apr 22

was feeling like an especially big loser last night, then i woke up to find my Good Trusted Old School friend calling me, and saying that they would be hiring people at his company, and that he Put In A Word with a SuperManager re me.

I thanked him and have been deep in thought ever since.

I have been taking a Signs From The Lord approach to life, and this is certainly one.

He has found the job stressful, but seems to be getting honestly better at it, adapting, and not hating the job as much.

so the major question is, is it better than muh current awful stressful job.

which would depend on a couple things: 1. his place does not lay you off, it is straight hourly FT with some OT  2. is the pay better?

and that’s really about it. it is a longer commute. if it is higher pay, and i think it is better bennies (at my place, no bennies until after a full year!! and rumor is it sucks anyway)

anyway at the very least I should call the manager eh?

and i was fully planning to leave my job somehow, some way, by january.

and in that case, more money would be the deciding factor.

and it’s not like it could get more stressful, hahaha!

so i should LISTEN TO THIS SIGN FROM THE LORD in other words.


I was thinking a good SuckUp thing to do, besides buying lunch and coffee and dinner for your coworkers and managers,

is to come to work with a stack of one dollar bills like you might bring to a strip club, and then every time a coworker answers a question for you or helps you in any way, “tip” them with a dollar, or two, if they really help you.

this is more meaningful than simply saying “thank you”.


come into your job at LEAST an HOUR early, so you can observe and help people and essentially work for an hour for FREE every day, so you can essentially Make Your Own Unpaid Training when you are starting out and nobody wants to train you. Training is YOUR responsibility, not the company’s.


can’t remember. but those two are great. OH YEAH.

To show your Competitive Initiative, Redefine the Notion of Wage Negotiation by saying you will go LOWER than the offered wage. that is a GREAT way to save the company money!

note: probably could only work where there is no union, no contacts, and has “at will” employment.

offer to ASK FOR A PAY CUT before even STARTING the job!

think about it. if there’s no union contract they could pay you minimum wage!

oh well, it’ll be a pain for our payroll person to make an exception for you.

but the exception will be saving them THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the long run. and why wouldn’t they want to do that?

apr 22 later

well, i called the company, talked to the guy i was referred to, he told me about 2 jobs, transferred me to Office Manager, who was a woman who was ridiculously nice, emailed her res, she called me back before I could even call her back, sched a interview in 2 days. hmm that was easy, almost too easy.

i am just happy i did the phone call without chickening out.

anyway, this is all a part of SIGNS.

anyway i can only go in there and try to survive the interview. if i don’t get a job then I will get called back to my other job.

the commute is at least twice as bad. the pay might be a TEENSY bit better, but just barely. almost the same actually. so better hope it will be somewhat less stressful. but I already know it is going to be stressful. however the good news is that you don’t get laid off for at least 8 weeks a year, so you end up making a few thousand dollars moar. also i think there are Random Regular Drug Tests, so you can’t Smoke Weed on the Weekends.  Well, I wasn’t Smoking Weed anyway, but I was thinking about starting hehehehe. Well, all the more reason to get Xanax for the Weekends.

and there is not PHONE CALLS like I used to get. Oh well, give it a try, it’s a SIGN.

it can’t HURT. not like it’s a resume KILLER. It’s never a resume killer unless there’s a huge gap on your res, OR you move to a job that pays LESS. even if its only 25 cents more, then that’s still progressively increasingly responsibility.

heh heh. kinda funny though. got my current job thru a friend, and if i get this new job, that would be thru another friend. but after this i will be running out of friends to get me jobz, hehehehe. at least ones that pay ok.

anyway. i guess the take home point is, ANY job is going to be UNGODLY stressful for the first THREE MONTHS. during that time it’s so stressful you feel you can’t survive, that you’re in too deep, in over your head, edge of a nervous breakdown. but then after THREE MONTHS, you get more confortable and chilll and can deal with it.

some xanax would help during those first 3 months though.

plus my friend has been there for a while and can prob answer my stupid quesitons more willingly than the other people, ie i wouldn’t have to tip him a dollar every time i asked him a question, hahaha.

plus he is a great guy and one of my classic closest friends, so that’s good.

be a good learning experience at least. probably be a little better than my current job. be a good experience in WITHSTANDING.