june 21 2014

well i dont care if molyneux is sometimes horribly wrong, he is stimulating mah brain in a way it has not been stimulated in recent memory and giving me hope and confidence.

his argument against minimum wage laws is: minimum wage is only made by 1% of the population….or 1% of the workforce?

majority of people making minimum wage move above that within 1 year

it is immoral for a corrupt govt to make those kinds of decisions

the min wage is appropriate when factoring in corporate greed, because then someone would offer 1 dollar more and steal those workers

that if people want to earn more, they have to provide more skills.

don’t waste your youth in a gummint skool learning no skills and playing vidya games, learn a SKILL, because SKILLS earn you MONEY.

well, i would have liked if he talked more about price floors and ceilings and surpluses and shortages of labor, econ 101 supply and demand, but he hinted at it, plus he prefers to make people think rather than spoon feeding them answers, socratic method, bla bla bla.

of course, when you are a confused lazy loser with no brain to think, you just want to be spoon fed the answer already!

also he thinks logical thinking is a skill. heh. well i respond, sometimes it is not the right skill to get you paid!

but i do make more than the minimum wage, so….

well, if i get laid off for 4 months a year, then that would drag my yearly wage closer to minimum.

also he said, my cult leader god, said that if the min wage kept pace with precious metals and not the govt deflated currency, it would be like 26 dollars an hour, hehehehe. which is way more than i make now, hehehehe.

the butter infused iced tea is not gross at all. well, i only put a LITTLE butter in it!

so…..what are the most valuable skills to have?

and how can i get them most easily and cheaply?

does value of a skill really correspond to number of job openings?

to wage?

to ease of getting a job?

what are the highest paid skills to learn?

how does eliteness of skools play into this? i argue it plays in a lot.

BUT….you can still get an engin degree from Crap College and make DAMN good middle class money. more than enough to live in a safe neighborhood and raise 5 winning kids.

well i hate going to skool, so i would only take one class at a time.

is electrician a valuable skill? f00k YEAH. so take one electrician class at a time.

until you can start making 30k a year at age 50, hehehehe.

well, better age 50 than never!!!!!!

heh. i bought the molyneux t shirt from 7 buck tees btw.

he said something like it is very immoral for a 33-year-old actor to have sechs with a 16 year old gurl, and that people who disagree with him and badmouth him because of that, he doesn’t WANT them associated with him anyway.

that got me thinking, since I am perfectly fine with a 50 year old man dating an 18 year old gurl.

but am i really?

i guess 25 would be a lot better, because 25 is that magic age where you become a fully developed adult.

but its more than ok for a 24 year old man to date an 18 year old gurl, right?

it is good to think about all these questions.

but men are attracted to youth in women because it signifies fertility. and an 18 year old gurl has better fertility than a 25-year-old woman.

so i still think it might be ok for a 50 year old man to date an 18 year old gurl. but i doubt the gurl would consent to it. and I certainly don’t advocate anything nonconsentual, and do share molyneuxs nonaggression principle.

i mean i certainly wouldn’t mind dating an 18 year old gurl right now, and i am over 30.

ok. so anyone under 25 does not have the reasoning skills to consent to anything?

no one said that!

when is a gurl old enough to consent to sechs?

when is the youngest possible age a gurl should be able to get pregnant?

like i don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with an 18 year old mother. women are very fertile at that age and they have very healthy babies and they are not necessarily bad mothers!

well you don’t need a phd to be a good mother, you could probably learn all the skills needed by age 18 certainly!!!

and to be a good father as well. its not easy but it’s not necessarily complicated.

like a properly raised 5 year old could probably breeze thru first grade in 6 weeks. or a homeschooled kid could have a college education by age 18, essentially shaving FOUR YEARS off the standard education.

what is dave chappelle doing now? like bill watterson he almost has too much integrity in that you wish they would throw their fans a bone rather than disappearing completely.

well, i would be perfectly happy dating a 25 year old gurl too. they still look pretty good. in fact, the youngest gurl1-8 is now….26 years old. so suck it. (the oldest is…maybe 33 or 32.).

so its not like i’m prowling exclusively on 18 year olds! far from it! i just would not exclude a good gurl if she happened to be 18, MOLYNEUX!

he also mentioned an at&t text to voice program is good for converting text to speech so you can listen on the go.

he also recommended plato’s dialogues. you can prob find a free audiobook of that on archive dot com….

yes it is. volumes 1 thru 5 are there.  nice.

heh. funny. those are all read by a computer not a human. hmmmm.

ok there are some that are read by a human. i prefer those!

and finally i searched stefan molyneux depression to try to get his opinions on THAT topic and got a few things here:

A Critical Examination of Stefan Molyneux’s Claims about Antidepressants

damn i hope these give some sort of indication of the videos title rather than just plain links.

i can assure you these are all relevant to my blogs mission.

note to self and others: just copy and paste all these into my youtube to mp3 converter and listen on the powerwalks.

right or wrong, actually he is both right AND wrong, but you cannot disagree that he is CONFIDENT as f00k, and you should emulate his unshakeable confidence. with that alpha male delivery you can get what you want out of life: good mates, good jobs, happiness, security, contentment.