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apri 24

well the guy has not called me back by 430, thought that is when he gets out. which means i gotta call him again tomorrow.

interesting position i’m in because i’m not superdesperate for the job like i was desperate for my current job out of my old job.

(but not desperate enough to search and find the job, rather having a friend extend it to me on a silver platter! much like what is happening with this new one.)

Maybe I am Beyond Help, Can’t Be Helped, because I don’t want to work.

I don’t WANT to work, but I WILL work.

I am willing, but not SUPER willing, in other words.

How about you?

I think in some languages, “want” and “will” are basically synonymous, hehehe.

SO back and forth. I am very on the fence about the job, I go back and forth as the day progresses. back and forth, forth and back. which i guess means, just go for it, because it’s prob more money.

but the money will be eaten up by extra car wear and tear.

but I will be working at least 8 more weeks out of the year, meaning at least several grand more per year.

PER YEAR! heh. Implying it doesn’t take Miraculous Strength From God to WITHSTAND a full year!

coming from a person who has Ragequit and Stressquit how many jobs?


Ask yourself, how many jobs have you REALLY Stressquit? Said I can’t take this sh1t, I quit. I’m walking out now.

Oh Whoops. TECHNICALLY TWO.  I forgot about that one job I had for three weeks and ragequit 9 years ago. hehehe.

but that was a ridiculous college painting thing where my friend was the boss of his own mini painting franchise. I was real friendly with the guy and it just worked out. I mean he was a great guy, and guys like that make me want to be a Believer so I have a Higher Power to be Thankful TO. That guy was Classic and Long-Term Friendworthy, but sadly distance came between us.

But the REAL stressquit came after that. I was working there for two or three months, doing a pretty good job too, until i had a real stressful week and BAM! quit.

and I am paranoid that I will repeat that mistake.

how about you?

so if anyone asks now about THAT job from EIGHT YEARS AGO, I will just say, I was young and immature and naive, I regret doing that, I realize in hindsight that was the wrong idea, and I would have stayed with it knowing what I do now. period.

well got a call from muh frand who works there. real great guy, I have known him for like 17 years, from back in the day, have had our ups and downs but lately we have been pretty up I am glad to say, things are going strong, we have great fun hanging out when we do. so i discussed with him, told him all this stuff, he basically said not to worry and seemed VERY confident that i could handle it, so, that certainly helps. unless it actually sucks real bad and he wants to trap me in there with him! but i don’t think he’d do that.

kinda like how I wish the guy who helped us get my current job, kinda wish he had warned us, like, you know, this job is going to REALLY REALLY SUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK for the first three months, worse than you could ever imagine. but on the other hand I don’t think he saw it that way, he is tuffer and can WITHSTAND better than I can! Plus that was a friend of a friend, whereas this new job would be coming from my first-degree friend.

yeah might as well push for the job i guess, might as well. can learn more about Operations and Management and The Whole Damn Company.

ok i can finally go for my 3.2 mile powerwalk, i have been waiting for this ALL DAY.

ok did that, it was bretty good.

well the bad news about starting a new job is that i will not be able to enjoy music, enjoy movies, enjoy TV, enjoy sundays, enjoy midweek social get togethers, enjoy youtubes, enjoy wimminz bodies, for 3 solid months. 3 months of living hell with no break, except furious blogging on friday night. BRING IT ON.

because saturdays you think about sundays and how the weekend is almost over, and you need to do chores at any places that might be closed sunday. spend the whole day doing chores. house work and then shopping. god forbid you need to get any work done on your CAR! or go to the DOCTOR! or get a haircut or buy work clothes or something.

have a feeling they might want to have me start on MONDAY. I guess I will, but f00k that’s intense.

and I’m COMPLAINING ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

Only a Posh Spoilt Sh1t who loves the Middle Class and went to a Middle Class Kollige would be complaining about a JOB!

Well, then put some effort into getting a Kewl Kareer then!

Don’t want to do that!

Then stop complaining!

Because you know who’s not willing to work?

Losers, Sissies, Burnouts, Losers, n1993rs, losers, parasites, scumbags, deadbeats, subhuman scum, vermin!

And Middle Class k1k3s.

I like to use racial slurs by the way, especially the Top Ten Most Offensive Ones: N1993r, k1k3, sp1c, d4rky, p4ki, n3gr01dz, ay-rabz, c4mel j0ck3yz, s4nd n1993rs, tvnn3l r4t, ch1nk, z1pper34d, knvckle-dr4gg3r, shyl0ck, w3tb4x, b34n3rz, blv3gvmz, w4t3rm3l0n-ch0mp3rz, ch0dn3yz, j3vv b4st4rdz, etc.

But n1993r and k1k3 are by far my favourites. don’t like it, gtfo, suck n1993r and k1k3 d1x, and try to win without my help.

no more jeopardy. no more huge4ss marathons of cleveland show and american dad. no more hours of poker. good lord. maybe 8 weeks of layoff is NOT enough!!!!

and real bigboys only get 2 weeks of vacay a year!!!

i bet many people (proles) spend that entire vacay DRUNK. but what if you have a fambly? and most people do.

time to get back to begging and praying to my christian god. DEAR GOD PLEASE GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!!!