june 21

happy 4th of july, i am not so much of an “anarchist” nor a secessionist that i can’t appreciate some good old fashion murkan patriotism.

honestly. you murka-haters would be getting Killed By The State if you had been born in another country. Here, you have a much reduced chance of being Killed By The State.

I mean I have some hella dissident and anti-gummint opinions, and the feds have not snatched me up yet. prob because they are watching me and have determined I am not a threat. and I’m really not.

they have not shut down stefan molyneux yet, and he is a huge anarchist. of course maybe he’s “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION”. hehehehe.

well i read some even more radical guys too and they are still free and proud. i am honestly not worried about the feds. i am much more worried about being a huge lazy loser who can’t funciton in the world. and do the bare minimum of life. always on the edge of a nervous breakdown. etc. havent had sechs in over 9 years, haven’t made out in over 7 years, etc, have never had a decent livable job, etc.

if your thighs get a little chafed like swedish fish (family guy) after walking for 140 minutes a day, then apply some vaseline to the affected areas. vaseline is the best treatment for dry or irritated or chafed skin. also good for use as chap stick.

heh. i wish i had discovered molyneux or someone like him when i was in high school.

heh. i wish i did a lot differently in high school.

how about you?

ok. looking for a thinker like molyneux, but who is more right-wing, more into traditional, more open to nationalism, more racialist, more religious. not that i’m gonna ditch moly. i might just take the ideas of his that I like, and become That Thinker!

heh. how come michael cera in superbad thinks he will continue to be a loser unless he goes to DARTMOUTH. fook dartmouth, f00k the ivy league, he could overcome his friendless virginity AND become a successful moneymaker just by going to Cal State.

when you get dumped or rejected by a grill, you’re SUPPOSED to be mad. something would be weird if you were not mad. but you still have to keep karma in mind. do not stalk or terrorize her. do not call or text her. do not look at her on facebook. delete every f00king trace of her from your life. phone number, pictures, facebook, delete your own facebook, avoid her like the plague. many grills will still hang out with you after they’ve dumped you. NOPE. refuse that sh1t. erase her from your mind. never think about her ever again. she never existed.

well, of course she did, try to learn something from the experience, but as of right now, she is dead to you. yes you are ENTITLED to be angry too. just don’t do anything to her that will bring bad karma. or worse.

that is how a normalfag reacts.

i keep fogetting, that’s pretty much how i reacted when girl7 “dumped” me. it was totally ideal. i do not give myself enough credit for that. toot toot. hehehehe.

so hopefully that establishes a precednet for when i am inevitably rejected in the future hehehe.

also, no drinking. drinking will put you at risk for doing stupid, bad things.

but yeah the girl probably WILL try to hang out with you if you haven’t done anthing too creepy or weird, because it’s normal now for gurls to hang out with the guys they dump, and they don’t know its bad karma.

having them around while they are banging other guys but refusing to bang you any more will be triggering and might risk you doing something bad or stupid. get out of there and tell her to stay away from you. nicely. hehehe.

be like babe i can’t see you right now, you hurt me too bad. hehehe. cuz its the truth. not bad karma to stick the knife in like this a teensy bit, so she knows how bad you are hurting.

of course if you have “too much pride” for that, that’s fine too. there is a sound argument for that in some cases. that part is up to you. just don’t stalk or even scream at her. well you can maybe scream at her for 5 minutes, but no more.

or you can just calmly tell her what she did was sh1tty and bad and you don’t like it at all and she has hurt you deeply.

heh. i never told girl7 any of this. but that was a lot different. she didn’t really dump me, and i was a lot to blame because i waited so long. but the situation made it so i had to wait. but if we were srsly “dating” and she dumped me, then yeah i would have said all that. i do not like getting dumped. and neither should any man.

women are technically free to do whatever they want, free will and non aggression and all, but they need to know when their actions have hurtful consequences. by being told calmly and clearly.