apr 24

well i promise not to get more than THREE months ahead.  happy 4th of july tomorrow. dam i bet it will be nice and warm by then. too bad i will not be able to enjoy it! nor any of us WORKIN STIFFS!

heh. working 40 hours a week is SO HARD. yet most Normalfags work FIFTY or MORE!

or the guys that go to do Fun things with their Friends after work. I had to give up my midweek social engagement simply because i didn’t have the energy! I wanted to get home and go right to sleep!!!! so for like 3 months I had to stop my fun game thing that I do for like 3 hours one night a week!!! when working 8.5 hours a day, that’s too much to ask! But not for those other guys, just me!


anyway that’s an interesting thing about Stress. I Argue that it’s not an easy thing to hide. you can usually tell when another person is Stressed Out, you can fake being confident, but try faking being CALM!!!!!!! Because stressed out people usually act blatantly nervous, or short, or angry, or unhappy, or crabby, or Curt, or Jumpy, or Fidgety, or Jittery, or they are Pacing, and it makes you nervous just to WATCH them!!!

Meanwhile if somebody is NOT stressed or nervous, they act normal and calm and make jokes and think deep thoughts.

Like this guy I do a social thing with once a week when I am laid off. he just got a new job, a solid middle class job making way more than I would be at muh new job, and yet within 2 weeks of starting it, he is going out to Socialize after work, making jokes, acting normal

just noticed an iphone commercial where the pixies sold out their song “gigantic”, and I happen to enjoy the pixies (when i am not working of course). that’s f00king gay, they don’t need the money, and middle class hipster kids these days don’t even KNOW the pixies. stupid.

anyway. enjoying my last hurrah here before my Life Ends in FOUR DAYS.

ice cream, tv, movies, need more junk food, blue mt dew, prob should get some candy, should really eat some comfort dinnerz hehe: thai, chinese, fried chicken, big grill make yer own stir fryz, ice cream, candy, mt dew, gummi bears, skittles, starburst, f000k i hope no one i know is reading this because they will be able to tell who i am by these things i like to eat.

how about you?

no more blogging except once a week! good thing I’m 3 months ahead right now, that will get eaten up…in 3 months.

heh i GOT TO BLOG. Blogging is even more fun than poker.

heh. wish i could make blogging my job.

i might still find a way before the end of my life. i wouldn’t want to put my real name to this stuff though. maybe a pseudonym. because i want my real name attached to Hard Work I can be proud of, not whining about being a beta loser.

but this is nonetheless important work, because i am helping people overcome being losers.

but am I REALLY? No, hardly.

Well i have a few good tips from time to time, like get enough sleep, don’t drink too much, don’t do drugs too much, walk 5 miles a day, don’t be greedy, don’t worship college career cult, don’t be a middle class f4gg0t, be an upper working class solid man, have 3 kids, don’t eat garbage, eat plenty of protein, bang plenty of 18 yo girls until you sow your wild oats and don’t get married before you do, don’t get legally married ever, buy silver.

f00k. i was just starting to get into the tv comedies “parks and rec” and “community.” now gotta go back to WORK. heh. yes i am being cavalier and b1tchy and spoiled here, but is just trying to fool myself that i am not scared as sh1t, which i completely am. ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS. technically THREE more days will take me to the end of sunday, and sunday doesn’t really count, so it is more like TWO DAYS.

TWO DAYS. damn.

and yet it is thursday night right now, and tomorrow fri is a day of work. heh. damn. weekends need to be one day longer and the work week needs to be one day shorter.

i have heard of people who work four ten hour days and then get a three day weekend. that might just be My Ideal.

get in on the ground floor. forgot that business buzzword.

anyway. i GOT to make this new job work or else I am totally f00ked. I am less optimistic about the “fallback” of getting back in at my current job.

apr 25

waiting for guy to call me back about job. since its friday, i will call him again at…..1:30 to 2:30 pm.

have a nice One Sheeter of comments and questions and notes, so I can have something to talk about with him.

After talking with mah friend, I am leaning more towards taking the job.

is it healthy to sleep with earplugs?

I don’t understand why Young Middle Class Wannabe College Hipster Yuppies get expensive fancy apartments. DO they REALLY make THAT much money? I thought the Rule was, never spend more than 30% of your income on your housing. I dunno, they don’t teach that in school. but they should! I would teach it in homeschool!

heh. maybe my high school sucked. but it didn’t. it was pretty rigorous and well-regarded. it just didn’t have all the flashy career-oriented programs that it has now, like business partnerships and such. get internships and build res while in high school! yeah that is a good idea.

so it is NORMAL to be anxious when starting a new job. but how long should that last? dockers would prob say two WEEKS, not Three Months.

maybe try some Buspar so you can be more alert at Work than if you were taking a BENZO.