apr 24

yeah buddy. so now i have convinced myself from no to yes.

i mean, how can you say NO to a Full Time Permanent JOB that pays at least one dollar more per hour?

WHAT IF they take my Minimum Requirement, and offer me fifty cents LESS, which would still be fifty cents MORE than my current wage?

how firm am I on that minimum? pretty firm, considering I would ideally like at LEAST one dollar more than THAT. I should have given them a higher minimum!

HOWEVER, with my current job, I get laid off at LEAST eight weeks per year, and that is the big benefit of new job, is, no layoff. and they really want a long-term guy. heh I would like to BE a long term guy. so I would be making several thousand dollars more per year, which is nothing to sneeze at.

HOWEVER, I’m not AS desperate as I was before getting my current job. Back when I was a part time total loser.

so the commute is not that bad IF there’s no traffic. and even the morning rush hour traffic was not as bad as I thought. and there is nice safe parking.

besides my current job was/is stressful as F00K, it couldn’t get much worse, if i can handle that, i can handle anything, even a f00king restaurant.

so i figured i would call him back, tell him my concerns honestly about the “timid” part, and see what he says about pay. certainly the CEO has given him a range to Negotiate with me.

and i was serious about that minimum. heck i’m not getting paid enough at my current job!!!

but you figure ALL jobs are ridiculously stressful for the first 3 months. RIDIC stressful.

and if i say completely botch the job, there are several departments there and maybe they could find something for someone so Timid, hehehehe. or put me in that job they thought i was too good for, hehehe.

not like my current job where it is basically just one big department and nowhere else to go, nothing else to do.

damn. if i could just start as an assistant. i just don’t know enough to work magic. at current job we have to tell people no that can’t be done all the time. who we are dealing with are not necessarily “clients” but well employees. we are serving employees who in turn serve The Clients. with this new job, you serve the clients more directly. not customers like in a restaurant, but Clients which you have to Nurture Relationships with, and I would be part of that nurturing, by telling the Guys In Back to do the impossible. Huh?

heh just thinking about this is stressful hehehe.

all jobs are stressful. Work IS Stress.

But its better than being a jobless bum hehehe.

by whose standards. hewhehehe hue ue hue hue.

well by all standards. you can show your face in public with all the other employeds. also, kinda hard to bnag grillz if you’re unemployed.

well might as well call him back before I lose my cool and change my mind again.

FFFFUUUUUUUUUU i called him and he was away from desk, i left him voice mail saying to call me back.

so now i wait nervously hehehe for a phone call. which is similar to my Current JOb, only there, i don’t know WHO is going to be calling, or WHAT they are going to want.

don’t forget to negotiate for a high wage, hahaha. well just be HONEST with him and tell him my true concerns: that i am not The Bulldog Type, I can certainly learn to be moar aggressive but it will take time.

and i am going to need extra direction early on.

well learning not to be timid is a good life skill to have, this is just the LORD giving me an opportunity to do so.

heh. i am a much nicer and better and smarter and kinder person than my resume makes me out to be. heh. I did REAL good in high school, I did average in college, and I’ve done REAL BAD in Work. Just pretend I am 17 years old and just graduated high school!!!!! I am that same guy, just “s0mewhat” older.

jeez. i called this guy an HOUR ago.  heh. i can’t even relax while waiting. well, i’ve calmed down a little.

maybe i actually need to start JOGGING again. as a way of relieving stress I mean. Might do that more effectively than walking, but walking is way more fun.

when it is warm enough for tshirt and shorts, ie 60 and above, I would try jogging, been trying that the past 2 years or so. I think I started it as a way to Impress Girl7, so I could tell I went for a Brisk Jog earlier, as a Subtle Hint that I Take Care Of Myself. Didn’t work, hehehe.

Anyway. when you are stressed out about WORK, you lose your entire SEX DRIVE, and you can’t enjoy the things you enjoy, like your fav tv show or something. or this political vlogger I like.

anyway CLEARLY being Laid Off is bad for muh mental health, and this job has no layoffs. However I WOULD like a mental health day once in a while. once a month, hehehe.

or i would have been ok with maybe a one or two week layoff, just to chill the f out. but 8 week minimum layoff has turned me into a lazy loser just as bad as I was before!!!!!!!

so there is a new veterans affairs .gov website with a MILITARY SKILLS TRANSLATOR to help veterans Learn To Speak Civilian Business and get hired. JEEZUM CROW. WTF. Veterans with TONS of OBVIOUS skills need a TRANSLATOR to learn how to talk to Civilian Managers????? I don’t think so.

Heh. is there a medication that takes away On The Job Stress.

I know there is a Nonsedative Anxiety Med called Buspar or Buspirone. I actually tried it like…..4 years ago. it didn’t do anything for me so I quit it. However I have much more stress now, hehehe.

i honestly can’t remember if I tried that med before or after Quitting Drinking. Before Alcohol and After Alcohol are two big stages in my life.

How About You?

fun drinking/jail story coming next….