june 20

yeah buddy.

ok i introduce the social coach about 2 days from now. great term, use it.

if you want to grow a long beard but your beard grows in a weird direction on specific sides of your face, like a “cowlick”, instead of growing straight out from your face like a normalf4g, such as myself, where the hair on the right side of my face grows almost up and out and looks terrible when it gets too long, but i wanted to have a long beard!!!

well, you can sort of “train” it with some water whenever youre in the bathroom, or just use your hands to guide it in a good direction throughout the day.

what i am trying now is actually putting some light GEL in it, playing with it to make the part that goes too far to the right to go to the left some more, and then leaving that it overnight so it gets nice and crusty, hehehe.

or today, putting some gel in and then using a regular Comb to Comb the beard in a straight down from the chin direction.

i usually hate the “goatee” look for being way too normalfag and douchbag, but I now make an exception as long as the goatee is LONG and the mustache part is LONG. AND you leave the rest of your beard at a neat #2 length rather than shaving it bald.

so it’s like a full beard with longer chin and mustache.

so i think after 900000 years i finally found the look for me.

it might not be the look for you!

so comb the chin beard with some gel, straight down and out, then let the gel dry and try not to touch it for 15 minutes.

or you could just use MUD like a dirty f00king dreadlock hippie!

also i think that a long walrus like mustache that goes over the lip is very masculine.

just ask all muh ladyfrands, hahahahaha.

shyness and soc anx meetup groups incl group counseling, support groups, etc. if i have one near my area, you prob have one near your area. give it a shot, only $5 a pop.

there the shrink can be your social coach in talking to a bunch of other people, having practice convos with strangers, like what you would do on a job interview or a date with a b1tch. hehehe. i mean a wimmin.

unlike elliot rodger, i actually AM capable of having a completely normalfag social interaction, which is probably why i am not a kissless virgin thank god. just not all the damn time.

my thing is, i have extremely long dry periods.

for example, the first time i made out with a grill, i think it was between freshman and soph year of high school. i was….14 years old?? 14 or 15. not really a bad time to have your first make out! perfectly normalfag right???


but the NEXT time i made out with a grill was not until I was 21!!!!

so that was 6 or 7 years of bad luck hehehe.

and then i first had sechs with a gurl when I was 21, ALSO not a completely bad time for a guy to have first sechs. yeah, it’s a LITTLE beta, a LITTLE behind, but honestly happens more than you might think. a 20 year old male virgin is really NOT a big deal, even though I thought it was at the time.

the REAL big deal and thing to worry about was what followed: much as the long dry spell after first make out, the dry spell after first sechs has been ridiculous, like over 8 years. no joke.

so i had sechs with that gurl only a handful of times, got dumped, got very butthurt, if i were elliot rodger i would have killed 900000000000000000 people because i was in luv son, and did not like getting dumped at all.

actually, only 6 months after that, when i was 22, i had moved on quickly to another grill and was in luv with HER and was making out heavily with her, and ALMOST but not quite had sechs with her. I regret that, I really should have just stuck it in and plowed her hard, also that may have kept her from dumping me, and I could have ironically got some more valuable experience with sechs.

but i didn’t, and life goes on. and since then there has been no sechs. 8 solid years and then some after that. THAT was really the rough thing, not the fact that I had only made out with 3 grills and had sechs “only” like 4 times by the age of 22.

and then i made out with a gurl in early….well shortly after i turned 23. i was raging drunk, she was pretty drunk, we were drunkenly talking, and then decided to make out on a drunken lark. but she was not my type, not really too attractive, and i did not mind that it did not happen again.

hehe. and THAT was the last “action” i got. now that we’re getting technical.

lots of interesting observations out of these facts.

also: the first gurl i made out with at age 14 I didn’t really like. it was 2 girls. i was hanging out at the lake with my “cool” friend, so us 2 guys met these 2 gurls nearby and started hanging out all day, then at night with a fire, and then of course you’re supposed to make out. but i wanted to make out with the OTHER gurl, so i was a little conflicted when making out with the other gurl. it was frustrating and i vowed never to make that mistake again.

and i stuck to that, which is why i didn’t make out with a gurl for the next 7 years. i waited for a gurl i really liked. and so the next gurl i made out with, was the first gurl i had sechs with. and then got dumped after 4 sechs events. that sucked! but not as bad as being a kissless virgin!