june 20.

umm i am continuing a story i started that will be posted on july 14. so uhh come back and read this post in 2 days hehehe.

because i write chronologically forwards but right now I am POSTING chronological BACKWARDS.

that is why i always put the date i write it right in the post.

june 20, 2014.

so where were we. oh yeah. the story is really not that intense. i have lived a privileged and safe and tragedy free and trauma free life for which i am very thankful. i am just trying to find some stories because stories are inherently fun. well not inherently. but if you can learn to tell funny stories about your life, uhhh that is inherently a good social skill to learn!!!!

so i got drunk and made out with a gurl at age 23. i didn’t really like the gurl, but it was a fun story and i didn’t get nearly as frustrated about making out with a gurl i didn’t like, like i did when i was 14.

but i AM glad I did NOT have sechs with her!

the weird thing is that, between the ages of 23 and 26, i drank a LOT, I mean a lot lot lot, my drinking increased to horrific levels until I finally got a DUI at age 26 and stopped drinking cold turkey from then till now.

well yeah i regret very much drinking that much. very bad idea. ruined muh life. but you don’t get a do over. it happened, it’s over, life goes on, bla bla bla, well the bright side is i have not drank a drop since then and don’t plan to. i might have one drink in moderation once i finally get my life in order: good job, good wief. but not a second before that.

the strange thing is that even though i was drinking a lot, often in very social situations like bars and parties where there were a lot of drinking women, i never made out with a gurl during that time.

alcohol did help me make out with the one girl at 23, and at the first sechs gurl at 21, and also with the other girl i was in luv with at age 22. (those latter two were numbered girls 1 thru 8, but to maintain SOME anonymity for myself and really moreso for THEM, I will not say here which gurls they were. well, not explicitly, but i am gonna narrow it down soon)

but after that, alcohol did NOT help me make out with gurls, because I made out with no gurls. i was working on gurl6 (she sucked, I don’t care about saying who she was!) trying to make out with her, but no dice. I just drank and orbited around her like a fedora niceguy orbiter supplicating beta. at that point i was still a leftist feminist.

anyway it was nice to stop drinking at age 26. that was and is a good move.

but basically i have not made out with a gurl since age 23! and now I am over 30. just to give you a frame of reference.

it is probably easier to make out with gurls you don’t like, when you are drunk. and i don’t drink or get drunk any more. so….. qed……

my big thing from ages 27 to…..29 was working on gurl7. we hung out and texted but i did not get too blatant because i kinda worked with her, hehehe. i figured i would step the game up once one of us left the job.

of course it was her getting a well-paying career job, and then shortly after i DID follow thru with muh goal and quickly stepped it up, forcing her hand of giving me a blatant rejection when i was….29. about to turn 30.

and yeah 20 somethings, early mid or late, 30 is a bigass deal, very scary. 31 is even scarier. holy sh1t. be afraid. be very afraid.

of course i blatantly won’t tell you my exact age except it’s between 31 and 39.

you could estimate that i am 35 but i won’t confirm or deny that, won’t say if too high or too low.

anyway, now i will have sechs with a gurl i don’t like, so long as she is attractive. the girl i made out with at 23 i did not find very attractive; and when i was 14 that make out gurl, where i wanted the other gurl, i wanted the other gurl because she was more attractive than the one i got shafted with, hahahaha.

it is not necessarily a confidence builder to make out with a girl you don’t find super attractive!!!!

unless you’re raging drunk and don’t remember too much of it. but if you’ve quit drinking, then you pretty much HAVE to only make out with girls you find attractive.

although maybe I WOULD make out or have sechs with a gurl i did not find attractive right now, just to have a fun STORY, and just to end an over 8 year dry spell!

ok that was cathartic hahaha.

but yeah i don’t need any goddamn pity. just want to share the truth. it has been a damn long time since i touched, made out with, and had sechsual relationz with a grill. a very long time. but i don’t want to WHINE about it or try to FEEL SORRY for myself. it is more to put things in context, like normalfags who complain when they haven’t had sechs in one year. try 9+ years. from ages 21 to 30+! it’s one thing if the 9 years are 80 to 89 when you’re old and dying. but 21 to 30+ year old man is kinda ruff, hahahaha.

this song from the new amf bowling commericial is pretty sick, rollz so hard by dj pinhead.

you should go to a rave or an electronic music dance party where they play stuff like this and cute young girls are dancing all night long, down for some hot makeout action. i am not sure if this is “drum and bass” or what but i enjoy this style of electronic music. very danceable, yet very sick, yet also not gay. i am horrible with differentiating between all the types of electronic dj type music.  but the good stuff is absolutely very well worth listening to seriously.

also this iggy azalea with her “fancy” song would be a good thing to put on a dance party mix to make out with cute young girls, because cute young girls like the trashiest, filthiest, most degenerate perverted dance music. top 40 hits where white gurl rappers and “ratchets” and twerking all over gangsta c0q. kind of like ke$ha. nothing new!

do not mean to imply she should be taken as seriously as a musician as that dj pinhead guy, who seems rather respectable. women are not drawn to hardcore electronic djing as much as they are to dirty crunk hip hop mcing. big diff hahahaha.