april 21

so if compsci grads cant get jobs because compsci IT jobs are outsourced….what decent jobs are NOT being outsourced?


but the most health care jobs are sh1tty minimum wage jobs like assistant and home health care aide, where you might as well work at fast food or starbucks. heck starbucks is classy. better to serve middle class successfuls, than violent criminal underclass thugs, amirite?

less likely to get robbed or killed or violenced. but i talk like its easy to get a job at starbucks. NOPE. starbucks is the top of the service job ladder. gotta pay your dues first, AND be good. you could work your whole life at mcdonalds and never be good enough for starbucks, if you’re not Best-Of-Breed, hahahahaha.

YA KNOW, Maybe Average People Really Aren’t All That Bad…..outside of WORK. Outside of you dealing with them as 4sshole Clients and Customers and Serving Them. THEN you will think all humanity sucks and you will become an angry hateful misanthrope. but when you are not on the job and people are not making ridiculous demands of you and being dbags to you, then they’re actually quite nice.

The obvious prole problem is, you spend vastly more time dealing with people-as-dbags, rather than people-as-everyday-people. On the Job vs Off The Job. You are On The Job dealing with people, MUCH more than you are Off the job dealing with people.

also, on the road, driving to and from work, people are 4ssholes on the road too.

but just walking around your neighborhood and people working on their garden or houses or cars or whatnot, they are nice and friendly and might even get you a job at their company if you ask.

Part Time And Seasonal Jobs, vs Full Time Jobs. Notice that they BARELY ever talk about this concept when talking about Employment on the News. Yay, 10000 jobs were added last month…..minimum wage 15 hour a week temporary jobs that will end within 3 months.

what about that, tom friedman? paul krugman? Communiss.

what does my interest in maps mean? how about you? sometimes I look at a map and follow roads into areas near my home, but like 10 miles away, into The Richer more Middle Class Neighborhoods, and think about Neighborhoods, Roads, Maps, Class, Money, Affluence, Jobs, Careers. How about you?

THought I might be a good Realtor since I am obsessed with Neighborhoods and Land Value and How 2 Keep A Neighborhood Good, but I hate selling stuff to people. however it would prob be a better job than mcdonalds, and it won’t be outsourced.

ok. so i officially did my 10000 steps today, or 5 miles. actually 4.8 miles. beautiful day to do it. took about 96 minutes. walk very slowly.

ok new poker strategy. no longer play top 40 hands. only play top 23 hands or so. only raise preflop on….top 8 or so hands, not top 10.  super tight.

after noticing the strength of the top 40 starting hands (ie, the ONLY hands with a positive EV) are absolutely not on a linear pattern. eg, top 1, AA, is 232 times stronger than #40, KT. and then it drops off dramatically: KK is 1.67, QQ 1.22, JJ .86, AKs .78, AQs .59.

Things would have been a lot different for me if……..fill in the blank, how about you.

If I had Gone Out with Girl 2 for a few years and banged her countless times.

Yes, that honestly would have been very good. I was butthurt for several years because I honestly did not bang her enough. I was entitled! hahahaha.

If I had not drank nearly as much, or smoked nearly as much w33d.

yes that one is a big deal. I had NO IDEA how much harm I was doing at the time, I thought it was fine because I wasn’t a Physical Addict. Nope. The more important thing was, it DISTRACTED me from working hard towards muh future.

if I had banged a gurl while in high school.

nah, that one wasn’t so important. i first banged a gurl at age 21, which at the time I thought was horrendously beta and I was SO FAR BEHIND, but honestly it was probably About Average for An Average Beta!!!

If I had just stayed at home after high school and went to community college.

yeah. that would have helped big time. I was too immature and not ready for big boy college. alternatively, just work at a restaurant or best buy full time for a few years, develop people skills, bang b1tches,  while saving money. or joining The Air Force. Or taking the Ridiculously Huge Scholarship for the Local Nonprestigious Univ, hehehehe, if I was just gonna Waste College Anyway.

Started seeing a Shrink at age 18 rather than age….25 or so.

Yeah, that probably would have helped, because by age 25, I was FUBARed; at 18, I still had a chance to be saved.

If I had not been a Raging Alcoholic from 2006 to 2009. Well, only when I was out socially I would get raging drunk. Was an embarrassment to Muh Friends and I still need to Make Amends for that.

If Girl 7 had not rejected me?

Yeah, that would have been neat. with her being mai Cuddle Waifu I would have the energy to Work Hard and Better Myself, hehehehe.jpg

if girl6 had not rejected me?

well, girl6 sucked, but it WOULD have been great to bang her big fat 4ss many, many times. That would have helped. maybe would have made me winning enough to not get rejected by girl7.

if girl4 had not rejected me?

yeah, that would have been real fun, cuz I was srsly in luv with her as much as I was w girl7, plus that was at a time when I had more Career Opportunity. having her as my Cuddle Waifu at that time would have helped me get over Girls 2 and 3, and to work hard to seize those career opportunities, rather than having to “get over” girls 2 3 and 4 all in a row, and losing my focus on the short-lived career opportunities, and drinking like an idiot.

Real Regrets, real Talk.

how about you?

Well at least I didn’t get abused by my Family or have a Bad Family!