apr 25. kind of a political post. ignore if desired.

for example, every “communal living” arrangement I’ve ever known has STRONG Socialist leanings. Like there is one Community House in muh city that prob offers Affordable Rent, but….. it is strongly socialist and leftist and filled with crusty punks and artists and communists and marxists and vegans and feminists and LEFTISTS in other words, and I don’t want that.

but maybe i should go live there anyway and exploit the sense of community to get myself a Better Job, because, if those marxists are gainfully employed, then they’re still bigger winners than my antimarxist right wing 4ss.

plus i could bang the leftist grills edgy young female friends. i might have to go over to the other side!

heh. i looked at the website of the Housing Collective and yeah it’s DEF left wing. see, I try to think of “anarchism” as actually RIGHT wing. i think it could be done. maybe that is my mission in life. start a right wing anarchist collective.

other countries besides poland, hungary, czech, slovak i wouldnt mind moving to: baltic nations of latvia, lith, and estonia.  and austria. These are all Westernish-Eastern Euro countries, non-Balkan (i am leery of the balkans), and most of them were communist until 1990 and now are healthy young noncommunist countries. not sure about austria, that may have always been noncommunist. which is fine! because I hate communism. but what i like about austria is that it seems more traditional than germany, which is just getting weirder and weirder.

are leftists better at Grassroots Action, Activism, Organizing, forming Communities, mating with each other, and raising Leftist Babies than are Rightists?

probably. When I was young, it was always leftists doing all that “SEXY” Activism, never rightists. And it was because of that SEXY SEDUCTIVENESS that my young mind was swayed towards the left. but there is NO reason the Right cannot do this either, with The Young!

Although I would choose something less decadent and degenerate than “SEXY”, but it would certainly still have a strong Cool Factor.

But our Young Cool Rightists would definitely SEX each other and have rightist babies.

I can think of only one promising right wing movement, which i will not name the name or place, just say that the limited media exposure they’ve had smears and libels them as Racist Rednecks. Not Surprising. But I would def be interested in joining. [in the US i mean. actually there are prob at least two or more. and in europe there is some good nationalist parties. thinking about a country that rhymes with fleece.]

plus rightists are naturally more individual minded. it is TRUE that Individualism is More Rightist and Collectivism is more Leftist. So where do I get off trying to be a Rightist Collectivist?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

You might not agree, but I think it could be done, and that could easily go on the short list of possible Life Missions for me.

How About U?

i have admitted to being A Little Racist. Would I allow people not of my race into my right-wing, nationalist, anarchist, anticommunist community?  probably i WOULD, because of course I would have final say whether or not a person gets in. Why? because I own the building?

but buying a f00king building involves More Debt than buying a straight up HOME Son. So the BANK owns the building. so i have no authority. so i have to make it moar democratic.

and of course “Democracy” is a thorny issue because so many Average People are Stupid Degenerates who don’t deserve to have a voice.

but I think in a small, carefully crafted community, it would work!

so yeah there would be a thorough vetting process, although prob not stressful, more like simply getting to know the person through many rounds of Deep Talks. it would not be fast probably.

but say someone wants to start a clique or a faction. then the place is probably too big.

or what about limiting it just to Your Family. Your Brothers and Sisters and Parents and Aunts and Uncles and Cousins. I DO like that. Because what is more Natural And Good than FAMILY?

Not to give too much away, but I actually hung out in a Communal House briefly. not a super anarchist crust leftist place i mentioned early, but much more of a middle class leftist place. i certainly no longer agree with those politics whatsoever, but I remain interested in Communal Housing. Very interested.

Upper Working Class Family-Oriented Right Wing Anarchist Anticommunist Collective. hehe.

would I let people smoke weed? would I let people Not Contribute To The Larger Society? I would say that as long as they Paid Rent, then there would be no mandatory group activities. And maybe if someone was on hard times, they could have reduced rent, but then they’d have to do a lot of housework, and other house members would help them find a job.

Maybe there would be different Living Spaces for diff age groups. Like the adults and families could live over here, the youngins looking for mates could live over here, but…..while it’s good to be surrounded by lots of young girls in the prime of youth, you can SEE how that would present a pandoras box of problems in the Communal Living setting. so, undecided.

in fact, probably NO, because all it takes is ONE person to reject another (usually a girl rejecting a guy) to screw up the ENTIRE group. because then he has to live seeing her every day, AND see the other guys she’s slutting it up with, and that ruins the whole damn thing. so infact, maybe it SHOULD be strictly FAMILIES.

heh. still waiting for the phone call about dat jerb. i will call him at 2:30. F00k. I want to take a powerwalk but I would not want him to call while I am on the powerwalk, because i can’t sound as good on the phone there. plus i don’t have my notes, plus wind blowing in your ear makes it real hard to hear people.