june 19

find the most religious person at your job and then pray with them every day to help relieve stress. i was glad to meet a minister at my job, but then he got laid off early for not learning fast enough.

i am not a communist, and veyr pro-capitalist and galt and rand, but that  is just not fair. i am very concerned about The Human Resource, hehehe.

so while i am a staunch rightist, i do honestly pick and choose some elements more associated with the left, for better or worse: Human Rights, Workers Rights, Sweatshops, intentional communities, resource sharing, local economies, cooperatives, communes, anti crony capitalism.

but i am prob against minimum wage laws.

but when you’re a loser, your opinion doesn’t matter, and is probably wrong because it’s totally influenced and controlled by you being a loser!!!


hehehe. stop oppressing me with Oppressive Language like “Loser,” you ignorant, uneducated hater fascist.

i believe that casual sex and a high number of sex partners is harmful to women. psychologically, emotionally, makes them crazy, makes them dangerous, makes them unhealthy.

it’s not even necessarily great for MEN either, although it does lead to men being perceived as more masculine, better with women, and thus having more choice with women, and men having choice / agency re the women they are with is itself pretty good.  but you also don’t want to bang so many b1tches that you eventually become a nihilist misogynist commitmentphobe unable to have a healthy rel with a wimmin!

or you become a kissless virgin unable to healthy rel with a wimmin too, hehehehehe.

how about this: don’t even think of going to University or Buying a Home before the age of twenty five. you are too young to make well informed, mature, smart, good decisions that will impact you the rest of your life financially.

so can you have a baby before twenty-five. i do think yes. i don’t even think it’s a bad idea.

i met a young man who had a six month old baby, and he and his wife kinda bucked the trend by having the baby pretty much immediately after graduating college. he met his wife in college, and then instead of establishing hotshot careers and grad skool, they had a baby. this is unexpected among middle class collegef4gs, and I am in full support of it.

not sure exactly how young they are. the man looks real young but it’s very possible he is as old as 25 or 26.

still, young for babies among the middle class kids, and i’d like to see it get even younger. 18 is a PERFECT age for women to be having babies.

but the lamestream media portrays 18 year old mothers as trash or losers or idiots or victims deprived of an education and a career.

so i like seeing as many happy, healthy young mothers as I possibly can.

i actually held the baby briefly and got a picture with the baby, so i can convince potential mothers of my children than i am a good father, hehehehehe.

but i don’t think i’ve ever actually held a baby before in my life, believe it or not.

i would totes not be ready for a baby right now, even though ideally I would have like 3 or 4 kids by now, having them young and growing up fast.

and of course, you’re never really ready.

so i think i said I would just have one at age 40 if I hadn’t by that time.

and i am thinking it’s enough that you simply like the mother rather than be crazy in luv with the mother. you can evne have very little sechsual attraction to the mother. you’re looking for a woman of good moral character to be a good mother to your children, not a damn sechs partner.

if you can find a woman who’d be BOTH, good for you. 3 maybe 4 of my 8 Women might have fit that bill. you can definitely fall in luv, unfortunately, with a wimmin who would be a horrible mother, and prob a horrible wief in the long run too.

also, no drugs or alcohol before 25. drugs, alcohol, or huge loans.

also it should not be shameful to live with your parents until you are 25. and then you and your wife and children just move into the apartment next door to your parents!

yes you should be able to own guns before 25.

and “enforcement” of these “laws” would all be common sense and done at the family and social level. all your friends and family would discourage you from going to college before age 25.

but again, i am biased, because i am a bigger loser than average. the average person wins more and works harder at life, skool, career, women, etc, and thus wins more.

june 20

like, would i be such an EXTREMIST if I weren’t a loser? such EXTREME opinions on politics, race, women, education, economics, child raising, govt, life, mating, survival, etc.

obviously this is an important issue to moi. because i see winners with more moderate or even leftist beliefs, and you have to wonder if your own kinda harsh cynical beliefs come from bitterness about your own failure.

and it’s really not even worth THINKING about your own failures too much if it stops you from DOING useful stuff.