june 22

so we all know you gotta Work On Yourself and Be At A Good Place before you are Fit for a Good Relationship. You don’t need to be 100% Perfect, but you definitely gotta be well above 50% perfect.

my question is, do you gotta be above 75% perfect or not?

how perfect do you have to be to pull a good mate where you are happy enough with them to be in luv with them and marry them? and have them not be a total “toxic” piece of crap?

or ugly as sin?

i am thinking about this stuff even more than usual cuz i was at a wedding lately. i had never met the guy’s wife before but she was really nice. not ugly. funny, nice, and smart. her job doesn’t matter but she had a bretty good job in case you were wondering. so he got a real good deal in other words. picked – and PULLED – a good one.

of course, he is pretty good with the ladies in general. very social, has had plenty of experience, more wild oats than even normalfags can imagine. confidence, good social skills, not a niceguy supplicator, etc.

so it worked out well, good couple.

so no one is perfect, but how close to perfect do you have to be to pull and keep a mate you are satisfied with?

you can’t be a complete loser. gurls dump guys for being losers unless the gurls are deeply disturbed, no self esteem, etc.

like i think a big part of why girl7 rejected me was because i was/am a loser with no ambition, no career, not where i “should” be at my age, immature, etc.

can’t say exactly how much of a part, i mean part of it was her being asexual, and also maybe just plain not liking me that way regardless of how much of a loser or winner i might be.

who gives a sh1t, hehehe.

ok tomorrow gotta call my employer about job which starts again in early july. i will not be able to write AT ALL. good thing i got a sh1tload of posts backed up here and boy are you gonna start seeing them RIGHT NOW.

gotta call the dr tomorrow and see if they can rewrite my rx because right now i am having little 5 mg peices of paxil leftover, when i should be having 20 mg a day, and the 20 mg doesnt seem like it’s doing much. i need something stronger!

june 23

well today i gotta call the employer (actually, the hr/recruiting dept) AND call the docker. these are two under 3 minute calls any normalfag would not think twice of. want to do both of those before i do muh powerwalk.

you want to make friends, then look the person directly in the eye, not at their nose; agree with everything they say; be nice, and try to make jokes pointing out how right the person is. boom. done. instafrand.

this is it, readerz. loserz. it is getting real starting right now. you will see posting like you have never seen before, by the time you read these words, it will be on.

heh. this is the sour fruit of my job layoff period. but thankfully that will be coming to an end.

as you read the posts, realize they were written at all different dates and are in no particular order. that is why i put the date i wrote it in there just as soon as i start writing every day.

and then i shuffle em around like crazy.

i think its fun but it’s not perfect. i do wish it could be more chronological because that makes more sense to the brain.

but the cons have not outweighed the pros, like they have with wimmin, hehehehe.

ok. here ya go. so wimmin have the right to reject you. they prob don’t have the right to reject you in a b1tchy manner though. but even if they end up doing that, you don’t have the right to act b1tchy back to them. but you DO have the right to be angry and upset about it, and to calmly and coolly tell them that you’re upset and that you think what they did SUCKS. you have the right to STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. you always have that right! and you should use that right as much as possible. that is one of the best rights.

it took me a very long time to learn how to deal with rejection properly. i still have little confidence in this skill, often forget that i do have it, worry about how i will react the next time. but i do have it and am thus licensed to advise You.

basically, you can get mad, and you SHOULD stand up for yourself, but watch yourself, and calmly and coolly tell the person that you’re mad, that you think this sucks, and that they hurt you, and they should try not to hurt you so much. like how about a few more bangs before you leave, so you can get WEANED, hehehehe. so you know EXACTLY when the bangs will end, and pace yourself accordingly. i don’t think THAT’s too bad of karma!!!!

oh yeah. funny story of my recent trip. now this post will go over. sue me. so i am smoking a cig outside of the bar and we are in party central. blocks and blocks of bars with drunks stumbling through the streets, which are blocked off from traffic by groups of cops on foot. almost a mardi gras spring break style atmosphere, never saw that before. lots of cute gurls, lots of douchebag guys.

unfort lots of people are asking me for cigs and i am obliging them, just to get them to go away.

this one little manlet approaches me, i give him a cig, and he just doesn’t go away. he eventually asks for another cigaret. holding me hostage hehehe. when i should have just walked away. i didn’t WANT to talk. he wanted to talk, and to bust my balls, assert his alphaness over my betaness.

i couldn’t ascertain his tone at first, because at first he seemed quite nice, but a bit incoherent from drinking too much. he didn’t seem too threatening or annoying at first. plus i could barely hear him, i hate talking in these loud environments.

he said he worked in sales for a huge computer company that was located nearby and made 5k dollars the other day, in one day. he walked in there before graduating and said, hey i’m graduating from college and i need a job, motherf00kers, and they gave him one. and if i’m not making 70k a year, i should quit my job and move here.

how much do I make? do I make 70k a year? what am i, a programmer? you LOOK LIKE A PROGRAMMER.

i was like whoa whoa whoa this is getting weird. I told him the truth, no i was not a programmer. then i told him too much, because i was caught off guard. i am beneath a programmer. i am still in skool to become a programmer. which i kind of am, slowly chipping away at a compsci degree that i might finish by the time i’m 50.

and he is clearly younger than me and making 70k a year. he asked me if i made 70k a year. about that, i said. i’m happy. listen man, i’m just here from out of town for a wedding. i’ve never been here in my life, i don’t know what you’re talking about.

when i make nowhere near 70k a year, i am beneath a programmer, programmers laff at me like this guy laffs at programmers, because i make half what a programmer makes, hehehe.

i thought it was weird that great paying jobs were in such high supply there that this f4gg0t had one, and that he could afford to make fun of entry level programmers who only made 50k a year. all these f4gg0ts being at least 5 years younger than me, hehehe.

then he was talking about a drug bust by the DEA and how he was A LIBERTARIAN. i should have told him I was a Libertarian Conservative Racialist Nationalist Anarcho Capitalist, he might have liked that, but the damage was already done, I was already tired of him insulting me, and did not want to attempt an interesting political discussion with him at that time.

Because of his drunken incoherence and his nonaggressive tone, i couldn’t tell what his game was. did he know he was insulting me with all his talk of how much u make? he almost seemed like he didn’t know.

then i learned that what a lot of douchebags do sometimes when they want to bust your balls is that they come at you really nice, like hey buddy, hey buddy, nice shirt, what’s up friend, and then they act really friendly to set up you, and then finish it off with a backhanded compliment, or, even better, something really sarcastic, like how much do YOU make? or how hot was the last gurl YOU banged? or you ever have a threesome with two hot college gurls?

so i was unprepared for that. where they set you up with extreme friendliness, then close it off with extreme f4gg0try delivered in that friendly tone.

that sh1t is f00king weak. you are in your rights to call them a f00king f4gg0t right to there f00king face. then when they attack you, use j00 jitsu to quickly pin them in a submission hold on the ground, and tell them they like getting f00ked up the 4ss by their fathers. then smile and wave to the crowd of people watching, like a boss.

the end.