked Up, she prob would have dumped me after 4 sechsual events at most, and I would have been p1ssed like a b1tch. however that would have been ok because at least i would have gotten something out of her rather than nothing. but she was a real piece of work and it was a reflection of my own weakness that i even liked her.

contrast with girl7. it sucks that girl7 didn’t work out, but it made perfect sense that i was in luv with her. she was a great choice in other words: good head, cute, smart, moral, not crazy, not slutty, the only thing wrong with her was that she did not like me and or asexual lebbian.

girl8 i think IS pretty crazy but prob still better than girl6. smarter and less slutty at least. prob less crazy too.

girls girls girls. the cons have outweighed the pros. in my life at least. how about you?

my goal is to get physical action at my beck and call, so i can focus on more imporatnt things in life. finding true luv is not a super big goal but i am open to it. i wouldn’t mind it. i just don’t WANT to make it a big priority because i know how hard it is to find.

also sechs is a much better return on investment, percentagewise, than true luv.

isn’t that interesting?

besides i just went on okcupid yesterday and dear god what a trainwreck. if you don’t become a misogynist after looking at okcupid, you are an idiot. I really don’t think average wimmin are THAT bad, just that okcupid self-selects the worst possible loser defect degenerate wimmin. that’s why they are on a dating website despite being

The Natural Born Choosers in the Mating game.