june 22. 2014. getting real close here.

its all about stories. stories stories stories. find stories wherever you can. turn everything into a storie.

ok. here is a perfect example of the old friend i got back together with after lke 7 years. great guy. have a mancrush on him. have got to see him more often.

anyway he has just become even more impressive over the years with his personality.

we just got into town late at night and didn’t want to go right to bed, so naturally getting some beer at the store was ideal. i of course do not drink but i could not blame them for wanting some beer after our road trip was over.

we walked to a gas station with beer 10 minute walk away. the place was locked and you could not go in, you had to do everything thru the window. i guess you could tell the guy to get you a soda or something.

he said he could not sell us beer. meanwhile another guy with our group was showing great social skills of his own, and asked some black women who had pulled in for gas, if they had any w33d. got any w33d, he said. and continued to joke charmingly with them. good social skills.

it was about 11pm and not much was open on a wednes (or thurs?) nite.

we got in the rental car and went to a huge 711 about a 5 minute drive away. there was beer in the fridge but those fridge doors were locked. a sign on the door said state law said that alcohol could not be sold after….10 o clock? or 12 midnight? i won’t tell you what state we were in. just that my home state, you can buy booze at the store right up until 2 am.

i pointed out the sign and said, yep it looks like it is a state law. looks like we’re screwed unless you can get beer at a bar.

my social friend i’m telling the story about went to the cashier and asked him, who clarified it was a state law and we could not buy beer after midnight. but they could serve us at the bar until 2 am closing time.

we left the 711 empty handed and saw 2 cop cars next to us, and some cops going in for coffee and donuts, hehehe.

i joked with my friend, why don’t you use your secret ninja social skills to convince the cop to rise above the law and buy some beer after hours for us. just sweet talk the cop and get him to buy the beer for us. break the law for us.

because i was impressed with his social skills and wanted to continue to test him to see if he would do it.

and i was shocked when he agreed to go back in there and talk to the cop. i could never do that!

we watched him with amazement. i studied his body language. we couldn’t hear him obviously, but could see him thru the window. he had strong, confident, but non threatening, non shady body language.

well the cop did not buy him beer, but just explained to him the state law that the cashier had already mentioned. cop also said we could not get into a bar after 1 am. that bars stop taking people in after 1, but can serve the people inside till 2.

i think it was about 1 am by that time? we drove to a bar right down the street from where we were staying. there was a bunch of people outside smoking, as you cannot smoke indoors.

so i smoked yet another cigarette and watched the friend go in the bar. he did not get kicked out. then we went into the bar and did not get kicked out. they drank beers till 2 am and we had to leave.

the end. cool story bro.

the main idea is, it was AMAZING how I dared him to go in to talk to the cop, AND HE DID. that is what good social skills and confidence can do for you. imagine what it can do with the ladies! and that is why he banged girl8 like 900000 times and i can only dream of her, hehehehehehe.

so i tried to study his style like a hawk and to learn from him.

i was watching tv late on a saturday night because i don’t hang out with gurls hehehe and i thought, i watch too much tv unfortunately, and i have seen 90000000 hours of commercials, and i hate commercials even more than i hate regular tv, AND I concluded that I had never bought something BECAUSE of a commercial. never has a tv commercial persuaded me to buy anything. or certainly not more than .01% of the money i have ever spent on things.

then i thought, well, the commercials would not be there if they were not profitable to the company. so enough people must buy enough sh1t because of these tv ads, that the companies make a profit and can afford to spend MILLIONS of dollars a year on tv ads.

so these ads must generate EXTRA sales that cover the cost of these ads, right?????

without the tv ads, the company would still sell stuff, right????

well obviously they make more money even spending on ads, becuase the ads still bring in a profit.

then i thought, well, it’s the companies paying the tv companies to show these ads. then we as the consumers buy stuff from the companies and give them money that way.

but who owns the tv networks? well stuff like comedy central and cartoon network are part of entertainment conglomerates like viacom and time warner and all that, right? evil  media masters, lords of lies, etc, of course.

but what about the actual infrastructure, the backbone, the sattelites, the hardware, transmitters and receivers and cables and such. who owns that. i know the govt is involved somehow, like the FCC, but how much?

how much is viacom paying them? who owns what?

and I was a bit frustrated that i didn’t know the answers to those very basic Business Questions. might have to get a masterz degree now, hhahahahaha.